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Chapter 605: Big Misunderstanding

Jian Fengchi was stunned. W-where did all of this come from? Chu Liuyue chose Chong Xu Cabinet, but isn’t that her own choice? What has that got to do with me?

But to Jian Shuye, his taken aback expression looked as though he was guilty. He pointed at his son’s nose and angrily said, “You, you, you… Not only did you break Liuyue’s heart, but you even want to drag other girls in. Why do I have a son like you?!”

This misunderstanding is huge! Jian Fengchi felt his head ache, and he closed his eyes. “Father, where did you hear all of this from? Do you not even believe your own son?”

Jian Shuye’s heart ached. “If you were dependable, would I need to do this? It’s all your fault!”

Jian Fengchi was speechless. Then, he said weakly, “No matter what, you must give me a chance to explain, right?”

Jian Shuye finally said, “Come in!”

Jian Fengchi felt thankful in his heart. Luckily I told Mu Hongyu to wait outside the mountain when we came back earlier. If not, I’d be totally humiliated when she sees this scene.

“I’ll go invite Hongyu in then—” As he spoke, he turned around and suddenly saw that Mu Hongyu was already standing nearby and watching the scene.

She was standing beside a disciple from Dragon Teeth Mountain.

Jian Fengchi’s brows twitched harshly. She saw everything just now?

Jian Shuye saw him in a trance and couldn’t help but sneer. “Since you dare to bring her back, why don’t you dare to bring her up? I had long gotten someone to invite her up!”

He then walked past the stiff Jian Fengchi and walked toward Mu Hongyu. When he went nearer and saw Mu Hongyu’s appearance, he scolded Jian Fengchi even more harshly in his heart. This lady only looks like she’s in her teens! How dare he?

Thinking of this, Jian Shuye revealed a kind and benevolent smile. He tried his best to make himself look less fierce as he was afraid that he would scare this lady. “Lady, I am Dragon Teeth Mountain’s master. What’s your name?”

Mu Hongyu was also stunned when she saw the scene after coming up. She didn’t expect that the distinguished, arrogant, and ill-disciplined Jian Fengchi would run around from getting beaten.

And… This person should be Jian Fengchi’s father. She hurriedly bowed. “Greetings, Master. I am Mu Hongyu.”

Seeing her polite manners and that she seemed quite injured, Jian Shuye felt pity for her. “There’s no need to be nervous! With his mother and I, that boy won’t dare to bully you! If he made you suffer earlier, you must tell me! I will definitely help you teach him a lesson!”

Mu Hongyu blinked. “Um… Master, I think you’ve misunderstood… Young Master Jian didn’t make me suffer. In actual fact, it’s because of him that I could escape from Yu Xiang Hall—”

Jian Shuye secretly thought that this lady was very naive. Other people might be interested in the Faint Yuan Body, but Jian Fengchi would never be. He just decided to squander his money because he thought he was wealthy.

The entire Xi Ling is now spreading that Jian Fengchi is very extravagant in his spendings because of other intentions. If not, there’s no need for him to do this according to his talent and background. The more important thing is that if Liuyue finds out about this… Won’t she despise Jian Fengchi even more? To think I was still nagging and convincing Chu Liuyue to come to Dragon Teeth Mountain at Thousand View Garden previously. Everything is ruined by this kid!

Jian Shuye boomed, “Hongyu, don’t worry. After you come here, nobody will dare to do anything to you! I’ll make sure justice is served to you!”

Mu Hongyu couldn’t help but glance at Jian Fengchi behind him. Your father seems to have really misunderstood something.

Jian Fengchi was expressionless. It’s rare that I did a good deed, but why does it seem like I’m still in the wrong?

Jian Shuye saw that Mu Hongyu stole a glance at Jian Fengchi and thought that she was behaving in this manner because she was threatened by his son. This made him even more furious. This kid let Liuyue down and Mu Hongyu as well!

Mu Hongyu saw his anger worsening and knew that he had thought wrongly. Thus, she hurriedly said, “Master, you’ve misunderstood. Young Master Jian and I… are just friends! Liuyue too!”

Jian Shuye was stunned. “What did you say?”

Mu Hongyu explained, “You might not know, but both Liuyue and I are from Country Yao Chen. We knew each other a long time ago, and we came from the same academy. We’re on very good terms. I previously met Young Master Jian at Country Yao Chen, and Young Master Jian even treated my mother…”

The more Jian Shuye listened, the more he felt that something was wrong. Why does it seem so different from what I predicted?

“This time, I ended up here unintentionally. Coincidentally, both Young Master Jian and Liuyue were at Yu Xiang Hall, and Young Master Jian helped me out, bid for me, and took me back… We just came back from Liuyue’s place.”

Jian Shuye reacted for a moment, and his expression immediately became incredible. T-this means… My son didn’t hurt other girls. Instead, he went to help his friends? Then, just now… I—

Jian Shuye slowly asked, “Are… you telling the truth?”

Mu Hongyu hurriedly nodded. “I didn’t lie about what I said at all! You really misunderstood Young Master Jian this time!”

Jian Shuye’s neck stiffened as he turned around to look at Jian Fengchi.

Jian Fengchi suddenly sneered. “Did you hear that?”

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