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Chapter 557: Kill order

“Thirty percent? I thought the black gold card gave a 15% discount?” Chu Liuyue asked confusedly. The discount didn’t increase even after I had spent close to 100,000 white crystals. All I got was a spot on the third floor.

Yue Ling coughed. “That… It’s because you bought more things this time around. Besides… Don’t you intend on buying more? It’s only right to give you a bigger discount. There aren’t many customers as generous as you in Xi Ling City!”

The last part was true, and Yue Ling said it very sincerely.

Chu Liuyue didn’t think much of it, and she nodded with a smile. “Yeah! Chong Xu Cabinet’s Cabinet Master sold a number of things off here before, didn’t he? I’ll take whatever is left.”

Yue Ling was surprised. “Really? You want all of it?”


Seeing that Chu Liuyue’s expression was serious, Yue Ling became more serious as well. “If that’s the case, please hold on; I’ll get someone to bring them out. Because Old Song made a number of trips, it’s going to take a bit of time.”

“I can wait.” Chu Liuyue indicated her willingness to wait as she walked along the crystal cabinets.

They really did bring a number of rare herbs. Hundred Herbs Building was really good at this, so they were right to be confident.

When Yue Ling returned, Chu Liuyue seemingly asked him nonchalantly as she looked at the herbs on the display shelves. “Right… General Manager Yue, you mentioned that Old Song made multiple trips… When did he start?”

Yue Ling pondered for a moment. “About half a year ago.”

He had been rather shocked at the beginning, so he had memories of it.

Half a year ago… How badly did Chong Xu Cabinet have to be hit for Weichi Song to be struggling this hard? It’s no wonder Jiu Xing Alliance has been wanting to take over. It would seem that Chong Xu Cabinet is struggling in Xi Ling now.

“It seems like Ms. Chu is really interested in Old Song’s items?” Yue Ling asked.

Chu Liuyue wasn’t afraid of him asking, so she told him frankly, “You might not know, General Manager Yue, but I’ve joined Chong Xu Cabinet.”

What happened in Xin Li Garden hadn’t spread yet, so it was normal for Yue Ling not to know about this.

As expected, Yue Ling paused. “You’re saying that after the Wan Zheng Competition… You chose Chong Xu Cabinet?”

Didn’t they say that one could choose any of the major sects? Besides, Chu Liuyue took first place. Shouldn’t it be easy for her to join any of them? Why did she choose Chong Xu Cabinet?!

Chu Liuyue nodded.

Should I congratulate her? Joining the current Chong Xu Cabinet isn’t exactly something worth congratulating. Yue Ling had always been eloquent, but he was dumbfounded now. Do I express my pity? Chu Liuyue has clearly made her choice.

Chu Liuyue had expected him to react this way, so she didn’t take it to heart. She chose a few more herbs.

Yue Ling followed along and wanted to provide more information on the herbs, but he soon found that there was no use for him here.

Chu Liuyue was a quick shopper. She bought everything that caught her eye, only asking questions about the age of the herbs occasionally. However, she usually made really good guesses.

Gradually, Yue Ling became certain that the earlier reports weren’t exaggerating.

Chu Liuyue can be considered an expert in all of this, but… What is she going to do with all of these herbs? Based on her current age, it should be rather tough to refine these herbs… However, Yue Ling didn’t ask.

Chu Liuyue picked a few more herbs, and the pageboy brought out the organized collection of Weichi Song’s items.

At a glance, there were a couple dozen things.

Chu Liuyue opened a few boxes to look. To no surprise, they were items that she was familiar with.

I wonder what Weichi Song felt when he sold these items. Chu Liuyue sighed to herself as she placed all the items into her Cosmic Ring.

All the items were put together on the bull.

Yue Ling made the list himself. He smiled after checking through it. “After the discount, the total is 1.05 million white crystals.”

Even though the pageboys at the side already had a feeling, they all sucked in a cold breath when they heard the figure.

Chu Liuyue handed him a Cosmic Ring that she had just gotten from Jian Fengchi. “Thank you, General Manager Yue.”

Yue Ling looked at the ring after he took it from her and raised his brows. This is a Cosmic Ring unique to Dragon Teeth Mountain. I’ve only seen it on Jian Fengchi’s hand. This money… is Jian Fengchi’s?

But he quickly put his doubts away and took out the corresponding number of white crystals.

He made sure to look at Chu Liuyue when he was making the withdrawal.

She looked relaxed as if she didn’t care about the movement of one million white crystals.

Tsk. Just her composure alone is much more impressive than many of the noble families’ sons. No wonder…

“Ms. Chu, you’ve spent more than one million white crystals at Hundred Herbs Building. There will be a permanent room open for you on the third floor. Would you like to take a look now?”

A look of surprise flashed across Chu Liuyue’s face. “So fast?”

Yue Ling hesitated. I naturally can’t say that I had started preparing for this since I received orders from my higher-ups.

“Hundred Herbs Building has always been efficient.”

Chu Liuyue thought about it but turned him down. “Not today. I’ll come back another day.”

She had been outside for long enough today. It was time for her to go back.

Yue Ling sent her out of Hundred Herbs Building personally. He then sighed after he watched her disappear.

He was a little troubled by what he saw earlier. That Cosmic Ring…

Tens of thousands of kilometers away.

At the tip of a floating island stood a majestic palace. Armed and armored guards stood on both sides, giving it an impressive aura.

A tall and slender silhouette was heading for the main chamber’s door—it was Rong Xiu.

He was dressed in a black robe with a gold collar. The sleeves had cloud patterns on them, and he was also wearing a black cloak.

If Chu Liuyue were here, she would find that Rong Xiu looked like an entirely different person. His usually gentle demeanor was replaced by absolute authority and coldness—ruling over everything!

The previous Rong Xiu was like an unsheathed sword. He hid himself, remaining humble and gentle.

The current him gave off a murderous aura. It was like he could rip heaven and earth apart with a single wave.

He stood straight in front of the soldiers.

Everyone kneeled on one knee and greeted him respectfully! “Greetings, Your Grace!”

Rong Xiu’s eyes swept across everyone like they were knives. “The Peerless Palace sent people to assassinate me. Evidence of their intention to rebel is solid, and they are to be executed. I’ll lead the troops today to punish them. They are all to die!”

“Yes, Your Grace!”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!” Shouts shook the ground!

Yu Mo and Yan Qing looked at one other from behind Rong Xiu. Many have been eyeing this position, and they have covertly caused quite a bit of chaos. However, this is the first time that Master is issuing a kill order!

They wondered what the people from the Peerless Palace had done for His Highness to want to get rid of all of them!

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