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Chapter 632: I Won

For the last Xuan Master match, nobody expected that Chong Xu Cabinet would send Chu Liuyue out.

Seeing the woman appearing in the arena, the crowd partook in heated discussions. “What are Chong Xu Cabinet’s people thinking? How can they let Chu Liuyue compete in the Xuan Master match? According to her abilities, she can choose between the warrior match and the heavenly doctor match. Both would be stronger than her as a Xuan Master, right?”

“Aish! Can’t you see that only a few people are left on Chong Xu Cabinet’s side? They can’t choose anyone else!”

“Speaking of that, can you tell? Chu Liuyue seems very calm… Perhaps she is rather capable?”

“So what? Someone who cultivates in all three aspects can’t possibly be an expert in all three of them. She’s extremely talented as a warrior, so I think she’s rather average as a Xuan Master. Besides, her opponent is Meng Jing! He’s known for being a Xuan Master talent in Jiu Xing Alliance!”

“I heard that Meng Jing is only 25 this year, but he’s already a sixth-grade Xuan Master… Even in the entire Xi Ling, he’s considered one of the best among the younger generation. I’m afraid Chu Liuyue will lose miserably this time…”

Chu Liuyue looked very calm and stood still at the competition venue.

On the opposite end, a young man walked over.

He looked very slim and tall. His face also seemed to be faintly pale, perhaps because he didn’t go under the sun much.

He looked like a weak student, but brilliance would shine across his eyes from time to time, revealing that he wasn’t as easy to deal with as what he showed on the surface.

Meng Jing… Chu Liuyue narrowed her eyes. She had a bit of an impression of this person.

He had a tragic background with no parents. Afterward, someone discovered that he had shocking talent as a Xuan Master, which was how he successfully became one of the best Jiu Xing Alliance disciples. He was indeed talented, but more importantly, he was diligent and hardworking.

Two years ago, he seemed to be only a fifth-grade Xuan Master, but he was now a sixth-grade one already.

His abilities were unquestionable.

In front of the two of them was a circular, black stone board.

Said board had half a Xuan formation drawn on it. It occupied half of the black stone board, while the other half was very clean.

“On the black stone board in front of you is half of a Xuan formation that is of equal grade and power but of different content. These two Xuan formations will kill each other according to your progress.” The judge at the side glanced at the duo. “There’s no time restriction in the Xuan Master match. Whoever can completely exhibit the Xuan formation’s power and wipe out the other person’s Xuan formation first will win. The competition will then end!”

Chu Liuyue nodded toward Meng Jing. “Please…”

Meng Jing looked up slightly and glanced at her expressionlessly before averting his gaze and looking at the judge. “Let’s start! I don’t have that much time to waste.”

Chu Liuyue’s eyebrows rose slightly. He completely just disregarded me…

“What a coincidence. I want to end this match as soon as possible too.” Chu Liuyue seemed not to care as her lips curved up slightly. She walked forward and sat cross-legged in front of the black stone board.

She actually started directly. Since the other party is so impolite, I shouldn’t be reserved.

Meng Jing knitted his brows and was upset. As expected. She’s a lowly person who came from outside Heaven’s Canopy, and she doesn’t even know this simple rule. However, there’s not much meaning to argue with her about this. Anyway, the match will end real soon.

Then, he also walked over to the black stone board and looked over. He stayed standing up.

Chu Liuyue felt something and looked up to glance at him before finding it funny in her heart. This Meng Jing seems like he’s super confident in himself. Does he think that this Xuan formation is too simple and that he can successfully solve it without even needing to sit down and think? But… I took a quick glance, and the Xuan formation doesn’t seem that easy… Of course, it’s difficult for Meng Jing. For me…

As if noticing her gaze, Meng Jing looked up, and his eyes had a tinge of hatred and contempt.

Chu Liuyue smiled as if she didn’t mind before lowering her head to study the Xuan formation.

On the other end, Qiang Wanzhou also walked to the competition venue.

His opponent was still a stage-six warrior! Moreover, both of them were beginner stage-six warriors, so they were equally capable.

With the previous match’s experience, the crowd felt that the two of them would enter a stalemate and that they would have to wait for quite some time.

Qiang Wanzhou’s gaze turned cold as he looked at the young man opposite him.

The other party sized him up, and his expression wasn’t friendly. “I heard that you came in second at the Wan Zheng Competition?”

Qiang Wanzhou was too impatient to talk to him about this, so he gradually held the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword in his hands tightly. “Let’s just end this as soon as possible!”

Hearing him say this, the other party was stunned as he clearly didn’t expect Qiang Wanzhou to be so direct.

After being humiliated in public, his expression turned even uglier. “Since you’re willingly seeking death, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

As he spoke, a longsword suddenly appeared in his hands.

Qiang Wanzhou’s gaze slowly swept across his sword. Then, he circulated his bodily force and inserted it within the sword body.


A thick and burly sword roar was instantly heard.

Quite a few people looked shocked as they gradually looked at the… sword in Qiang Wanzhou’s hands. That clearly isn’t an ordinary sword!

The man opposite was also shocked. He also used swords, so he naturally could feel the terrifying aura within Qiang Wanzhou’s sword.

A bad feeling crept into his heart.

The next moment, he clenched his teeth and rushed up first.

Qiang Wanzhou stood rooted to the ground, and he didn’t even move his feet at all.

He also raised his sword and then harshly swung it down.

Upon seeing this, the crowd was taken aback.

Qiang Wanzhou’s sword was still a distance away from the other party’s sword.


The empty air in front of him was immediately slashed open, and a harsh and terrifying sword aura burst out.

At that moment, it wrapped that man within.

A harsh and painful cry was instantly heard.

The next moment, under the crowd’s stares, that man’s body flew backward and landed on the ground harshly.

The sword in his hands was cut into countless shards by the boundless sword aura, and the cutting points were smooth and tidy.

Everyone gasped. What’s with Qiang Wanzhou’s sword? He just randomly slashed it around, yet it’s so powerful?!

Qiang Wanzhou took a step forward. “It’s time for this to end—”


Before he could even move, he heard a strange sound from the side. At the same time, the voice of a bright girl with a smile sounded. “I won.”

Qiang Wanzhou’s heart shook, and he immediately turned away.

Chu Liuyue coincidentally turned around, blinked, and repeated herself. “Little Zhou, I won.”

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