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Chapter 556: It’ll Be Too Obvious

Chu Liuyue looked up and saw a man in an ivory tunic—who appeared to be in his thirties—walking over. His personable and elegant disposition made him look more like a scholar than a shrewd businessman.

It turned out that he was Hundred Herbs Building’s person-in-charge—Yue Ling.

Yue Ling went up to her with a smile. “What a rare visitor! Why aren’t you entering the shop, Ms. Chu?”

She asked in surprise, “You know who I am?”

He nodded. “Your performance at the Wan Zheng Competition was brilliant.”

Oh, so he was there too. Chu Liuyue smiled. “Thanks for the compliment, General Manager Yue. I’m surprised that a busy man like you would actually have the time to watch the competition.”

His cultivation is definitely above that of a stage-seven warrior, so it’s only reasonable to assume that he wouldn’t care about such competitions. Besides, he’s not a clan leader. It’s strange that Hundred Herbs Building’s manager would spend time watching the competition.

Yue Ling lifted his brows slightly. I can’t possibly say that I went for a cramming session, can I? This lady comes and goes so quickly without warning that I didn’t get a chance to see her when she was here in our shop previously, and it had been a regret of mine.

He had wanted to find an opportunity to meet and get acquainted with her, lest he failed to recognize her should they ever meet. Alas, she was staying at the Mu Residence, which made meeting her even harder since security was extremely tight there.

Thus, he could only go to Xuan Ji Square instead. It was only after a few days of waiting that he finally saw her, and she had even emerged as the competition’s victor. It was then that he became truly impressed with her.

His praise for her was thus sincere.

Chu Liuyue then lifted her chin. “I bumped into this scene just as I was about to enter the shop.”

Yue Ling had actually long recognized those ladies, and he wanted to kill them when he saw them making a commotion in front of Chu Liuyue. He felt a chill run down his neck as he thought about what his superior would say regarding his management skills should they find out. If Chu Liuyue ends up getting angry…

“I’m sorry for causing you trouble, Ms. Chu. It’s all due to our carelessness that this matter happened. Why don’t I accompany you inside to select the herbs you want?” As he spoke, he shot a warning look in the direction of the guards and the pageboy, who immediately moved to drag those women away.

One of the women wanted to say something, but the moment she tried to do so, she felt an overwhelming pressure descending on her. Her chest became tight, and she couldn’t spit out a single word at all.

The same thing happened to the other two women.

One look, and Chu Liuyue could tell that the general manager had taken things into his own hands. She paused and then said, “I heard that this matter concerns me…”

“You’re mistaken, Ms. Chu. This matter arose because these ladies openly insulted the black gold card holders right in our territory. This isn’t only an insult to our VIPs but also contempt toward us. They only got what they deserved because they spoke carelessly, and they would end up in the same situation even if they were speaking about another VIP,” stated Yue Ling calmly in an irrefutable tone.

He then looked in those women’s direction. “You may continue making a scene here if you’re not afraid of being unable to buy any herbs in Xi Ling City in the future.”

The women instantaneously stopped struggling, while the crowd of onlookers fell silent upon hearing the blatant threat. None of them had any doubts about Hundred Herbs Building’s ability to do so.

Yue Ling naturally would do what he said since he dared to say it in public. Although Hundred Herbs Building had never taken the initiative to cause trouble, they wouldn’t be lenient when facing troublemakers.

Chu Liuyue understood then that the general manager was a resolute man despite his gentlemanly appearance. It’s no wonder that he’s Hundred Herbs Building’s manager.

Knowing that it was hopeless to continue making a scene here since things would only become worse for them, the panic-stricken women could only beat a hasty retreat.

When the pressure on them lifted after they walked some distance away, one of them couldn’t help but murmur, “Just what exactly did we do wrong? All we did was make some passing comments, so how did things reach this state…? How did things turn out this way?”

It’s all because you offended someone you couldn’t afford to offend. Yue Ling coldly retracted his gaze. He then turned around to smile at Chu Liuyue, the frigid expression instantly vanishing from his face. “Ms. Chu, please—”

Yue Ling thus entered the shop with Chu Liuyue. “Ms. Chu, what would you like to get this time?”

Many people on the exhibition hall’s first floor looked over with envy at the sight of them because this was the first time Yue Ling had ever attended a customer in person, and a VIP with a black gold card at that.

“Five times the amount of herbs I bought previously,” said Chu Liuyue after a pause.

Yue Ling raised his brows. She’s already considered a big spender with her splurging 90,000 white crystals here previously, yet she wants to spend so much this time?! Five times the amount of herbs she bought previously? That’s about half a million white crystals! Few in Xi Ling City can afford to take out that much money in one shot, yet she doesn’t seem to feel the pinch at all.

A hush descended over the people on the first floor. Apparently, they were all shocked into silence by her extravagant spending. It was at that moment that they suddenly understood why Yue Ling refused to do those women’s business when all they did was offend Chu Liuyue.

Even if they were to spend their entire family’s fortune, they wouldn’t be able to take out so much money like her. On top of that, this was just the amount of money she spent during a single visit.

Yue Ling turned to the pageboy—who was frozen to the spot—next to him. “Hurry up and go prepare the herbs Ms. Chu wants. Make sure to pick the best ones.”

“…Y-yes!” The pageboy snapped back to his senses and hurriedly went to pack her order.

The other pageboys couldn’t help but lament at this scene. Out of all days, why is the general manager here today?! If he didn’t come, one of us could’ve struck it rich with Chu Liuyue’s order. It’s a pity that we won’t get that chance since the general manager looks like he wants to attend to her throughout her entire time here.

“Ms. Chu, we’ve brought in some new items for the second floor. Do you want to go and take a look?” asked Yue Ling.

She nodded. “Sure.”

“Please, follow me.” He then brought her up to the second floor.

It was only some time after they left that the people on the first floor exhaled. “Oh my gosh… How much did she spend just now…?”

“I don’t know, nor do I want to know… Comparison will just make us angry! While we have to carefully pick out items on the first floor, she just went straight up to the second floor like it’s nothing… She sure has deep pockets!”

“That’s strange. Ms. Chu was accompanied by the people from the Mu Residence previously. Why aren’t they with her this time?”

Chu Liuyue paid no attention to the gossip going on downstairs. Although I had a fun time spending Mu Qinghe’s money, I have to say that it feels better to spend my own money. Besides, now that I have so much money, it’ll be hard to spend it all…

The second floor was usually empty, and it was all the more so today. It was as if Chu Liuyue had booked the entire floor.

Yue Ling took a look at her before he said tentatively, “Feel free to choose whatever you want. As compensation for what you’ve gone through at the entrance earlier, we’ll offer you a 30% discount on your entire purchase bill today.”

He didn’t want to charge her at first, but it seemed that his superior didn’t want her to find out anything yet. Things would become too obvious if he overdid it.

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