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Chapter 616: I Have My Own Plans

Chu Liuyue blinked her eyes. When she saw the impenetrable depths of his eyes, she wisely decided not to tease him any further.

The two of them hugged a little longer, and the amorous atmosphere between them finally faded away slowly.

Rong Xiu lightly heaved a sigh of relief. I miss her when she isn’t around, but now that she’s here in front of me… I think I miss her even more…

He then sat down and pulled her into his arms, hugging her from behind as he rested his chin on her shoulder.

She cast a side-glance at him. Why does it seem like he has lost weight in the short time we were separated from each other? I wonder what he’s been up to lately…

“Rong Xiu… How long do you plan to stay in Xi Ling this time?” asked Chu Liuyue as she played with his fair and slender hands.

He pondered for a moment before speaking somewhat lazily in a hoarse voice. “…I haven’t decided…”

Haven’t decided? She found it strange to hear this answer.

She was just about to follow up with another question when he asked, “Did you know… Qiang Wanzhou before this? It looks like he values you a lot.”

“What makes you say that?” she asked.

Rong Xiu raised his eyebrows. “The moment he heard that I was here to look for you, he treated me like his enemy… throughout the entire wait until you returned. If it weren’t for Yan Qing earlier, he looked as if he was going to continue staying in the room…”

Chu Liuyue chuckled at that. Despite his calm and nonchalant appearance, it looks like someone’s jealous!

“He’s my subordinate now, so he naturally pays extra attention to my affairs. That kid’s a blockhead, so you don’t have to worry,” she said before giving Rong Xiu a peck on the lips. “He doesn’t know you, so of course he’s wary of you. Once he knows who you are, he won’t treat you like that anymore.”

Rong Xiu lifted his eyelids and smirked at Chu Liuyue. “Oh? So what’s my identity?”

As she looked at his face, she stammered somewhat guiltily, “Uh… Y-you’re my fiancé…”

The smile on Rong Xiu’s face deepened. “Is that so? But I think I heard some rumors upon arriving at Xi Ling…”

Just as I guessed… thought Chu Liuyue. “Like you said, they’re just rumors…. I don’t even know how the rumors came about…”

One moment, I’m rumored to be together with Mu Qinghe. The next moment, I’m rumored to be together with Jian Fengchi. I didn’t even pay attention to the rumors because they’re just so ridiculous. However, it looks like someone minds it a lot… Turning around, Chu Liuyue hooked her arms around Rong Xiu’s neck. “If the rumors upset you so much, should I go and clear things up?”

Holding his breath, Rong Xiu pressed her waist and shot her a warning look. “Don’t move around.”

“Okay,” answered Chu Liuyue obediently.

Thereafter, Rong Xiu replied to her earlier question. “There’s no need for you to clear things up.”

Surprise surfaced on Chu Liuyue’s visage. It’s clear that he minds this a lot, so why did he say that there’s no need? It won’t take me much effort to clarify things anyway.

Rong Xiu gently rubbed his thumb over her slightly red and swollen lips. “I have my own plans.”

While he did mind a lot about this matter, he was well aware of the situation she was currently in as well. Although she had established her reputation and had a bright future, she had also attracted the envy and jealousy of many people in Xi Ling.

There were many people eyeing her in the dark right now, and the slightest action might attract a series of unnecessary trouble for her. Besides, her status in Xi Ling wasn’t high. To clarify things specifically would only make it seem like she was taking the lead. He couldn’t bear to see that happen to her, so it was better for him to handle these things instead.

Chu Liuyue didn’t know what he was planning, but when she saw his lackadaisical look, she no longer troubled herself over this matter. She then told him about the series of events that she encountered after coming to Xi Ling, which he patiently listened to with interest.

Although he already knew all about those matters, hearing them from her mouth was a completely different experience. It was as if each word suddenly contained warmth and strength, and they left behind marks of various depths in his heart.

After she finished telling her stories, she said, “I’ve been talking about my affairs nonstop. Why don’t you tell me yours for a change? Did you encounter anything interesting?”

Rong Xiu smiled slightly. “It’s the same old on my end. Nothing is interesting when you’re not around, so there’s nothing to say.”

A warm current surged within Chu Liuyue’s chest. Doesn’t that mean… he only finds the things that are related to me interesting? T-this person…

“That reminds me. There’s something that’s troubling me a little…” Rong Xiu frowned and appeared slightly troubled.

“What is it?”

“I came to Xi Ling in such a hurry that I haven’t found a suitable place to stay in… I don’t know how long I’m going to stay here either, so that’s what makes things tricky…” He then rubbed his glabella.

“Come stay in my residence then! Didn’t I tell you that Cabinet Master gave me a mansion? Although it isn’t big, it’s enough to accommodate you. It’s just that the place is rather plain and simple, so I don’t know if you’ll be comfortable staying there…”

A wide smile spread across Rong Xiu’s face. “Of course, I’ll be comfortable staying at your place. I thank you in advance then, Yue’er.”

Outside the courtyard, Yan Qing and Qiang Wanzhou stood facing each other. From the holes in the latter’s clothes, messy hair, and panting, it was clear that Qiang Wanzhou had just been through a tough fight.

But opposite him, Yan Qing appeared all calm and composed, neither panting nor showing any signs of flush on his face. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked somewhat condescendingly at the other. “Boy, you have some talent. It’s just that… you’re still a little inexperienced.”

Qiang Wanzhou fell silent for a moment before saying, “One day, I’ll defeat you!”

Instead of being provoked, Yan Qing nodded his head with much interest. “That’ll depend on whether you have that capability and luck.”

Although he wasn’t too fond of Qiang Wanzhou, after their sparring session, he had to admit that the young chap had absolute talent. As long as he was groomed properly, he would definitely become someone formidable in time to come. While he was indeed worthy to stay by Chu Liuyue’s side and become her trusty subordinate, his master…

The room’s door suddenly opened right then, and both Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu walked out.

Yan Qing and Qiang Wanzhou looked over at once.

“Master, Ms. Liuyue,” greeted Yan Qing with a bow.

Qiang Wanzhou swept his eyes over at the couple, his gaze eventually landing on their tightly clasped hands.

Chu Liuyue then waved him over. “Come here, Little Zhou.”

He obediently walked up to her.

She let out a cough before saying, “Rong Xiu is my fiancé, so you don’t have to be so wary of him in the future. If he comes again, just let him enter.”

When Qiang Wanzhou said nothing, she raised her voice a little, calling, “Little Zhou?”

That was when he finally stiffly answered, “Understood.”

Chu Liuyue heaved a sigh of relief. Although she knew that Qiang Wanzhou was just concerned about her, it was sometimes inevitable that misunderstandings might arise due to his aloof and untameable personality. She could only slowly teach him all that later on.

“By the way, Rong Xiu is going to stay in our residence in Xi Ling City for the time being, so I’m going to take him there to take a look at the place. ” She planned to leave right away with Rong Xiu.

Qiang Wanzhou hesitated a little, but he didn’t follow them. Instead, he looked up at the sky and turned around to return to his own room. He emerged again a moment later, only to head toward Chu Liuyue’s room.

Yan Qing was aghast to see this. The alarm bells were going off in his head, but a look of confusion appeared on his face the next moment. Is that… a rag in Qiang Wanzhou’s hand?!

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