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Chapter 702: Explanation

Chu Liuyue felt very upset, but her expression had already returned to normal when she turned around. Then, she politely greeted Mu Qinghe. “Lieutenant Mu.”

It’s a small pity that I couldn’t directly teach Jiang Yucheng a lesson, but after deeper thought, I would be quite reluctant if I really killed him just like that. Dying from one slash of a sword… He would die too easily The days are long. I need to let Eldest Young Master Jiang enjoy the life ahead of him… Chu Liuyue thought as she openly sized Jiang Yucheng up and looked as if she was very concerned and sympathetic toward him.

“Eldest Young Master Jiang, I think your condition isn’t very good. You should hurry up and treat yourself.”

Jiang Yucheng was originally in a trance as he stared at Chu Liuyue’s back view, and he suddenly recovered his senses when he heard her words.

Detecting Chu Liuyue’s gaze scrutinizing himself, Jiang Yucheng felt humiliated for some reason. My humiliated look is seen so clearly by others…

He hid it and coughed.

“I have medicine,” he said as he took a pill.

Mu Qinghe watched on at the side and felt that Jiang Yucheng seemed amiss, but he couldn’t put a finger on it. It’s most probably because he’s just experienced all of that… Whoever took a walk around hell would be scarred.

Jiang Yucheng looked at Chu Liuyue with a conflicted gaze. “Thanks… for just now.”

There was one moment where he almost thought that Chu Liuyue wanted to kill him, but everything that happened later proved that this was just a misunderstanding.

He was always a very suspicious person, and he wouldn’t easily trust a person—especially in this type of dire situation. Chu Liuyue’s unreserved help had greatly exceeded his predictions.

“Eldest Young Master Jiang, you’re too kind.” Chu Liuyue smiled slightly as if she didn’t really take this incident to heart.

Jiang Yucheng kept quiet for a moment and said again, “Take it as me owing you a favor this time.”

Mu Qinghe suddenly glanced at him, and rare shock flashed across his eyes as if he didn’t expect the other to say that. This person has always been harsh, ruthless, and heartless. Many people have sacrificed their lives for him over the years, but he has never taken another look at them. Why is it that he actually willingly said that he owed Chu Liuyue a favor when it came to her? Could it be that he intends to make friends with Chu Liuyue? After all… Judging from the incidents that happened during this period, Chu Liuyue’s talent and abilities are extraordinary. She is worth making friends with.

Chu Liuyue looked humble on the surface and didn’t even dare to speak, but in actual fact, she wasn’t affected at all.

She had seen Jiang Yucheng’s dog-like manner way too many times. In this world, nobody would know better than her the shocking extent of this man having two faces.

When he passed her tea, he always smiled gracefully. However, she later found out that it was all poison under that smiling mask.

Chu Liuyue didn’t take this to heart and treated Jiang Yucheng’s conflicted gaze as a joke. Actually, she was even more interested in Mu Qinghe.

“Lieutenant Mu, how did you suddenly come out from there just now?”

Mu Qinghe didn’t have much expression as usual. “We met with an accident previously, and everyone fell into the gully. I also spent quite a bit of effort before I could escape.”

He looked at Chu Liuyue and knitted his brows as he spoke. “How did you—”

“Liuyue!” Before Mu Qinghe could finish, he was interrupted by Qiang Wanzhou’s voice.

Chu Liuyue turned around to look and saw that Qiang Wanzhou and the rest had come.

Qiang Wanzhou was at the front, and he was the fastest, while Mu Hongyu and Ye Ranran were slightly behind. However, they also had faces filled with worry.

Even though Lei Laosi insisted on guarding there, he kept looking over. After all, the previous commotion wasn’t small.

Chu Liuyue smiled and shook her head. “I’m fine.”

When Mu Hongyu and the rest saw that she indeed wasn’t injured, they felt assured.

Her gaze turned, and she saw Jiang Yucheng and Mu Qinghe.

Mu Qinghe was still fine, but Jiang Yucheng’s body was stained with some black soil, and he was covered in injuries. He had blood patches everywhere, and his face was pale, looking very pathetic.

Mu Hongyu knitted her brows and covered her nose. “What smell is that?!”

It smelled very like something rotting, and it had a thick bloody scent to it, making one nauseous.

Jiang Yucheng’s face turned from white to green, and his veins were popping.

Ye Ranran silently pulled Mu Hongyu back and gave her a look. Isn’t this smell coming right from Jiang Yucheng’s body? You’re humiliating him by saying this!

Mu Hongyu then slowly shut her mouth and glanced at Chu Liuyue. I-I think I offended someone?

But Chu Liuyue looked normal, and when she turned around to look at her, she had an assured expression. Moreover… there seemed to be a tinge of… satisfaction in her eyes?

Mu Hongyu was a little confused. Uh… I… Liuyue doesn’t seem to care about this… Why do I faintly feel that she even approves of what I did?

Mu Hongyu thought for a while and didn’t understand it, so she swiftly threw this to the back of her mind. I’ll listen to Liuyue for everything! If Liuyue says it’s fine, then it definitely will be fine!

Chu Liuyue stared at Jiang Yucheng’s face and took a few glances. Pfft, in the entire Tianling Dynasty, who would dare to openly single Jiang Yucheng out in front of his face? Only Mu Hongyu, this insensible one, could do such a thing.

Chu Liuyue silently praised her in her heart. Good job! For a very long time later, Jiang Yucheng won’t be able to maintain his pride!

Mu Qinghe looked at the few of them and knitted his brows even tighter. “The few of you… Why are all of you here? Didn’t you guys get dragged down?”

Chu Liuyue nodded honestly. “During the mess, my fiend suddenly ran away, so I chased it. The few of them followed me over. When we found my fiend afterward and wanted to go back, we then realized… All of you weren’t at your original spots, so we swiftly decided to stay here and wait for a chance to gather with the rest of the team.”

Chu Liuyue’s simple narration explained the entire incident. She asked, “At the start, wasn’t everyone together? Why… did all of you get separated?”

Mu Qinghe, Shangguan Wan, Jiang Yucheng, and the rest had always been together, yet they were separated—let alone the others.

Mu Qinghe’s face turned cold. “It happened too suddenly.”

If it weren’t because he had a certain understanding of this Mystic Forest and knew how to settle the rolling leaf fir, he might’ve still been stuck in the soil.

“I see… I wonder how the rest is now?” Chu Liuyue surveyed her surroundings as if she wanted to see if anybody else was going to come out.

Mu Qinghe and Jiang Yucheng did not say anything. How are we supposed to reply to that? With the muddy situation below… It’ll be hard for them to escape! We actually met with such a thing after just entering the Mystic Forest. Without thinking, most of the thousand-plus people must’ve met with their demise!

It was extremely rare for Mu Qinghe to suffer such a loss, so he naturally wouldn’t be in a good mood.

Hong long!

Another lightning bolt struck.

Jiang Yucheng finally recovered his senses, looked up, and focused on it. “That’s… the ninth-grade fiend that is about to break through?”

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