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Chapter 701: Pity!

Why is Chu Liuyue here?! That question rapidly flashed across Jiang Yucheng’s mind. He only remembered that after he was dragged down, the entrance above had been completely sealed shut.

He didn’t know what situation the other people were in.

Could it be that I was the only one who met with this? If not, why is Chu Liuyue standing here in one piece? She seems like she’s not injured at all, and she looks very clean. But looking at Chu Liuyue’s smiling appearance, Jiang Yucheng couldn’t help but unwittingly heave a sigh of relief.

He surveyed his surroundings. Other than Chu Liuyue, there seems to be a few people far away, and… a gigantic rainbow barrier!

Detecting the terrifying aura coming from the barrier, Jiang Yucheng suddenly realized something and widened his eyes. “That’s… a ninth-grade fiend?!”

Other than a ninth-grade fiend, there’s no other explanation for this commotion!

Chu Liuyue didn’t hide it and nodded honestly. “Eldest Young Master Jiang, you have good eyesight.”

Jiang Yucheng immediately wanted to go over, but he suddenly recalled that half of his body was buried underneath and that he couldn’t struggle free.

Despite knowing the answer, Chu Liuyue smiled and asked, “Eldest Young Master Jiang, what are you doing?”

Jiang Yucheng’s face flashed white and red. Thinking of how desperate he looked at the moment, his face burned. I could’ve been seen by anyone, but it had to be Chu Liuyue… And she seems like she’s completely fine, which shows how humiliating I look.

Jiang Yucheng always loved his face. Facing this situation, he felt very embarrassed and wanted to come out from below immediately.

He waved the sword in his hand and slashed the branches that were tightly winding around him, trying to get out of the entanglement.

Chu Liuyue then saw that quite a few branches had already pierced through his body, leaving behind a few scars. As expected… This rolling leaf fir had indeed sucked Jiang Yucheng’s blood… In his current physical condition, how can he endure such torture?

Looking at the face that was as pale as a ghost…


Chu Liuyue admired his rare miserable appearance for a while and felt much better. What can this count for? This isn’t even one-tenth of the pain I experienced back then! If I can’t let Jiang Yucheng pay me back one hundred-fold, how can I resolve the hatred in my heart?

As if detecting Chu Liuyue’s rather strange gaze, Jiang Yucheng finally glanced at her and slightly knitted his brows.

Before he could speak, Chu Liuyue already spoke first. “Eldest Young Master Jiang, it seems like you’re severely injured. Do you need my help?”

Jiang Yucheng swallowed the words in his throat. For some reason, he felt that Chu Liuyue’s gaze was quite weird…

It seemed as if she really wanted to help, but her black gem-like eyes were sparkling, which made one unable to see through her.

Jiang Yucheng kept quiet for a moment, glanced at the opening that was slashed apart on the tree branch, and asked, “You did that?”

Chu Liuyue nodded. “I heard a voice over here, so I came over to take a look and coincidentally saw this branch moving. I felt that this was really very weird, so I tried to cut it. I didn’t expect… to meet you here, Eldest Young Master Jiang.”

Her tone was very sincere.

Jiang Yucheng believed her a little. He found the way to come out with much difficulty, and he had used up the majority of his force. Hence, he had to quickly leave this place as soon as possible and circulate his aura.

However, this branch was very hard to handle!

As he tried to struggle free, he asked, “How did you all get here? Other than you, who are those people? Where are the others?”

Chu Liuyue’s lips curled up undetectably. Jiang Yucheng can’t let his guard down and wants to get to the bottom of this.

“Eldest Young Master Jiang, it’s a long story. Let’s talk about it in detail when you’re out. Why don’t you let me help you?”

Jiang Yucheng saw that it was indeed hard to rely on himself, so he could only nod.

Chu Liuyue took a step forward.

“Just cut these branches!” said Jiang Yucheng.

Chu Liuyue agreed relaxingly and raised the dagger in her hands.

Following the movement of the branches, it was much easier for Jiang Yucheng’s body to be released. It seemed like only his feet were buried within.

Chu Liuyue glanced from the corner of her eyes.

Hong long!

The third bolt of lightning struck down!

The continuously loud sounds reverberated throughout the entire forest as the thick layers of dark clouds covered the sun and filled the sky, making the forest very dark.

Chu Liuyue intentionally used her body to block Jiang Yucheng. In addition to the thick branches and other items here, she hid Jiang Yucheng completely.

Even Qiang Wanzhou—who kept looking over—couldn’t see what exactly was going on.

Following the terrifying side-effect, the eye-catching light was dazzling. It reflected against Jiang Yucheng’s face, causing half of it to be in the light and the other half to be in the dark.

Chu Liuyue stretched her hand out—they were only one step away from each other.

As long as I wave my hand, the dagger can easily slash across Jiang Yucheng’s throat! Ferocious hatred and murderous intent overwhelmed her as a cold glow flashed across Chu Liuyue’s eyes.

She turned her knife, and its blade gleamed.

Jiang Yucheng was currently handling some tree branches in front of his chest, and he didn’t notice this side’s happenings.

All the hatred… revenge… Everything will end at this moment! Chu Liuyue moved her wrist!


Just as Chu Liuyue was about to take action, a nearby tree was suddenly extracted and cracked from the middle.

The crushed wood flew everywhere, and a figure rushed out!

Chu Liuyue quickly glanced at the figure, and her eyes shrunk. It’s actually Mu Qinghe!

At this point, Jiang Yucheng was also attracted by this commotion as he looked over. After seeing that person clearly, he immediately yelled out, “Lieutenant Mu!”

Mu Qinghe had just rushed out after struggling free from underground. Hearing this, he immediately looked up.

The person with half his body buried underneath is Jiang Yucheng, and the woman beside… He squinted his eyes. Why is it Chu Liuyue?

Detecting Mu Qinghe’s gaze, Chu Liuyue’s expression didn’t change as she flipped her palm and swung her dagger.


A tree branch was instantly cut down by Chu Liuyue, and the red liquid flew everywhere!

At the same time, a cold wind came from behind. It was another tree branch that suddenly rose up and slammed toward Chu Liuyue’s back.

With her plan being interrupted, Chu Liuyue was very frustrated. When she detected this commotion, her face became much colder.

She rapidly turned around, raised her hand, and formed a long whip with her fire—which instantly flew out.


An air-piercing sound was heard.

That fire whip immediately entangled with that tree branch, but that tree branch’s strength couldn’t be underestimated, as it directly pulled at Chu Liuyue with one twist.

Chu Liuyue decisively rolled on the ground, and her bodily aura gushed out.


The fire burned even more intensely, and the entire branch was instantly wrapped in red fire.

The fire quickly spread and rapidly covered the entire tree.

Chu Liuyue coldly spat out a word, “Explode!”


The thick rolling leaf fir immediately exploded.

At this moment, Mu Qinghe had already rushed over.

With his help, Jiang Yucheng finally got out of the ground.

“Eldest Young Master, are you okay?” asked Mu Qinghe with knitted brows.

However, Jiang Yucheng didn’t reply to him as he looked at the Chu Liuyue in front dazedly. Just now… She really saved me…


Looking at the fire burning in front of her, she gradually held the dagger in her hands tighter. What a pity!

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