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Chapter 709: Good Tuan Zi

Shangguan Wan hid her aura perfectly, so well that nobody present had detected her existence when she suddenly appeared. Hence, it shocked everyone when her figure invaded their vision.

Her body was slightly stained with dirty soil, but it wasn’t a lot. It could be ignored when compared to Jiang Yucheng and Elder Qiuxi.

At first glance, it was just that her hair was a little messy, and her face had a few drops of blood.

At this time, she was rushing toward that barrier at full speed. She clearly wanted to take down the Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant that was breaking through!

Her surrounding aura strengthened, and she actually reached peak stage-seven warrior!

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes, and cold intent flashed across the corner of her eyes. Peak stage-seven… Shangguan Wan’s Yuan meridian is destroyed, yet she can still disguise herself with such a cultivation level… She must’ve used quite a bit of effort.

Seeing that she was getting increasingly near to that barrier, hatred overwhelmed Chu Liuyue’s heart. Even though this Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant has nothing to do with me, I still don’t want to see Shangguan Wan succeed. Shangguan Wan doesn’t have the right to snatch the fiend that is of the same clan as the fiend I once had.

Other people think that Shangguan Wan just came for the so-called legendary fiend blood, but I clearly know that this isn’t her only motive. Want to make an agreement with a legendary fiend… You need to see if you have the capability and luck first! Chu Liuyue paused in her tracks, and an idea popped up in her mind.

When Lei Laosi—who was standing closest to the barrier—heard this commotion, he immediately turned around to take a look.

With just one glance, he saw Shangguan Wan, who was rushing over ferociously.

Lei Laosi was instantly enraged. Great! I didn’t even go to find them, yet all of them came to me one by one!

Lei Laosi harshly stomped his right foot, and his burly figure immediately flew up.

He was extremely fast, and he only left a vague figure in his original spot when he already rushed to Shangguan Wan. At the same time, he pulled the bowstring back and shot.

His series of actions was very smooth.


The black arrow immediately flew out and pierced through the air.

Actually, Shangguan Wan had been waiting in the forest beside them for quite some time. After she was separated from Elder Qiuxi and the rest, she was trapped with a dozen-plus Black Guards and five or six disciples in the same place. It was also thanks to them that she could successfully escape from that hell hole.

Of course, those people were forever left in that dirty, rotting mud after she came out.

Then, she started walking around the forest aimlessly in search of people who were left alone. But not long later, she heard the commotion coming from this area.

When she saw the lightning that continuously struck down, what else did she not understand? At that moment, she didn’t care about finding people any longer as she rushed over without hesitation.

After she came here, she didn’t recklessly go forward as she waited from afar for a chance to come.

From her position, she could see Lei Laosi and that bunch of people. She even saw Elder Qiuxi and Jiang Yucheng—who had come later. But due to her meticulousness, she didn’t come out in the end and just waited patiently.

At times like this, her brain was always very smart.

Finally… She waited for the ninth bolt of lightning!

This was the best chance, and it was also the only chance. This was because the ninth-grade fiend’s defenses were at their weakest at this time.

Thus, she rushed out without hesitation!

However, she didn’t expect that Lei Laosi was even faster! He actually blocked her path!

Facing the black arrow coming toward her glabella, Shangguan Wan’s eyes darkened as she lightly flung her wrist.

A black shield immediately appeared in front of her.


When the black arrow harshly struck the black shield, it made a crisp sound, and the arrowhead directly bent. On the other hand, not even a scratch was left behind on that black shield.

Seeing the black shield that Shangguan Wan suddenly produced, Chu Liuyue knitted her brows slightly.

On the other end, Mu Qinghe’s expression turned slightly cold, and a conflicted feeling flashed across his eyes rapidly. I didn’t expect Shangguan Wan to take even that as her own…

Shangguan Wan coldly sneered. “It’s just a small toy! No matter who you are, make way immediately! If you spoil my plans, I won’t let you off easily!”

Dahuang Swamp was also the Tianling Dynasty’s territory. Hence, she still had the most distinguished status in this place.

The sensible ones would normally already be stunned as they humbly made way for her.

Shangguan Wan’s expression was filled with pride as she looked at Lei Laosi in a high and mighty manner as if she were looking like an ant. However, her imagined scenario didn’t happen.

Not only did Lei Laosi not look fearful at all, but he even looked angrier.

His gaze swept across the black shield in front of Shangguan Wan, and his anger almost rushed to the roof! How can there be such a shameless person in this world?! How can she be worthy of using this black shield?!

“What are you?! How dare you be unreasonable here?!” He put away all the arrows in his hands and changed to his hammer.

Without speaking further, he held it up high, and the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force rapidly gathered!

He tensed up his firm muscles, and the surrounding aura was ferocious as it kept intensifying crazily!

Finally, it stopped at beginner stage-eight warrior.

Shangguan Wan was shocked. This Lei Laosi actually hid his abilities previously! Beginner stage-eight… How can I be his match?!

The two fell into a stalemate.

At this point, Chu Liuyue was thinking of how to stop Shangguan Wan. Suddenly, she felt a light breeze by her ear.

She was shocked when she saw a red figure suddenly rush out—it similarly ran toward that barrier!

“Tuan Zi!” hollered Chu Liuyue, but she couldn’t stop Tuan Zi.

Without thinking, she also turned around and followed it. When a Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant breaks through and becomes a legendary fiend, the aftershocks they cause are terrifying. Judging by the smell, this Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant’s bloodline strength is extremely great, and it’s basically about to succeed in breaking through! With such a formidable bloodline suppression, Tuan Zi would be courting death by going over!

Just as Chu Liuyue was about to follow it worriedly, Lei Laosi also detected the situation here. “Oh my lord! None of you can keep still!”

I definitely had to stop Shangguan Wan from barging inside, but what’s with Chu Liuyue? Didn’t she want to leave previously? Does she think that she can safely barge into the barrier with her low-level skills?

“Stupid girl, get back immediately!” Lei Laosi couldn’t hold it in and directly blurted out roughly.

Seeing that Chu Liuyue didn’t listen at all and kept rushing toward the barrier crazily without even stopping, Lei Laosi was even more anxious. F*ck, that Chu Liuyue has a death wish herself. Why am I panicking for her?!

Lei Laosi was scolding himself in his heart as he yelled in another direction, “Big Brother! Do something!”

Shangguan Wan saw that Chu Liuyue was rushing toward this place, and her lungs were about to explode from anger. Such a lowly being, yet she wants to have the legendary fiend?! Dream on!

She took this chance, turned her feet, and rushed in another direction.

Chu Liuyue heard all the commotion crystal clear. But I just want to bring Tuan Zi back!

A terrifying side-effect with brilliant light suddenly spread from the barrier!

Chu Liuyue’s heart sank. “Tuan Zi!”


Tuan Zi moved its figure and directly dove into the rainbow-colored energy wave!

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