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Chapter 636: The Green Triangular-Scaled Python

Xie Lingyang’s words trailed off, while Ning Zhiqing—who was suddenly called—appeared confused. W-what? Chu Liuyue wants to participate in the last heavenly doctor match as well?

Amidst the silence, Ye Ranran couldn’t help but ask, “Cabinet Master, did you decide this just now?”

Weichi Song was speechless, for he had no idea that Chu Liuyue had made such plans either. But since she had already revealed her intention, it wouldn’t look good if he stopped her. Thus, he could only say, “Liuyue has her own plans.”

Anger surged within Xie Lingyang. Although he had already seen how arrogant Chu Liuyue could be, he didn’t expect her to be conceited to this extent.

With a whish, a silver spear appeared in his hand. It was covered with an extremely thin layer of green scales, and the end of the spear had a carving of a three-horned snake head that glimmered under the sunlight like how a real green python would. It was a green-scaled python spear.

“Since you’re in a rush to participate in the heavenly doctor competition, I’ll help you by ending this match fast!” shouted Xie Lingyang as he waved his spear in the air before thrusting it in Chu Liuyue’s direction. It produced a snake-like hiss as it moved in the wind.

As a bone-chilling gust of wind hit her, Chu Liuyue’s expression turned serious. A long red whip appeared in her hand the next moment, and she flicked it.

One could hear it cutting through the wind before it wrapped itself around the green-scaled python spear!


Sizzling sounds were produced as a burst of fire burned the spear, making the terrifying green scales on the spear stand up one by one.

Gripping the spear tightly in his hand, Xie Lingyang gave it a hard turn and cut the whip with its sharp scales. The long whip crumbled into countless balls of flames and scattered on the ground.

He then took a step forward and aimed the spear at Chu Liuyue’s heart.

Chu Liuyue put up a barrier around her at once.

“Go, scales!” shouted Xie Lingyang.

Like blades, the countless scales on the spear suddenly flew up and surrounded Chu Liuyue. Countless cracks immediately appeared on the barrier before it silently shattered into pieces.

Xie Lingyang took another step forward. Just when his spear’s sharp tip was about to pierce Chu Liuyue’s chest, a blurry red figure appeared out of nowhere and landed on his spear in a flash. From the corners of his eyes, he realized that it was a furry third-grade blood ferret.

Upon sensing the eyes on itself, the little creature bared its teeth at him. The next moment, it sank its teeth into the spear, which was now smooth without the layer of scales. Without having to worry that the scales might cut its mouth, the ferret took a huge and forceful bite of it.


Two neat rows of teeth marks were formed on the spear.

Upon seeing this, Xie Lingyang’s heart trembled along with his hands. T-the green-scaled python spear… It wasn’t easy for me to get my hands on this treasure. It’s made of an extremely tough material, yet it’s now bitten by a blood ferret?!


While he was in a daze, Chu Liuyue moved and vanished from her original spot.

Xie Lingyang’s heart thumped as he felt a cold breeze behind him. Unable to react in time, he could only lunge forward as fast as he could. Still, it was too late.

His back had been slashed open with a sharp dagger.

The stinging pain he felt infuriated him, and he circulated his internal force once more. This time, he went all out. He unleashed all of his force and exuded the powerful pressure of his beginner stage-six cultivation base, making the air around them become heavy.

“I must say, you do have some skills. However… that’s all you’ve got!” He then turned the spear in his hand and pointed the python head at her. “Awake, python!”

While he injected his force into the python head, the scales that had flown out earlier quickly flew back, and its tightly closed eyes suddenly opened. A fierce and cold aura then spread everywhere.

Under the crowd’s astonished gazes, a giant, green, and triangular-scaled python appeared above Xie Lingyang’s head. It had a cold pair of vertical yellow pupils and was constantly spitting out its red forked tongue.

That’s a sixth-grade fiend—a green triangular-scaled python! Chu Liuyue narrowed her eyes slightly. No wonder I found that spear strange—this thing was sealed inside it!

A stage-six warrior was no match for a sixth-grade fiend. Even at Xie Lingyang’s current cultivation level, there was no way he could possibly subdue this python. But because this beast was sealed inside the spear, when Xie Lingyang became the spear’s owner, he naturally became the python’s master as well.

“Kill it!” he ordered.

With a flick of its long tail, the green triangular-scaled python headed in Tuan Zi’s direction, who swiftly dodged it. A murderous look streaked across the python’s eyes as it shot its head forward and opened its mouth to spit out a blast of cold air, which formed thumb-sized icicles that flew toward Tuan Zi.

All the crowd saw was a red figure jumping around in mid-air.

Whish! Whish! Whish!

Tuan Zi dodged all the icicles and landed on the ground.

Getting impatient, the python finally slid toward Tuan Zi, who looked up at the approaching gigantic creature. Are we getting serious now?

While the two fiends were preparing for battle, Xie Lingyang turned his gaze to Chu Liuyue again and folded his hands in front of him. A faint blue light slowly intertwined in front of him, forming a bizarre pattern. Then, all the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force started gathering around him.

Someone from the audience cried, “That’s an earth-grade warrior skill!”

“It looks like Xie Lingyang no longer wants to give Chu Liuyue any more chances. Not only did he summon a green triangular-scaled python, but he also resorted to using his killing move! I’m afraid that Chu Liuyue will lose this time…”

“Chu Liuyue has proven her abilities if Xie Lingyang is forced to go to this extent… What a pity—Wait! What is she doing?”


The wind picked up, making Chu Liuyue’s clothes and ebony hair flutter in the air. Determination filled her black eyes, and she felt no fear facing Xie Lingyang’s attack.

On the contrary, she stood calmly and nonchalantly in her original spot as she raised her right hand. A minuscule point of starlight appeared on her index finger, triggering the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force.

“…Is Chu Liuyue going to use an earth-grade warrior skill too?!”

Gasps could be heard coming from the audience.

“Ah, I remember now! She seemed to have used this move to defeat that stage-five warrior when she first came to Xi Ling! She was just a stage-three warrior at that time, so the skill wasn’t so powerful.”

“That’s for sure! It consumes so much force that even a stage-six warrior can barely execute it! But she’s just a stage-four warrior now, so how come…” Has her cultivation base grown so much in this short time?

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