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Chapter 662: Quickly Chase!

The two guards immediately kneeled down.

On the other hand, Xia Mu slowly got up and bowed as if he didn’t even notice how outrageous his actions were.

Jiang Yucheng was so angered by his behavior that his veins were about to burst. He had never seen such an outrageous and daring person in the Jiang Residence before. “Xia Mu, how dare you!”

Xia Mu looked up and glanced at him, and it seemed as if a layer of mist was covering his eyes, causing them to be blurred and unable to be seen clearly. It was as though he was quite dazed. Didn’t he ask me to wait here? I waited here and didn’t do anything.

Jiang Yucheng harshly closed his eyes. If it weren’t for so many people being around, I would’ve kicked him already!

“The two of you… get out!” he yelled at the two guards. Useless!

The duo anxiously answered and quickly exited the room. But the moment they walked to the door, they heard Jiang Yucheng continue, “Kneel outside! Slap yourself 50 times!”

The two guards exchanged glances and felt very wronged. This is clearly Xia Mu’s fault. Why did it become our punishment in the end?

But seeing Jiang Yucheng’s blood boil, who would dare to retort him?

The two of them could only be as obedient as ever as they walked to the courtyard.


They kneeled on the snow and started slapping themselves.

Upon seeing this, the crowd was dazed and looked at each other. What’s… going on? Weren’t the two of them guarding Xia Mu in the room previously? How did they anger Eldest Young Master? Previously, we didn’t hear any noise in the room…

The loud and crisp slaps echoed throughout the quiet yard even more clearly.

Quite a few people looked at Sun Qi.

Sun Qi did know the reason, but he also felt angry when he saw the two guards. They are clearly the ones with the swords, and they are in charge of guarding Xia Mu. Yet, they let Xia Mu walk all over them. I really don’t know what they’re doing! They deserve to be punished by Eldest Young Master!

He looked into the house.

The door was already closed tightly at this point, and nobody could see anything.

However, Eldest Young Master has already come back. Isn’t it very simple to just teach one Xia Mu a lesson?

Inside the room, Jiang Yucheng stared at Xia Mu with a deadly gaze, and his voice was as cold as ice. “You look pretty relaxed, en? What do you take this place as? Your house?!”

Xia Mu lowered his head, and his shoulders drooped, looking very cowardly. Hearing this question, he immediately shook his head. No, this place is too disgusting. I don’t want to treat it as my home.

“Then, how dare you behave like this?!” Jiang Yucheng raised his hand and was about to hit him. However, he stopped when he saw the metal half-mask on Xia Mu’s face. Now isn’t the time to get angry. The more important thing is to solve the problem!

Jiang Yucheng took a deep breath in, suppressed his anger, and squinted his eyes dangerously. “I’ll pursue this later. You haven’t answered whatever I asked you earlier. Speak! What exactly is going on?!”

His final tone and voice were like thunder that struck the floor, and they were filled with oppression.

Xia Mu’s body shuddered as if he was shocked by the sound. Then, he started gesturing.

Jiang Yucheng then recalled that the other didn’t know how to talk. He walked to the table and threw a stack of papers, a brush, and an inkstone toward Xia Mu in one swoop.

That inkstone even smashed against Xia Mu’s shoulders.

His body trembled slightly.

“Write!” boomed Jiang Yucheng angrily.

Xia Mu hesitated for a moment before slowly squatting down and picking up the things that spilled all over the floor.

Not sure if he was frightened silly or if he was originally like this, his actions were very slow and stiff, which looked very infuriating.

Just as Jiang Yucheng was frustrated to the extreme, he finally couldn’t take it lying down and pulled Xia Mu up by his collar. “What exactly—”


Before he could even touch Xia Mu, he felt a cold wind coming toward him! Jiang Yucheng knew that something was amiss and immediately retreated.

But Xia Mu—who was originally squatting on the floor—rapidly stood up at lightning speed and caused all the things in his arms to fly up.

The papers flew everywhere and instantly blocked Jiang Yucheng’s vision. At the same time, Xia Mu also pounced toward Jiang Yucheng.

Jiang Yucheng’s chin was harshly knocked against, and his teeth crashed against each other. This caused him to bite his tongue directly until it bled.

Excruciating pain attacked him as a bloody scent filled his mouth. However, Jiang Yucheng couldn’t care about this as his hand went straight for Xia Mu.

This Xia Mu indeed has a problem!

Unexpectedly, Xia Mu was very agile even though he didn’t have a high cultivation level. With a tilt of his body, he avoided Jiang Yucheng’s attack.

At the same time, Xia Mu stuck his hand out and directly thrust that brush into Jiang Yucheng’s stomach.

That brush seemed to encompass all the strength in the world as it pierced straight in.

Jiang Yucheng’s face turned white, and it became contorted because of the pain and anger. “You’re tired of living!”

He clutched onto Xia Mu tightly, gathered his force in his palms, and harshly slammed toward Xia Mu.

Xia Mu suddenly lowered his body, grabbed his opponent’s elbow, and harshly twisted it.

Jiang Yucheng felt the pain and instinctively let go.

Xia Mu took the chance to escape.


The main door slammed open. “Eldest Young Master, what’s going on?”


Xia Mu directly broke the window and jumped out. Then, that slim figure instantly disappeared before the crowd.

Jiang Yucheng clenched his teeth and pulled the brush out, causing his blood and skin to fly everywhere.

His legs shook, and he almost fell down.

If it were on usual days, this wouldn’t count for much to him. But during this period of time, his body had just been severely injured, and it was a crucial period. Not to mention that the place where Xia Mu pierced into was very accurate, but it almost hurt him until he fainted.

Sun Qi and the rest who had barged in were all stunned. W-what’s going on? Xia Mu hurt Eldest Young Master and escaped?

“Quick, chase after him!” boomed Jiang Yucheng angrily.

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