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Chapter 659: Some Waited

Knock knock…

Knocks on the door were suddenly heard, and it broke the room’s silence.

“Eldest Young Master, the Third Princess is here!” said Sun Qi respectfully.

Jiang Yucheng furrowed his brows even more tightly. Shangguan Wan? Why did she suddenly come to my residence?

He stood up, and his cold, harsh gaze swept across Xia Mu. “Wait here first!”

Xia Mu bent his body, lowered his head, and looked extremely nervous.

Jiang Yucheng opened the door and looked at Sun Qi. “Did the Third Princess come here alone? Where is she now?”

Sun Qi hurriedly said, “Eldest Young Master, Third Princess came in a horse carriage with Chan Yi. They’re currently sitting in the guest hall. Old Master and Madam aren’t around, so now… Fourth Missy is entertaining her. The pageboy is outside the yard, and he’s waiting for you now.”

Jiang Yuzhi? Didn’t I tell her to stay in her house? Why did she suddenly go to the guest hall? Jiang Yucheng instantly recalled what his sister said previously and started to become uneasy. I don’t know if Jiang Yuzhi has matured during this period. If she still has the same mindset as before, then… It won’t be good!

He thought for a moment and immediately decided to go over personally. I really can’t let my guard down around Jiang Yuzhi now. Besides, Third Princess’s sudden arrival might mean that she has something urgent to do.

“I’ll go over right now,” said Jiang Yucheng as he pointed at the people who stood together with scarred faces. “You can go back now. Remember, you aren’t allowed to tell anyone else about this today! If I discover that there are such rumors outside… You know the consequences!”

“Yes!” The people with scarred faces answered in unison as they felt very lucky and left gradually.

The remaining people that hadn’t been investigated would undoubtedly have to wait in this residence for a while. They couldn’t help but look at the scarred-face people enviously.

Jiang Yucheng glanced at Qi Dahe and said coldly to Sun Qi, “He and the one inside the room—send people to take extra care of them.”

Didn’t he already choose Qi Dahe… Sun Qi was slightly shocked. “Yes!”

Seeing Jiang Yucheng’s stern expression, he immediately answered and sent two guards in to watch Xia Mu closely.

After giving instructions, Jiang Yucheng then left.

After he left, most of the people in the yard secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

However, Qi Dahe was even more nervous. Why did he leave Xia Mu around too? Judging from Eldest Young Master’s attitude and how he treated Xia Mu, he also seems to… Did Xia Mu really do it? N-no! When we were in Nan Jiang, there were many dangers, and we were all separated. Even Eldest Young Master had lost contact with us for one whole day, but I had been with Xia Mu the entire time! No matter if it’s Xia Mu or me, we can prove each other’s innocence. But why does Eldest Young Master seem to be sure that we did it?

Even… Previously, Eldest Young Master just asked me a few questions, and his expression suddenly changed. He then even confirmed that I did it. I didn’t even have the chance to explain before I was chased out to be watched by these people. Without even thinking, one would know what’s waiting for me later! Did Xia Mu face the same situation?

Qi Dahe anxiously looked into the room.

It was a pity that he was in the room. Other than the two guards in charge of guarding him, he couldn’t see Xia Mu’s figure at all.

“Be honest!” The guard at the side harshly kicked his knees, almost kicking him until he kneeled on the floor.

Qi Dahe was terrified, and he didn’t dare to look around. He could only retract his gaze, and his heart was in a mess. Am I really going to die here this time…

On this side, Qi Dahe was worrying for Xia Mu with all his heart and being uneasy.

However, the Xia Mu in this room seemed much calmer.

After Jiang Yucheng left, two guards walked in and stood beside him with a murderous aura. It seemed like he would immediately be executed on the spot once he moved.

But half of the face under Xia Mu’s mask still looked very nonchalant as if he didn’t notice how much danger he was in.

He stood for a while and walked to the side.


“What are you doing?!” The two guards drew their swords at the same time.

Xia Mu seemed to ignore them as he continued walking forward and headed to a superior wooden chair at the side.

He sat down.

The two guards were dazed. I-is he too tired, so he went to sit down?!

“Get up! What status do you have? How dare you casually sit around here?!” One of the guards brandished his sword as if he would cut off Xia Mu’s neck in the next second.

Xia Mu only looked up and stared at the two people quietly. His pair of eyes were as calm as water, without any ripples at all.

But when he looked over calmly, his gaze was substantial with a tinge of invisible suppression.

That guard waved his sword and was stumped for quite some time.

“Forget it. Why do you want to be so calculative toward a mute? When Eldest Young Master comes back, he’ll get it from him!” The other guard didn’t want to cause trouble and advised his colleague. When Eldest Young Master left, he instructed us to watch over this person properly. This is someone that Eldest Young Master wants. How could we really dare to kill Xia Mu? Even if we only injure him, it won’t be good. Anyway, Eldest Young Master will come back in a while. As long as this Xia Mu doesn’t wreak havoc, we don’t have to watch him too closely.

“Let’s see how long you can be arrogant!” The guard holding the sword understood the advantages and disadvantages in his heart as he went along with the situation.

Xia Mu looked at the duo calmly and leaned against the chair with a stiff expression on the revealed half of his face as if he was unaffected.


Xia Mu sat down, and the duo stood up.

Xia Mu was relaxed, while the other two were on their toes.

Xia Mu was clearly the one that was being guarded and facing danger, but he was even more nonchalant and carefree than the two guards watching him. It was as if… he had nothing to do with this incident at all.

Xia Mu leaned against his chair and thought lazily, Shangguan Wan is here. That Jiang Yucheng will take a long time before he comes back, so I must sit and rest properly.

Guest hall.

“…Anyway, I just feel that Chu Liuyue is very annoying… She only came to Xi Ling for a few days, yet she’s this arrogant? Who knows how prideful she’ll be in the future?!” said Jiang Yuzhi as her face looked enraged. “She even dares to bully me—the Jiang family’s Fourth Missy—now. Who knows if she’ll be disrespectful to you in the future, Third Princess?”

Shangguan Wan heard it and spoke calmly. “I know that she looks similar to Elder Sister, but there are people who look alike in this world. One’s appearance is given to them by their parents, so who can we blame? Besides, from what I see, this Chu Liuyue is still decent… Yuzhi, do you hate her this much because you feel that she snatched your things?”

Saying so much, Jiang Yuzhi only had one meaning: She wanted to use Shangguan Wan’s hand to teach Chu Liuyue a lesson.

Even though she really disliked Chu Liuyue, she didn’t like being manipulated even more.

Jiang Yuzhi hesitated for a while in her heart. “Of course not! She… Actually, there’s something that I haven’t told you, Your Highness.”

She lowered her voice. “In my brother’s study, there’s actually…”

A voice suddenly sounded and interrupted Jiang Yuzhi’s words. “Wan’er!”

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