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Chapter 593: Favor

Chu Liuyue brought Mu Hongyu back to her residence. Jian Fengchi and Shui Liu’er also followed them.

Chu Liuyue first let Mu Hongyu take a shower before carefully treating her wounds, applying medicine, bandaging them, and giving her a new set of clothes to change into.

She even helped treat the golden mane bear cub’s wounds. It was good that its skin was thick and that it could recover very quickly.

After Mu Hongyu assured Chu Liuyue several times that she was okay, her heart finally settled down.

After cleaning up, the master and fiend subordinate didn’t seem as unkempt and pitiful as before.

Chu Liuyue took her friend’s pulse and confirmed that most of her wounds were superficial and that she didn’t have any internal injuries before being assured.

Also, Mu Hongyu looked like she had slimmed down quite a bit, but there was an additional strong force in her body. This was probably why she could break through and become a peak stage-five warrior in such a short amount of time.

Chu Liuyue wanted to ask in detail about her recent happenings, but she suppressed her questions upon thinking about how Jian Fengchi and Shui Liu’er were still waiting outside.

After cleaning up, the duo finally returned to the living room.

Jian Fengchi’s gaze swept across Mu Hongyu, and he raised his brows slightly.

Surprise flashed across Shui Liu’er’s eyes. So Mu Hongyu is this pretty. After washing away the dirt and bloodstains and tidying herself up, she looks completely different.

She looked bright, lively, and energetic, and her pair of almond-like eyes were sparkling. She was as passionate and pure as a fire.

Mu Hongyu walked in and curiously sized up her surroundings. “Liuyue, your residence is so clean and pretty!”

Even though it wasn’t big, it was clean and elegant, which made people feel comfortable.

Chu Liuyue teased, “Someone helped me clean this place up. I’ll introduce you to him later; sit first.”

Mu Hongyu casually found a spot to sit down as she couldn’t help but curiously ask, “Liuyue, didn’t you just reach here not long ago? Why do you have your own house already?”

This was the Tianling Dynasty’s imperial capital—Xi Ling! An average person might not even be able to come here in their lives, yet Liuyue found her own footing here in such a short amount of time.

“Did Lieutenant Mu help you find this house?”

Chu Liuyue curled her lips slightly. “Lieutenant Mu did help me quite a bit, but this house has nothing to do with him. He previously told me to stay at his Mu Residence, but I didn’t want to bother him, so I found another place to stay on my own. I’m now a disciple of Chong Xu Cabinet, and this house used to be my master’s. Now, he has given it to me.”

Mu Hongyu was astonished. “Then, your master must be a good person!”

Chu Liuyue smiled with deep meaning and nodded. No matter if it is now or in the past, Weichi Song has treated me very nicely.

“Talking about it in detail, I actually must thank Young Master Jian for helping me to settle down in Xi Ling,” said Chu Liuyue as she glanced at Jian Fengchi in a seemingly smiling manner. “If not for him, I wouldn’t even have the right to step into Yu Xiang Hall today.”

Eating, drinking, and staying all cost money.

Jian Fengchi’s face instantly darkened. How dare she bring it up?

Mu Hongyu didn’t understand why as she glanced at Jian Fengchi strangely. I didn’t realize it before, but it seems like Jian Fengchi is quite good to his friends.

Noticing Mu Hongyu’s honest gaze, Jian Fengchi stiffly swallowed his words. Since Chu Liuyue has already stolen the money, it’s useless to say anything now. Thus, I should just admit it and gain a good reputation for myself.


He opened his fan and smiled handsomely. “It’s no big deal.”

Chu Liuyue agreed and said, “Yeah! Young Master Jian is always generous to his friends. If not, he wouldn’t have spent so much money today to save you. Hongyu, you must thank him properly this time.”

Mu Hongyu nodded seriously. She suddenly thought of something and asked weirdly, “Oh yes, those white crystals… Exactly how much are they worth?”

She hadn’t even been to the Tianling Dynasty, so she naturally didn’t hear any of this before.

Chu Liuyue smiled and said, “One white crystal is equivalent to 10,000 gold coins.”

Mu Hongyu gasped and directly jumped up from her seat. “What?! T-then, Young Master Jian just spent 6.6 million—”

How much would that cost?! She widened her almond eyes and looked at Jian Fengchi. The face that had just become a little rosy paled faintly. I was previously still thinking that I couldn’t let them help me for free. When I have money in the future, I must return it. But this astronomical figure…

“I, I… Even if you sell me, I won’t be worth this much!” stuttered Mu Hongyu.

Chu Liuyue waved at her and gestured for her to sit down. “Silly kid, you were just sold for this price.”

Ah, I think it did happen… Mu Hongyu looked dazed. “T-then, what should I do…. I… I…”

Chu Liuyue comforted her and patted her hands. With a smile on her face, she said, “Hongyu, Young Master Jian helped you without a care because of your friendship. How can he still want you to return him the money? Otherwise, he’ll become someone disloyal. Young Master Jian, don’t you think so?”

Jian Fengchi’s brows twitched harshly. I knew Chu Liuyue wouldn’t let me off so easily! Even though I originally didn’t want Mu Hongyu to return me the money, she is intending on letting me waste my entire 6.6 million white crystals!

However, he couldn’t even say anything.

“…Of course… I can still fork out this amount of money…” said Jian Fengchi as he clenched his teeth.

Mu Hongyu felt slightly at ease, but she still felt bad. “B-but… this money is a lot to me… This time, I really owe you guys a huge favor…”

“Hongyu, you’re being too polite. We’re all friends, and we should help each other. Even without Young Master Jian today, I’d still save you.”

Mu Hongyu heard her words, and tears welled up in her eyes. “Liuyue, you’re so kind.”

Jian Fengchi was stunned. Am I not the one who forked out the money? Why did she suddenly thank Chu Liuyue?!

Shui Liu’er watched on with much interest. Tsk tsk, Chu Liuyue is amazing! She can actually restrain Jian Fengchi to this extent! The young master of Dragon Teeth Mountain—who usually does whatever he wanted—has finally met his match. I haven’t seen such an aggrieved expression on Jian Fengchi for a long time!

Jian Fengchi seemed to have detected her gaze that seemed as if she was watching a show, and he glanced at her coldly.

Shui Liu’er didn’t say a word but smiled politely. Why are you looking at me? If you have the guts, you can go and fight with Chu Liuyue!

Jian Fengchi resigned himself to his fate and retracted his gaze. I knew none of you could be depended on! For some reason, I’m always at a disadvantage when I face Chu Liuyue. This feeling of being unable to do anything is really like…

“Hongyu, we kept talking about us, but let’s talk about you now!” Chu Liuyue looked at her friend. “Why did you suddenly come to Xi Ling?”

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