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Chapter 653: My Master Invites You

Jiang Yucheng slowly straightened his body, and his skin was extremely tense, which made his expression look weird. “Cabinet Master Weichi, why would you say this? When that incident happened to the Princess, it caused a very big commotion, and quite a few people in the palace can vouch for it. If you say this… Did you discover something?”

Weichi Song paused for a moment. “It’s not that I discovered something, but it’s just that I suddenly recalled many things recently and felt that something was amiss. Like… Princess always cultivates in her own specific room. Why would she suddenly try to break through at the royal family’s ancestral hall and even go crazy from it, causing her to commit suicide by burning herself? That’s where we pay respects to the ancestors of the Tianling Dynasty’s royal family. Why would Princess suddenly go there out of nowhere?”

Jiang Yucheng looked down, and his voice was extremely light. “This… Honestly speaking, I had my doubts all along. But… According to what Third Princess said, Princess had mentioned it to her before she went to the ancestral hall. This shows that she was long prepared. Back then, Third Princess had also asked her, but Princess didn’t say anything. I didn’t expect that in the end… Until now, I’m afraid only the Princess knows the reason why.”

Weichi Song continued asking, “You’re saying that Princess had long prepared to go to the ancestral hall back then?”

Jiang Yucheng nodded and looked upset. “If I knew this would happen earlier… I really should’ve stopped her then.”

Something flashed across Weichi Song’s eyes. “…This means I really thought too much.”

Jiang Yucheng glanced at him. “Cabinet Master Weichi, I know that you were very close to Princess and that her departure must’ve had a huge impact on you. But she’s already gone, and you should accept it. If you are troubled over this every day and become depressed, Princess will be hurt too if her spirit knows about it.”

Weichi Song rubbed his glabella tiredly. “That’s weird… If Princess really had something urgent to do, she normally wouldn’t be this unprepared and not tell a single person… I thought she was forcefully brought to the ancestral hall!”

Jiang Yucheng’s heart beat wildly, and he forced a smile. “Cabinet Master Weichi, you’re really thinking too much. With Princess’s distinguished status, everybody respects her. Who would have such guts?”

“Yeah! She’s very kind-hearted, so why would someone have such guts and be so heartless…” muttered Weichi Song softly. It sounded like he was talking to himself and also as if he was questioning somebody.

Jiang Yucheng’s heart beat even faster as all his blood seemed to have frozen, and his limbs turned cold. He then looked down.

“It seems like I’ve really misunderstood.” Weichi Song stood up and sighed deeply.

“Since this incident is clear, I shan’t delay you any longer, Eldest Young Master Jiang. I’ll leave now.”

Jiang Yucheng looked up. “You’re leaving now?”

“Yeah. The clan competition just ended, and there are many things I need to deal with in Chong Xu Cabinet. Eldest Young Master Jiang, I also need to trouble you with the Messed Yuan Gravel incident.”

Jiang Yucheng braved himself and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll immediately investigate this when I go back. I’ll interrogate every single person that followed me to Nan Jiang. I will definitely give you a satisfactory answer.”

Weichi Song then relaxed and nodded before bidding him farewell.

Jiang Yucheng symbolically tried to let him stay with a few words before personally standing him out.

When Weichi Song’s figure totally disappeared from outside the Jiang Residence, Jiang Yucheng then retracted his gaze and quickly walked to the study expressionlessly.

Sun Qi saw that he looked amiss and was quite nervous. “Eldest Young Master—”

Jiang Yucheng’s voice was as cold as ice. “Immediately gather all those who went to Nan Jiang. I want to interrogate them one by one.”

Confusion flashed across Sun Qi’s eyes, but he immediately replied when he saw Jiang Yucheng’s expression. “Yes! I’ll do it right now!”

Then, Sun Qi immediately exited the study. Before he left, he didn’t forget to close the door to the study carefully.

When the room was only left with him, Jiang Yucheng finally couldn’t contain the rage in his heart as he swept everything on the table to the floor.

The people outside seemed to have received Sun Qi’s reminder as they all waited quietly, and nobody answered.

Jiang Yucheng’s chest heaved violently, and his face flushed red as his veins popped out. Only his lips were as pale as ever, which looked very strange. Weichi Song came here today and wanted me to investigate the Messed Yuan Gravel matter on the surface, but he actually came with another purpose. He purposely brought Shangguan Yue up and said so many things.

What exactly does he want? If Weichi Song really suspected me briefly, he wouldn’t have come to the Jiang Residence and directly told me all of these things. What exactly does he know? Did he come here to test me or threaten me? Jiang Yucheng’s heart was in a mess, and his mind was in turmoil.

After a long time, he finally calmed down. He stood there and thought for a while with mixed emotions before he rolled up his sleeves.

A red and ugly scar, which had already formed a scab, appeared.

He took a deep breath in, picked up a box of lotion from the cabinet, and gradually smeared it on.

The more Weichi Song suspected him, the more calm and careful he had to be. But for some reason, the hand that was smearing the lotion was trembling.

After Mu Qinghe left the Jiang Residence, he wanted to go back to the Mu Residence first. But when he heard what Jiang Yucheng said before he left, he changed his mind and turned to walk toward Six Clouds Street.

The main streets in Xi Ling were always bustling with people going back and forth. It was very lively.

He passed through the squeezy crowd and walked past the noisy streets. After turning a few bends, the people surrounding him gradually became fewer in number, and it was quieter as well.

The sky started to snow at some time.

As the geese-like snowflakes fluttered down and landed on his head, a layer of snow gradually accumulated on his clothes. It was chilling to the bones.

He walked forward quietly and finally stopped in front of a mansion.

The ever-clean and tidy marble path had a layer of snow.

Behind him was a series of clear footprints.

He looked up and glanced at the familiar entrance. He had been to this place many times, but he hadn’t come here in the past year or so. He thought that he would never come here again, but he didn’t expect…

A plaque was hanging at the entrance—Chu Residence.

The handwriting was dragon-like, and it was clearly Weichi Song’s handwriting.

Mu Qinghe furrowed his brows undetectably. It seems like Weichi Song dotes on Chu Liuyue more than I had expected… I thought that he definitely wouldn’t give this place to anyone else to stay… It has been only more than a year, but everything has changed.

Mu Qinghe stared at the door for a while and turned around to leave. But once he took a step out, he heard footsteps coming from inside.

He was dazed. Qiang Wanzhou and Chu Liuyue shouldn’t be living here now. Why would there be someone inside?

Just as he was thinking, the door creaked and was opened from inside.

A rather familiar face appeared in front of him. “Lieutenant Mu, my Master invites you—”

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