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Chapter 575: No Need to Pass It to Me

Jiang Yucheng’s cultivation might regress, and his Yuan meridian might even be destroyed? There was a subtle change in Chu Liuyue’s expression as the corners of her lips lifted in plain excitement. “Are you sure?”

Why does she seem so happy? Qiang Wanzhou frowned in confusion, but his mood considerably improved when he saw her twinkling eyes and slight smile. As he nodded, he said, “As long as it was his doing, he’ll definitely suffer from the backlash.”

Woohoo! yelled Chu Liuyue inwardly. Never had she ever had a moment when she desperately wished that the mastermind of this matter would be Jiang Yucheng. Although I can’t go head to head with him yet, it’s pretty good that I can take this chance to give him a little punishment!

Thinking that Chu Liuyue was excited about uncovering the truth, Weichi Song didn’t read too much into her reaction and instead thoughtfully said, “Things will be easier for us if that’s the case.”

Jiang Yucheng has a high status, especially since he’s helping Shangguan Wan to handle a lot of the Tianling Dynasty’s affairs. Still, it shouldn’t be too difficult for me to meet him and check his cultivation. “I’ll make a trip to the Jiang residence today. We’ll know for sure once I meet him!”

“You’re going there now?” asked Chu Liuyue in surprise.

“Yes. Since things have reached this stage, he’ll definitely know about it already if this matter concerns him. Besides, there’s no point in dragging it out further. I might as well go there straight away.”

Chu Liuyue fell into deep thought. She, too, thought that Song Weichi Song’s words made some sense. It looks like he intends to deal with this matter head-on! Since Chong Xu Cabinet—the victim—intends to investigate this matter, the ones who committed those evil deeds ought to be worrying instead!

Just as Weichi Song was about to leave, Chu Liuyue hurriedly shouted, “Master, you forgot about something.”

“I did?”

Chu Liuyue blinked. “Since the medicinal garden has been restored to normal, can you… get the seniors to help manage the garden?”

“Oh, dear me! How did I forget such an important matter?!” Weichi Song laughed. “Alright, I’ll order everyone to do it together!”

Although it’d take an extremely long time before the newly planted herbs could be harvested, it was a promising start for Chong Xu Cabinet. Since the problem of Messed Yuan Gravel had been resolved and Qing Yuan Mountain was back to normal, they no longer had to worry about the herbs being unable to grow. That was the most important thing of all!

News spread rapidly like wildfire among the disciples when they heard that the previously abandoned medicinal garden was officially opened once more and that new herbs could be planted there again.

At first, everyone was quite skeptical about it. But upon hearing from the Cabinet Master that the medicinal garden had been restored to normal and that planted herbs could be grown and harvested, they jumped in joy.

Everyone wanted to give it a try. Thus, almost the entire medicinal garden was planted with various herbs that afternoon. Although it still looked bare from afar, the Cabinet Master’s words had given the disciples a glimmer of hope.

Chu Liuyue planted a few herbs as well, and at Weichi Song’s insistence, she was given the right to manage the medicinal garden. Despite her initial subtle rejection, she was ultimately persuaded by Weichi Song and thus finally agreed to it.

She did like taking care of the herbs after all. Plus, Weichi Song had promised her that she could freely use whatever herbs they had in the garden. Touched by his kind gesture, she thus agreed to manage the garden.

At first, there were actually many disciples fighting for the management rights when they were deciding who should manage the garden. But when Weichi Song selected her to be the person-in-charge, everyone else unexpectedly agreed to his decision, which was much to her surprise.

She thought that they would express their doubts about her ability and qualifications.

Since Liuyue wants to manage the garden, she can do it then! After all, nobody else is more suitable than her for that position! Everyone expressed their strong agreement and then started to worm their way into being friends with Chu Liuyue and Qiang Wanzhou.

While Chu Liuyue could understand why the seniors wanted to get close to her, she was really confused when she saw them trying their best to talk to the aloof Qiang Wanzhou. It was only after asking that she learned that Lu Zhiyao had told the rest of them something the day before. That was: ‘Although Wanzhou seems a little aloof, he listens to Liuyue really well! On top of that, Liuyue treats him really well!’

Hearing that, the seniors realized that things would be well for them no matter which of their two new juniors they got along well with. Thus, after everyone came over to greet them again, Chu Liuyue’s and Qiang Wanzhou’s rooms became filled with all sorts of gifts.

Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but be amused as she looked at the gifts. Isn’t it a little too early for them to show their goodwill when the herbs were just planted several hours ago? They were clearly just using the medicinal garden as an excuse to see us and give us gifts.

There were very few disciples in Chong Xu Cabinet now. Those who stayed behind had deep feelings for the sect, and after going through so much together, the bonds between them were naturally much stronger and more sincere than that of the disciples from other sects.

Even though they said nothing about it, they were overjoyed and touched to hear that Chu Liuyue and Qiang Wanzhou had chosen to join Chong Xu Cabinet. Hence, they naturally wanted to take special care of them and not let them suffer even the slightest grievance.

Chu Liuyue unconsciously lifted the corners of her lips as she recalled the earlier scene while leaning against the door frame. Although she never liked crowds, she was very pleased to see the room filled with bustle earlier.

A long time ago, she was in an exalted position, high above the rest. Everyone respected, worshiped, envied, and was even jealous of her, so she never had such an experience before.

After that, she was reborn as a humble and lowly commoner who even struggled to live. Everyone bullied, insulted, scorned, and ridiculed her, so she also never experienced anything like this during that time.

It had mainly been on Weichi Song’s account that she chose to join Chong Xu Cabinet, but now, she was starting to feel glad that she made that choice.

Just then, Qiang Wanzhou stood up from the small mountain of gifts with a small stuffed toy dangling off of him.

Chu Liuyue grinned at him. “Little Zhou, there’s no hurry. Take your time to open the presents.”

Qiang Wanzhou’s face darkened.

Chu Liuyue then walked to the side and spread open a Xuan paper. “These are the seniors’ gifts for us. They represent their goodwill, so you have to keep them properly. Slowly put them away one by one while I make an inventory of the items.”

Glancing at Qiang Wanzhou, she began writing. “Ye Ranran, one stuffed toy.”

Actually, Ye Ranran had made a stuffed toy for each of them.

Qiang Wanzhou’s countenance darkened even more at that. He wanted to yank the doll away from his body at first, but upon touching its soft fabric and fine stitches, his hand froze and moved to remove it by its hook instead.

Why is this kid wearing a poker face when he clearly likes the toy a lot as well?! Chu Liuyue’s eyes curved in satisfaction as she flashed him a smile. “Once I’m done writing the list, you better keep it properly and take a look at it every now and then. You have to remember to return the seniors’ goodwill.”

However, Qiang Wanzhou turned his face away. “No need to pass it to me.”

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