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Chapter 704: Dream On!

Chu Liuyue thought that he saw Jiang Yucheng and was about to speak when she suddenly heard a panting voice from behind.

“Lieutenant Mu?!”

Recognizing the owner of this voice, Chu Liuyue slightly knitted her brows as frustration surfaced at the corner of her eyes.

She lazily turned around to take a look. It’s indeed Elder Qiuxi.

The current him looked quite a mess as half of his body was stained with black soil. His face was also scratched by something, causing blood to flow down and look quite horrifying. Compared to Jiang Yucheng, he was just slightly better.

“Elder Qiuxi, h-how did you come here?” Mu Qinghe raised his feet and walked over. I didn’t hear any sound previously…

But Elder Qiuxi went up in a hurry, grabbed his arm, and hurriedly asked, “Lieutenant Mu, have you seen the Third Princess?!”

Elder Qiuxi didn’t intentionally lower his voice when he said this.

Chu Liuyue’s eyelashes shook slightly.

Murderous intent flashed across Lei Laosi’s eyes.

The others all quietened down.

Mu Qinghe knitted his brows and shook his head. “Not yet.”

Elder Qiuxi was extremely anxious. “What should we do… What should we do?”

“Elder Qiuxi, don’t panic first. What exactly happened? Weren’t you with Her Highness all along?”

Elder Qiuxi and Elder Duanmu Chun were different from him—the two of them came to specifically protect Shangguan Wan. Even if Mu Qinghe and Jiang Yucheng weren’t together with Shangguan Wan, these two elders should be right by her side and not leave her at all.

Elder Qiuxi took a deep breath in, and anxiety and nervousness were still written all over his face. “In the beginning, we did fall into that gully with the Third Princess. I believe you also know what kind of situation it is underneath, Lieutenant Mu…”

Mu Qinghe nodded.

“Quite a few people actually dropped down with us at that point, including some of the Black Guards and a few disciples, but the mud below was extremely dangerous and terrifying. Quite a few people sank in and didn’t come out again… Originally, we weren’t that far from Her Highness, and we were planning to leave with Her Highness. But in the end… In the end, something happened to the mud, and it suddenly moved…”

Elder Qiuxi swallowed a mouthful of saliva with much difficulty as his heart was still horrified when he recalled that scene. “…In the end, we were all separated and went our own ways… I don’t know where Her Highness went…”

Even he only managed to grab the chance to escape with much difficulty. Detecting the commotion on this end, he then came over.

He saw Mu Qinghe at one glance.

As Elder Qiuxi directly came over from the other direction, he didn’t see Jiang Yucheng, who was sitting far on the other end.

“Lieutenant Mu, do you think, Her—Her Highness…” Elder Qiuxi’s old face was filled with worry. That place is very dangerous. I wonder how long Shangguan Wan can hold on for…

Mu Qinghe said with a low voice, “Elder Qiuxi, don’t worry too much first. Since there were so many people around, maybe there are still some people with Her Highness. Besides, Her Highness is very fortunate, and she will survive this. Nothing will happen to her.”

“Yes, the Third Princess is very strong. Even if she really meets with some trouble, she definitely can handle it with ease, don’t you think?” A lazy and clear voice suddenly intercepted from the side.

Elder Qiuxi looked over in a daze and then saw clearly that the person talking was actually…

“Chu Liuyue?! Why are you here?!” When Elder Qiuxi saw this face, he felt very annoyed and frustrated, and his gaze became much colder and sharper than before.

Chu Liuyue felt that this was a joke. It seems like I’m the first one who came here, right? Why do all these people ask me the same thing? Do I, Chu Liuyue, not deserve to appear here?

In a seemingly smiling manner, Chu Liuyue said, “Elder Qiuxi, we have been here since the start. It’s normal that you didn’t see us because you kept worrying about the Third Princess, but your expression… Do you think what I said was wrong?”

Elder Qiuxi’s face instantly flushed red.

He knew a little about Shangguan Wan’s condition, so when he heard Chu Liuyue’s words earlier, he instinctively thought that she was mocking the Third Princess.

But thinking about it now, what does one Chu Liuyue know? If I admit it, won’t I be saying that something will definitely happen to Shangguan Wan? He harshly waved his sleeves. “Of course, the Third Princess will be fine! You don’t have to state the obvious!”

Chu Liuyue smiled, and her eyes curled up as if she didn’t care about Elder Qiuxi’s terrible attitude at all.

Lei Laosi held the hammer in his hands tightly and suppressed his feelings with much difficulty before he turned around to look at the rainbow barrier. They’re really all here! If it weren’t because I have to guard here and Big Brother kept instructing me and telling me not to mess around, I would dig all of Shangguan Wan and the rest up one by one—even if I had to search the entire Mystic Forest. I would’ve directly hammered their heads and cracked them open respectively.

Chu Liuyue glanced at him. Even though she could only see his back view, she could still feel the anger that he was hiding and suppressing.

It’s hard on him for tolerating it… Chu Liuyue curled her lips into a smile. If there’s a chance, I really want to talk to Lei Laosi properly.

Mu Qinghe advised in a low voice, “Elder Qiuxi, I believe the Third Princess is also nearby since you’re already here. Why don’t we take this place as the center and look around? Perhaps we can find her.”

Elder Qiuxi’s face was filled with worry. “Sigh… We can only do that then… Oh right, what’s that?”

He spoke as he pointed toward the rainbow barrier in shock.

Previously, he was focused on finding Shangguan Wan, so he didn’t notice anything else. Now that he was slightly more at ease, he discovered that this place… seemed amiss.

The suppression contained within that rainbow barrier was more stunning than ever! The key point was that it even triggered the lightning!

Isn’t this—

“This is the ninth-grade fiend we were finding earlier,” Mu Qinghe said lowly.

Even though Elder Qiuxi already predicted it, he was still stunned when he personally heard it. He couldn’t help but take two steps forward and stare in front closely. “R-really?”

I have never seen a legendary fiend before! If this ninth-grade fiend can successfully break through, then—

“Elder Qiuxi, aren’t you in a hurry to look for the Third Princess?” asked Chu Liuyue lazily.

Elder Qiuxi was dazed. “I-I am waiting here first to collect the legendary fiend’s blood… After all, the Third Princess came on this trip just for this! If we miss it, the Third Princess will definitely blame us…”


A black arrow pierced through the air and went straight toward Elder Qiuxi’s brows. At the same time, a furious voice that sounded like thunder exploded by the few people’s ears. “Old thing, dream on!”

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