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Chapter 707: Rainbow

When Lei Laosi heard the commotion, he turned around to take a look and saw that Chu Liuyue didn’t retreat but took another step forward. He was instantly infuriated to the point his face contorted. “Little girl, are you tired of living?!”

At this time, others can’t even escape in time, but she even went forward! She really doesn’t care about her life at all!

But Chu Liuyue didn’t look hesitant at all as her gem-like eyes sparkled with more determination and a sharper aura than ever.

Lei Laosi was about to continue scolding, but he was stunned when he saw her expression.

Her beautiful face was filled with stubbornness, and her brows had a tinge of unconcealable dignity. It was as though she was saying that nobody in the world could stop her from doing what she wanted.

This kind of expression, this kind of demeanor, and this kind of high and mighty aura that makes one bow down to her… Lei Laosi had only seen this in one person.

The current Chu Liuyue looked like a different person compared to the previous cunningly smiling one.

For some reason, Lei Laosi suddenly felt that this face seemed to gradually merge with a certain face in his memory. He harshly shook his head. Am I crazy?! How can I compare Chu Liuyue and Her Highness? However…

But once this thought surfaced, it was as though it was planted into the bottom of his heart. He couldn’t remove it no matter what.

Just as he was hesitating, Chu Liuyue took another step forward.

She was previously standing ten steps away from the barrier, and now, she was even closer.

“You…” Lei Laosi wanted to advise her even more, but Chu Liuyue’s gaze suddenly turned, and she glanced at him.

That glance was extremely light and extremely nonchalant, but a chill suddenly ran down Lei Laosi’s spine as if he was nailed to the ground.

He swallowed his remaining words. She looks like… That glance—she really looks like her! It’s to the extent where there was one moment, I almost—

“Is that Chu Liuyue crazy?! Is she crazy?!” Elder Qiuxi—who previously said that he wanted to leave to find Shangguan Wan—was still standing not far away as he glared at Chu Liuyue in shock and anger. The hand that was pointing at her was trembling like a vine.

Mu Qinghe knitted his brows. Whatever Chu Liuyue is doing, it’s all her business. What has it got to do with other people? The only reason why Elder Qiuxi is so angry is that he’s worried Chu Liuyue will enjoy the benefits of a favorable position with her being closer to the fiend.

He moved a few steps back and calmly said, “Elder Qiuxi, if something really happens to her, you can only blame her for not cherishing her life. Why must you be this agitated? Besides, didn’t you say that you wanted to go find the Third Princess?”

Elder Qiuxi was stumped for a moment. I did want to find Shangguan Wan, b-but the ninth-grade fiend is right here!

His face flushed red, and he took a while to retort. “I was just worried that Chu Liuyue would spoil things because of her greed!”

The Mu Hongyu trio had already retreated to the back at this moment, and they coincidentally heard Elder Qiuxi’s words clearly.

Mu Hongyu was originally very worried about Chu Liuyue, and she was even more enraged when she heard that. “Elder Qiuxi, right? What right do you have to talk about Liuyue? What do you mean by ‘spoil things because of her greed?’ That’s a grand ninth-grade fiend. What can Liuyue do about it? You’re overestimating Liuyue too much, aren’t you?”

We’re so afraid of Liuyue meeting with danger, yet he’s saying such things?!

Elder Qiuxi furiously said, “W-what thing are you?! How dare you talk back to me like this?!”

Ye Ranran kindly explained, “Elder Qiuxi, this is Mu Hongyu. She’s a newly accepted disciple from Dragon Teeth Mountain.”

Elder Qiuxi immediately felt silent. In the entire Xi Ling, who doesn’t know that Jian Shuye dotes on his disciples a lot? If I really offend him, I’ll cause a lot of trouble for myself…

Elder Qiuxi suppressed his anger and felt very stifled. He waved his sleeves and angrily yelled, “I don’t care who you are. It’s wrong for Chu Liuyue to do this! If we can’t take the legendary—”

Speaking of this, Elder Qiuxi suddenly recalled what happened earlier and instantly felt that his palms hurt even more. He moved his lips twice and changed the topic. “If we can’t successfully complete the mission this time, Chu Liuyue must take up all the responsibility alone!”

How unreasonable! Mu Hongyu was so angry that she directly laughed.

Ye Ranran’s chubby face also looked very stern.

Even Qiang Wanzhou—who had been looking at Chu Liuyue all along—turned around and glanced at Elder Qiuxi coldly.

Elder Qiuxi felt that his entire body was chilly, and his heart turned cold for some reason.

Ye Ranran said, “Elder Qiuxi, why don’t you go over yourself if you really care so much about the Third Princess? This way, you don’t have to worry about Liuyue messing up and affecting that legendary fiend. What do you think?”

Elder Qiuxi was stumped, and his blood was boiling. Finally, he said, “It’s already risky enough for one Chu Liuyue to go over. How can I go over too?! It’s only right for us to observe the changes quietly!”

Mu Hongyu snorted.

The surroundings fell into an eerie silence.

Elder Qiuxi also detected that his words were very useless, and his face flashed white and red.

Mu Qinghe finally spoke. “Elder Qiuxi, why don’t you go over there and see how the Eldest Young Master is? Perhaps he has a way to contact the Third Princess.”

Elder Qiuxi turned around and took a look; then, he vaguely saw a figure in the distance. T-that’s Jiang Yucheng?

“Why is the Eldest Young Master there?”

“He’s injured, and he’s resting for now,” Mu Qinghe explained. “If you go over, you can protect the Eldest Young Master at the same time.”

Elder Qiuxi was really speechless this time. Rather than being so awkward here, why don’t I leave first!?

Elder Qiuxi thought for a moment and appeared to be worried. “In such a situation, how can I leave the Eldest Young Master alone? I’ll go first!”

Then, he really went over.

On the one hand, he really didn’t want to see Mu Hongyu and the rest again. On the other hand, the position Jiang Yucheng was at wasn’t very far away from here. If something really happened here, he could rapidly rush over.

Of course, the key point was still: He felt that Chu Liuyue was courting death by going over and that she couldn’t cause any trouble.

Then, there really was nothing to worry about.

After he left, the remaining few people finally had their peace. But Chu Liuyue—who was standing in front—had no idea that this was all going on.

Two-thirds of the gigantic barrier had already become transparent.

From Chu Liuyue’s position, she could already see the branches that were growing out from the thick trunk. It was as though something was on this tree…

Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but move forward again.

The eighth bolt of lightning suddenly struck down.

Hong long!

The bright, dazzling light almost illuminated the entire place.

Whatever Chu Liuyue could see was covered in white light, but in that vast white color, a brilliant rainbow light was still there silently.

Almost all the rainbow color seemed to disappear from the barrier, leaving only the circle at the top.

A beautiful feather floated down.

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