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Chapter 589: Faint Yuan Body

Mu Hongyu had closed her eyes, and she was motionless as if she had already fainted.

At that moment, countless suspicions flashed across Chu Liuyue’s mind. Shouldn’t Mu Hongyu be in Country Yao Chen’s Imperial City now? Why is she here, and in such an unkempt manner too?!

Her familiar face had slimmed down, and there were bloodstains all over her body.

Chu Liuyue’s heart seemed to be tightly clutched by something as she wanted to immediately rush over and bring Mu Hongyu out of the cage.

Seeing such a gigantic cage appear on the platform with a young woman trapped inside, the entire auction hall fell into eerie silence.

Song Zheng surveyed his surroundings as if he was very satisfied with this effect. “Everyone, this is the star of our auction today… Faint Yuan Body!”

The moment his voice landed, it was as if a stone was thrown into the river as countless ripples were made.

The entire room burst into commotion. “Faint Yuan Body? Is it the rumored special body type that can casually travel through space?”

“Isn’t that a rumored existence… I heard that this body type became completely extinct thousands of years ago. Can it be that the Faint Yuan Body has reappeared in this world?”

“Since Yu Xiang Hall dares to auction that person, they’re definitely sure of it!”

“No wonder they invited Song Zheng today… It’s such major news, yet nothing was revealed before this!”

“That’s weird too. Yu Xiang Hall usually only exhibits such rare existences in major auctions. Why would they randomly choose today… If they first let the news out, there would definitely be people who would come over upon hearing the news. By then, won’t they be able to sell her for a better price?”

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat as all the blood in her body seemed to freeze. Song Yuan means that… Mu Hongyu actually has the Faint Yuan Body? How could that be? I spent so much time with Mu Hongyu previously, but I didn’t discover this at all! Mu Hongyu might not even know it herself! What exactly happened in such a short period of time? How did she cross Heaven’s Canopy and arrive here? How does she have the Faint Yuan Body, and… Why did Yu Xiang Hall’s people bring her over and auction her in a cage?

Chu Liuyue stared at the stage as her blood boiled crazily.

Song Zheng said, “Everyone, you can rest assured that Yu Xiang Hall has already verified that this woman indeed has the Faint Yuan Body. Rumors have it that cultivators with the Faint Yuan Body can casually travel through different spaces whenever and however they wish. The more powerful they are, the further they can travel! According to our investigation, this woman is a peak stage-five warrior and can travel within tens of miles. If our guess is correct, she can travel whenever and however she wants within hundreds of miles!”

The bustling hall gradually fell silent. Hearing Song Zheng’s words, quite a few people looked surprised and envious. Such a body is indeed precious! However… We don’t know what background the woman has for Yu Xiang Hall to auction her in such a loud manner.

As if seeing the crowd’s doubts, Song Zheng explained, “According to our investigations, this woman seemed to have illegally come over from outside Heaven’s Canopy. Due to fate, we discovered her and brought her back. She was hanging onto her last breath when we found her, but she managed to recover after we treated her for a few days.”

Chu Liuyue listened until her brows and heart kept pumping wildly. Given Song Zheng’s words, could it even be that Yu Xiang Hall’s people saved Mu Hongyu? But she didn’t even change her clothes, and her expression didn’t look good in any way. Besides, it’s an ultimate insult to lock her in a cage and auction her like an object!

But when the crowd in the auction hall heard this, they gradually revealed looks of understanding.

Many people’s eyes lit up as if they were tempted and wanted to bid for Mu Hongyu.

In actual fact, the reason why they had such a reaction was that the Tianling Dynasty had a law: All those who were illegally smuggled over would automatically be named as slaves.

Such a person had no status and no power to speak. Once they were discovered, their endings would be tragic.

They were either sold or executed.

Very clearly, Mu Hongyu was specifically brought back by Yu Xiang Hall’s people as she had the Faint Yuan Body, so they sold her as a slave.

Without a doubt, it was everyone’s dream to have such a slave. No matter if it were to cultivate her to become their helper or use her Faint Yuan Body’s bloodline to elevate their abilities…

It was filled with temptations! It was no wonder that the crowd was so agitated and excited.

At this moment, Mu Hongyu—who was lying within the cage—suddenly moved and opened her eyes with much difficulty.

Upon seeing this movement, the crowd quietened down.

Chu Liuyue walked forward, and her hands were stuck to the window as she looked at Mu Hongyu nervously.

Mu Hongyu woke up in a daze, and she surveyed her surroundings. This is… This seems to be an auction?

After a temporary daze, she rapidly recovered her senses. Right! I met a group of people a few days ago, and they brought me back. However, I’ve been unconscious all along and only have a blurred impression. When I woke up again, it’s this situation in front of me.

She looked down at herself and realized that her clothes were still like before, so she heaved a sigh of relief. But at the same time, she also noticed something even more important. I’m… being auctioned?

Countless gaze landed on her, making her feel extremely uncomfortable.

Her hands trembled as a golden mane bear cub appeared in front of her. It protected Mu Hongyu—who was behind it—as it looked at the surrounding people ferociously.

It was filled with injuries as the old and new wounds overlapped each other, without a single good spot. It had obviously suffered quite a bit during this period of time.

“Congcong!” yelled Mu Hongyu as her heart ached when she saw its wounds. Tears immediately welled up in her eyes.

She then remembered that when she was unconscious, it was Congcong that protected her all along. It went all-out to prevent those people from coming near her, causing all those wounds on its body.

“Congcong, come over here!” Mu Hongyu hugged the golden mane bear cub tightly in her arms.

At the start, the golden mane bear cub was still a little resistant as it wanted to continue protecting her. But in the end, it quietly lay on her shoulders.

Mu Hongyu looked at the countless wounds all over its body, and her heart ached so much that she cried. If it’s not because I was too useless, it wouldn’t… Now, we are stuck here and have no way of escaping. I don’t even know what this place is.

Song Zheng loudly said, “I don’t need to elaborate on how precious the Faint Yuan Body is. There’s no starting price for this auction, and everyone can bid as they wish. The highest bidder wins!”

Once he said this, a voice sounded from the crowd. “10,000 white crystals!”

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