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Chapter 601: Personally See It

The voice was low and burly but filled with energy. It sounded as if it came from far away, but it was also like thunder that struck beside one’s ears.

Upon hearing this, Respected Elder Tong Chuan’s face suddenly changed.

Quite a few people’s expressions in the hall froze.

A figure was like a lightning bolt that pierced through the air and came here. In the blink of an eye, the figure appeared in front of the hall.

This was an elder that was slightly plump, and his chubby face had a doting smile plastered on it as his eyes curved into one thin line.

He walked over with big and light steps, which landed noiselessly. However, the crowd in the hall became restless when they saw this person enter.

Rong Xiu turned around, and his lips curved up. “36 Respected Elder Ming, why are you here?”

“I heard Your Highness finally got rid of those bunch of scumbags from Peerless Palace recently. I’m very happy, so I specifically came here to celebrate.” 36 Respected Elder Ming spoke and laughed out loud, without concealing the happiness and excitement on his face at all. I’ve long hated Peerless Palace! Rong Xiu has endured for so long and finally took action! Moreover, it was a one-shot, one-kill!

He felt great. “Your Highness, I heard that you didn’t bring a lot of people this time around and that you dealt with everyone in Peerless Palace in one day. It seems like Your Highness has improved quite a bit recently!”

The crowd became even more silent. Why is 36 Respected Elder Ming’s focal point always different from the rest?

But this elder was just too strong, and he was one of the most experienced amongst all the respected elders. An average person could only lower their head and be lowly in front of him. When they faced Rong Xiu, they might still be able to hold up a front based on their identity and experiences. But in front of 36 Respected Elder Ming, they definitely didn’t have this courage.

Even Respected Elder Tong Chuan had to try his best to avoid offending him.

Rong Xiu smiled with deep meaning. “Thank you for the praise, 36 Respected Elder Ming. I did benefit quite a bit when I was out training during this period.”

36 Respected Elder Ming stroked his chin and laughed. Isn’t that right! You even found yourself a wife. What else is there to say?

He turned around and first looked at Respected Elder Tong Chuan. He was still smiling, but his words weren’t so polite anymore. “Tong Chuan, the ancestor battled all 28 divisions alone back then, and thousands of people respected him. He did it with his own capabilities, so why do you disapprove of it so much when it comes to His Grace? Peerless Palace kept committing insubordination and even tried to assassinate His Grace. He should’ve handled it earlier! Only by doing this can he suppress the thoughts of all the divisions’ other people. To me, His Grace didn’t do anything wrong at all. Instead, he did a wonderful job!”

Since he is His Grace, he should have the methods and aura of one. In the past, Rong Xiu considered the bigger picture and chose to give in time and time again, but what did he get in return?

Respected Elder Tong Chuan opened his mouth and was about to say something, but 36 Respected Elder Ming beat him to it again. “If you’re dissatisfied with what His Grace is doing now, aren’t you indirectly saying that the ancestor’s methods were cruel, harsh, and cold-blooded?”

Respected Elder Tong Chuan suddenly stood up. “I don’t mean it that way! 36 Respected Elder Ming, don’t randomly accuse me of things!”

“I did accuse you of things, yet you justified it yourself. Everyone knows this very clearly, so why are you yelling?” said 36 Respected Elder Ming lazily.

Respected Elder Tong Chuan’s entire face flushed. It’s fine if this old dog doesn’t come out usually, but he causes so much trouble once he does! He’s wreaking havoc just because of his identity! Yet, I can’t do anything to him in return!

36 Respected Elder Ming’s gaze coldly swept past the crowd. “The 28 divisions respect His Grace. His Grace is tidying up his backyard, and it’s not our place to complain about it! Also, all of you have your own status and powers. You didn’t think about solving these problems, yet you came to question His Grace… How unbecoming!”

He looked kind, but it was akin to slapping the entire crowd when he said this.

Rong Xiu gently said, “36 Respected Elder Ming, all the respected elders are only doing this because of the 28 divisions… I was thinking that this kind of thing won’t happen again, right?”

After a temporary silence, one respected elder finally stood up and gave a deep bow toward 36 Respected Elder Ming and Rong Xiu. “Your Highness, you don’t have to defend us. 36 Respected Elder Ming is right—we didn’t think this through clearly. Your Highness, please forgive us.”

Once someone took the lead, the remaining people would naturally follow suit. Very quickly, half of the people in the hall expressed similar stances and gradually left.

The originally solemn and ferocious formation gradually became pockets of people.

Respected Elder Tong Chuan’s face turned white, yet he didn’t dare to say anything.

36 Respected Elder Ming had a higher status than him, and he didn’t act according to logic. Hence, it was very hard to deal with him.

If he wasn’t forced to a dead-end, he wouldn’t want to go against the other.

His anger filled his chest and suffocated him, making him feel very uncomfortable. In the end, seeing that this discussion wouldn’t continue, he stood up and planned to leave.

Just as he was about to step out, Rong Xiu’s voice came from behind slowly and surely. “Respected Elder Tong Chuan, may I trouble you not to forget to return the reports. Also, there’s no need to trouble you to check on the 28 divisions’ reports since I’m already back.”

Respected Elder Tong Chuan’s back was facing Rong Xiu, and his face flashed white and red. In the end, he could only stiffly agree before raising his legs to leave quickly.

Only Rong Xiu and 36 Respected Elder Ming were left in the entire hall.

“I came at just the right time!” 36 Respected Elder Ming chuckled. “Those scumbags were educated by me, and they cooperated with me quite well, right?”

Rong Xiu smiled and said, “Thank you for personally showing up today.”

It wasn’t suitable for him to say some words, but if it were 36 Respected Elder Ming, it would take half the work but have twice the effect.

At the very least, from today onward, nobody would dare to cause a scene because of his heartlessness. No matter how many people from Peerless Palace died, nobody would speak up for them.

He had the upper hand in this battle, and it would make a lot of things convenient in the future.

36 Respected Elder Ming nonchalantly waved his hand. “I exited seclusion and helped you for so long, let alone this one time. If you really want to thank me, why don’t you quickly bring back your Princess Consort and let me take a look at her?!”

36 Respected Elder Ming seems very stubborn about this… Rong Xiu raised his saber-like eyebrows. “She has very important things to do, so she won’t be able to come over during this period.”

The moment Rong Xiu finished his sentence, he saw Yan Qing quickly rushing over from outside.

“Your Highness!” Yan Qing had been waiting outside all along. Seeing that the respected elders had all exited, he thought that the matter would end.

Thus, he immediately came over and presented a letter. “Ms. Liuyue instructed me that I must let you read this personally.”

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