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Chapter 612: It’s a Gift From a Friend

Just then, Chu Liuyue felt a strange movement in her dantian. Focusing her senses, she realized that it came from the black pyramid. It, however, only lasted for a short moment and soon dissipated as if nothing had happened.

“That’s strange…” She frowned. Other than the time in the Tianling God Realm, the pyramid has remained quiet all the while. What I sensed earlier surely isn’t a mistake.

Upon realizing something, she quickly scanned her surroundings. However, there was nothing on the razed mountaintop except for the wind and the fluttering leaves.

She let her gaze linger a little longer and retracted it after making sure that there was nothing unusual in her surroundings. “Did I overthink it?”

For a moment, I thought that Zhen Bao Pavilion’s big boss was here… Otherwise, I really don’t know how to explain that fluctuation of force. However, the forest is all quiet again. After mulling over it for a while longer, she decided to put the matter aside and continue to focus on refining the sword.

A bright spark would fly out from the sword each time she polished it, which illuminated her face. Her eyes shone as a gentle breeze blew over.

The next day, Chu Liuyue went down the mountain and walked to Hundred Herbs Building to collect the herbs she ordered.

Qiang Wanzhou was recovering faster than expected, so the herbs were naturally consumed at a faster rate as well. What she had previously bought could only last for a short while, so she came here today to get more.

As soon as she arrived at the building’s entrance, the pageboys went up to her and greeted her warmly. “You’re finally here, Ms. Chu! Please, come in!”

She raised her eyebrows in puzzlement. Why do they seem even more enthusiastic than before? I’m just here to collect the herbs, so why are they making it seem like some sort of huge affair? While I might be a black gold card holder, aren’t they overdoing things?

The pageboys bowed to her and asked in unison, “General Manager Yue happens to be upstairs right now. Would you like to meet him?”

She shook her head smilingly. “No need; I’m just here to collect the herbs I ordered. General Manager Yue is a busy man, so let’s not waste his time.”

After buying all of Weichi Song’s belongings, she didn’t spend much at Hundred Herbs Building and basically only bought the herbs that she liked in general. Although those herbs added up to quite a fair sum, it was nothing when compared to her previous expenditures.

She had no sooner said that than a familiar voice floated down from above with a smiling Yue Ling walking down the stairs. “I’m more than happy to welcome Ms. Chu’s arrival, so how can I possibly find it a waste of time?”

I failed to get a good night’s sleep last night, and I came right here early this morning just to await her arrival! Now that she’s finally here, how can I possibly let her go just like that?

“The herbs you want have been all prepared and will be brought to you shortly,” said Yue Ling, his gaze inadvertently sweeping over Chu Liuyue’s hand. Isn’t that… Master’s Cosmic Ring?!

The corners of his eyes twitched hard. Last time, I saw her wearing Jian Fengchi’s Cosmic Ring. It hasn’t been long since I sent word of it, yet she’s already wearing Master’s Cosmic Ring…

However, Yue Ling had no idea that as soon as the news reached his master’s ears, the latter immediately dispatched Yan Qing to deliver said Cosmic Ring to Chu Liuyue.

Good thing I found out about her identity yesterday, so I’m somewhat able to maintain my composure when I see that ring. Otherwise, there’s no telling how I might lose control of my emotions right now…

Sending him a questioning look, Chu Liuyue asked, “Word has it that you’re always hardly around, but you seem to be here pretty often these days.” This is the second time I’m seeing him around out of the three times I came.

“I’m Hundred Herbs Building’s general manager after all, so where else can I be but here?” Yue Ling brushed her question off, laughing. After that, he looked behind her and asked curiously, “Why are you here alone today? Where’s that young man from before?”

“Wanzhou? He’s in the middle of cultivation.” She raised her brows. “Why does it seem like you’re curious about him?”

He quickly waved his hands, laughing. “No, no. Don’t be mistaken, Ms. Chu. It’s just that you came here with him previously, but you’re alone now. Hence, I can’t help but be a little curious.”

Chu Liuyue smiled but said nothing in response.

Thus, Yue Ling tentatively asked, “Are those herbs for him?”

The question, however, earned him a meaningful look from the young lady.

Yue Ling seems to be particularly curious about me—no, Qiang Wanzhou’s affairs today… She gave him an ambiguous reply. “A portion of them.”

Yue Ling grew anxious at this point. He wanted to seize the opportunity to find out some stuff from Chu Liuyue, but it was to no avail since she stayed tight-lipped. Knowing that he’d only arouse her suspicion if he continued questioning her, he changed the topic altogether. As he glanced at her hand, he revealed a look of surprise and said somewhat nonchalantly, “That Cosmic Ring you’re wearing… seems extraordinary…”

Chu Liuyue lowered her gaze. The ring was rather eye-catching. Those with good eyesight would be able to tell that it was no ordinary item, but she still chose to wear it out.

Upon hearing Yue Ling’s question, her lips curled upward. “Someone gave it to me.”

Yue Ling chuckled. “The person who gave you this must be of extraordinary status as well. I suppose that person… is also very close to you?”

She rubbed the Cosmic Ring on her finger, which felt cool and smooth to the touch.

“It’s my fia—” She suddenly stopped. Yue Ling is obviously inquiring about my affairs… Did he hear something, or is he after something else?

She quietly glanced at him, feeling rather uneasy as she recalled his unusually peculiar behavior today. A question came to her mind and was just at the tip of her tongue, but she swallowed it down and instead smilingly repeated, “It’s a gift from a friend.”

Meanwhile, in a certain room on the third floor, Rong Xiu slowly released his hand. In it was a teacup with spiderweb-like lines all over it. For some reason though, the teacup didn’t fall apart and appeared to remain in its intact form.

Tea slowly trickled out from the cracked lines and soon spread all over the table surface, forming a puddle.

Standing at the side, Yan Qing shuddered and couldn’t help but wish to disappear from here right away.

After a moment, Rong Xiu’s lips slowly curled upward into a faint smile. “…Friend, huh?”

Yan Qing closed his eyes in despair. Oh no!

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