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Chapter 600: Iron-Fist Rule

His entire body was clean, but he was exuding an intense, bloody aura. He clearly had a fairy-like appearance, but he seemed more like the Grim Reaper that walked out of prison.

He walked over with huge steps as every step landed heavily in the crowd’s heart.




He finally stood still in the hall.

The entire hall fell silent for a moment as they were stunned by this man’s aura.

This man was very young, but he wasn’t disadvantaged at all when standing in front of the many distinguished elders.

Quite a few people’s hearts started beating wildly. Even though this person was young, he was already His Grace that stood at the top. His current aura was actually much different from before.

When he first ascended to the position of His Grace a few years ago, he was still green and inexperienced. But unknowingly, they all gradually started to fear him…

This was due to the confidence from being capable and powerful.

The crowd—which was still prepared to scold him earlier—didn’t speak at all.

Rong Xiu was the one who broke the tense atmosphere first. “Distinguished elders, you are well-respected and normally don’t leave your lovely abodes. Why did you suddenly come together today?”

The crowd recovered from their trances and looked at each other. Right, we came here to cause trouble for Rong Xiu! Why did we become cowardly once we saw him?!

An elder—who was seated nearer to the front—stroked his beard and boomed, “Your Grace, I heard that you just killed the entire Peerless Palace?”

Rong Xiu calmly nodded and nonchalantly said, “That’s right.”

His honest admittance made the crowd not know what to say next. Isn’t he being too righteous? Even if he is His Grace, he’s too overboard by being this unreasonable!

That elder’s face became much solemn, and his voice turned colder. “Your Highness, Peerless Palace is one of the 28 divisions, and they don’t commit many major mistakes normally. You doing so has disappointed the other divisions, and you’re too wilful!”

Once he said this, many people immediately agreed. “Yeah! How are you going to explain to the rest for teaching them a lesson for no rhyme or reason?”

“Previously, you left for quite some time. The moment you’re back, you killed the entire Peerless Palace, not leaving anyone behind… It will inevitably cause rumors…”

“Now, all the divisions have flocked over here like snowflakes. If you don’t come out and give us an explanation, it would be hard to convince the rest…”

The hall started to bustle again. On the surface, it seemed like it was all for Rong Xiu’s reputation and for the divisions’ safety and peace. However, every single word and sentence was reprimanding Rong Xiu for being too impulsive and harsh with his actions.

Rong Xiu stood there quietly as if he was listening and as if he wasn’t. In other words, he had no chance in expression at all from start to end.

His reaction naturally incurred many people’s dissatisfaction.

The elder who first spoke up put on a harsh expression and asked, “…Your Grace? Your Grace, are you still listening? Now that things have come to this stage, are you not going to solve it?”

Upon hearing this, Rong Xiu’s thin lips curved up into a smile that was extremely cold. “As His Grace, I oversee the 28 divisions. But now, all the divisions’ reports have gone to Respected Elder Tong Chuan…”

The crowd was suddenly silent.

Respected Elder Tong Chuan’s face also froze. He was thinking of taking this chance to properly teach Rong Xiu a lesson, but he forgot that the reports he took over were done illegitimately.

He paused for a moment and forcefully said, “Your Grace wasn’t around previously, so all the reports came to me…”

Rong Xiu lightly said, “I’ve already been back for around half a month. Other than the day I brought troops to eliminate the entire Peerless Palace, I’ve been here for the remaining time. But from start to end… I’ve never seen you—Respected Elder Tong Chuan—bring the reports back. I almost thought that you were going to take power for yourself.”

Respected Elder Tong Chuan’s face became even uglier. If word gets out, it’ll gravely affect my reputation!

His demanding stance softened by quite a bit. “Your Highness, you’ve misunderstood. I planned to pass everything to you after you came back… But all the divisions are now causing a huge commotion because of Peerless Palace’s matter, so I couldn’t care about it for now…”

Rong Xiu smiled nonchalantly. “That’s what I thought. Respected Elder Tong Chuan, you’re very respected, so why would you do such a thing? May I trouble you to return all those reports to me later on?”

Respected Elder Tong Chuan could only agree.

With the duo’s interaction, secret waves were rippling beneath the calm water surface.

The crowd could detect the floating and intersecting murderous intent in the air, and they all kept quiet.

Rong Xiu surveyed his surroundings before slowly saying, “I naturally have my reasons for handling Peerless Palace. When I was out, Peerless Palace sent people to assassinate me. They naturally cannot be forgiven for this sin!”

The crowd exchanged looks among themselves. Some were shocked, and others were in doubt…

Respected Elder Tong Chuan hesitated for a moment and said, “Even if Peerless Palace really sent someone to go and assassinate you, you can just capture that one person and execute him. If not, you can deal with all of the people involved in this incident so as to warn them, and that would be sufficient. Why must you eliminate their entire division? Your Highness, your move is too…”

“That person has no grudge against me at all, yet he suddenly did this. It’s clear that someone instructed him. If Zhang Youfang can’t even handle this small matter properly, he should be punished. Besides, Peerless Palace kept offending their superiors previously, and I have been enduring it repeatedly. I originally thought they would admit to their mistakes, yet I actually raised a wolf beside me, which almost caused a huge trouble.”

Rong Xiu’s gaze became very cold and dagger-like as it swept past the crowd. “Peerless Palace’s intent of betrayal is obvious, and they have already done it to this extent. Why should I show them mercy? Besides… saying that I’m harsh and heartless…”

He suddenly laughed and looked down on the rest. “I have always been like this. So what?”

He sounded calm and nonchalant, yet so righteous that it stumped everyone. That’s right! If Rong Xiu was kind-hearted and benevolent, he never would’ve been His Grace.

Respected Elder Tong Chuan opened his mouth but didn’t make a sound.

Rong Xiu continued, “I know that there are people in the divisions that don’t respect me. I don’t calculate your small antics normally, but that’s just because I don’t bother about them. If someone is really interested in my position, I don’t mind fighting with them! Peerless Palace is the first example!”

The crowd was taken aback. Rong Xiu is clearly sacrificing one person to warn the rest.

Perhaps it was because Rong Xiu kept giving in for the past few years, so they forgot who exactly Rong Xiu was. It was only until now that they suddenly realized: How can the person who became His Grace be a pushover?

He means that… From now onward, he’s going to be strict? Quite a few people thought of the scene where the river was flowing with blood, and they felt lingering fear. They all looked at Respected Elder Tong Chuan.

Respected Elder Tong Chuan took a deep breath in and said, “Your Highness, you’re right. However, there are many people in the divisions. If you keep using an iron fist to rule over everyone, you will definitely incur a lot of wrath…”

Before he could finish his sentence, a swift burst of laughter resonated throughout the hall. “Haha, this is originally a world where the strong are respected. What’s wrong with me doing this?”

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