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Chapter 648: Her Palace!

“Third Princess invites me to the palace?” Chu Liuyue raised her brows strangely and was dazed.

“Yes. Third Princess heard of your excellent performance during the clan competition, and she strongly admires your outstanding performance, so she wants to invite you to the palace,” said Chan Yi clearly with her hands on top of each other on her stomach.

Even if this was Chong Xu Cabinet, she was still as respectful, serious, and well-mannered as she was in the palace.

Many thoughts flashed across Chu Liuyue’s mind. I’m still thinking of how to get close to those people, but Shangguan Wan has now taken the initiative to invite me into the palace. It’s clear that she didn’t suddenly do this out of so-called ‘admiration’ but because she has other motives.

Actually, Chu Liuyue had purposely aroused Shangguan Wan’s suspicions at Thousand View Garden last time by intentionally smiling and moving like she used to. This wasn’t just to make Shangguan Wan uneasy but also to plant a suspicion in her heart.

She didn’t expect that only a month had passed before Shangguan Wan started to become restless.

The clan competition just ended the day before, and today morning, Shangguan Wan has already sent Chan Yi over. Her patience doesn’t seem to be as good as last time…

“It’s my honor to receive the Third Princess’s sincere invitation.” Chu Liuyue smiled slightly, and her face had a tinge of curiosity and excitement. It looked as though she was very surprised, but she still tried hard to control herself. “I wonder what date the Third Princess set the—”

“Ms. Chu, please follow me back to the palace today if it’s convenient for you.”

“Today?” Chu Liuyue seemed hesitant. “Yes, I have nothing much to do today, but isn’t it inappropriate for me not to prepare anything and go into the palace like this?”

Chan Yi’s eyes swept across Chu Liuyue’s face rapidly, and contempt surfaced in her heart. However, she didn’t show it on her face at all as she was still very polite on the surface. “Ms. Chu, you don’t have to worry about that. The Third Princess likes you very much, and she won’t calculate this against you.”

The worry on Chu Liuyue’s face disappeared as she revealed an assured and elated smile. “If this is so, then I feel better. Then… sorry for the trouble.”

“Ms. Chu, please—”

The moment Chu Liuyue followed Chan Yi and stepped out of the main hall door, Qiang Wanzhou and Ye Ranran—who were waiting outside nervously—both looked over.

Actually, the door wasn’t closed, so Chu Liuyue’s conversation with her inside could be heard by them outside very clearly.

Ye Ranran walked forward and asked very hesitantly, “Liuyue, do you really want to go to the palace?”

Chu Liuyue smiled and said, “Yes. Third Princess personally sent someone over to invite me, which shows her sincerity. I’ll be back very soon—you don’t have to worry.”

Shangguan Wan did this so openly. Even if she really wants to do something, she won’t pick this time to do it. Shangguan Wan still has this bit of a brain.

Ye Ranran rapidly glanced at Chan Yi. For some reason, she felt that this palace maid was amiss. Even though the latter looked like she had no problems on the surface, she had a displeasing and uneasy aura around her.

“Okay then… Come back soon.”

“I know!” Chu Liuyue smiled and pinched her chubby face. This girl thinks that she’s hidden it very well, but actually, her thoughts are written all over her face.

She looked at Qiang Wanzhou.

The two of them stared straight into each other’s eyes.

Chu Liuyue undetectably shook her head. She knew that Qiang Wanzhou wanted to follow her, but this was clearly inappropriate. “Little Zhou, remember to eat the pill I gave you earlier. I’ll take your pulse when I come back.”

Qiang Wanzhou pressed his lips against each other and finally nodded.

At this point, Weichi Song suddenly walked over.

“Greetings, Master Weichi.” Chan Yi bowed respectfully.

Weichi Song smiled. “Liuyue, I’ll accompany you down the hill.”

Chu Liuyue asked in confusion, “You want to go to the palace too?”

Weichi Song shook his head. “No, I’m going to the Jiang Residence.”

Chan Yi’s expression changed slightly.

Chu Liuyue immediately understood it in her heart. Weichi Song plans to continue investigating Jiang Yucheng. No matter if it’s because of the Messed Yuan Gravel or the zither room, he has almost confirmed whatever Jiang Yucheng did and plans to bite him to death. Jiang Yucheng won’t have easy days in the future.

She smiled and looked at Chan Yi. “Ms. Chan Yi, is it okay if my mentor follows us down the hill?”

Chan Yi said, “Of course not. Master Weichi, Ms. Chu, please—”

After the trio left Qing Yuan Mountain, they walked together for a distance before finally separating.

Chu Liuyue and Chan Yi walked toward the palace, while Weichi Song turned to go to the Jiang Residence.

Walking on the broad and clean street before the palace, one just had to look up to see the magnificent palace.

The solemn halls stood right in front. As the sun shone on the bright-yellow roofs, they looked like they were dazzling.

Meticulous carvings of nine fiends were on the corners—distinguished, solemn, and holy.

Chu Liuyue looked calm on the surface, but her heart was in turmoil. This is the place I am the most familiar with. I was born here, and I died here. I was once basked in glory and very distinguished. I had also suffered all kinds of torture and bled everywhere. My entire life’s worth of glory and heart-wrenching pain is buried here. Today… I’m finally back! I’ve finally stepped through this gate again!

Chan Yi took a few steps forward and realized that Chu Liuyue didn’t follow up. She turned around and saw the latter looking at the palace entrance and the halls in front of her dazedly.

Chan Yi knitted her brows slightly as frustration quickly flashed across her eyes. “Ms. Chu? We should go in.”

Chu Liuyue retracted her gaze, and her gem-like eyes were deep but dazzled like the stars. She then slightly nodded, lifted her legs, and walked forward.

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