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Chapter 554: Reveal

Jian Fengchi took out eight Cosmic Rings in total. Even though he tried his best to keep his eyes off those rings, he still felt heartache as he said, “T-these should be enough, right?”

That’s more like it. After checking each of those rings, Chu Liuyue smiled slightly in satisfaction. She carefully put the Cosmic Rings away before she turned to look at Jian Fengchi and said sincerely, “My life in Xi Ling would’ve become really tough without this money. I really don’t know how I should thank you, Young Master Jian!”

“J-just leave… No need to thank me…” As if he had been drained of energy, Jian Fengchi weakly waved his hand. It’s because of the words ‘thank you’ that I had so much money extorted from me! I no longer want to hear these words coming out of her mouth! The very mention of them scares me! This woman is a real terror!

Shui Liu’er was dumbfounded as she watched this scene from the side. Based on the different grades, the Cosmic Rings’ dimensions differ as well. The Cosmic Rings Jian Fengchi took out earlier were all top grade and can contain a lot of things. It’s obvious what those rings contain, yet he took out eight of them in one go and… gave them all to Chu Liuyue! Most importantly, that’s just one-tenth of his winnings! Did he empty the casinos in Xi Ling?

When she saw Chu Liuyue putting away the eight Cosmic Rings, she suddenly understood why Jian Fengchi had been delaying to give Chu Liuyue what she deserved and even tried to renege on his words. I surely wouldn’t bear to part with so much money in one go either!

Jian Fengchi shot her a begrudging look. If it weren’t for her, I could’ve dragged it out for at least another day! Even though I have no plans of going back on my word, this feeling… It really sucks!

Chu Liuyue didn’t want to stay any longer now that she had successfully gotten her share of the winnings. Thus, she bid farewell to them. “In that case, I won’t disturb you from enjoying Ms. Liu’er’s music, Young Master Jian.”

Jian Fengchi weakly waved his hand once more. He felt that another piece of his flesh would be cut off if he had to look at Chu Liuyue any longer.

After giving him a bow, Chu Liuyue turned to leave. But as she did so, she caught sight of a square jade token lying atop Jian Fengchi’s couch in her peripheral vision. It seemed to have fallen off him.

The jade token was white and translucent. It looked very ordinary, save for the intricate cloud pattern carved on the side of it. In the middle of the cloud pattern was a word in fine print—doctor.

Astonishment sprouted within her. Such jade tokens are only given to imperial heavenly doctors. How did Jian Fengchi come to possess one?!

When Jian Fengchi noticed that Chu Liuyue hadn’t left, he asked in puzzlement, “Hm? Weren’t you about to leave?”

Chu Liuyue snapped to her senses right then. As she swept a surreptitious glance at his sleeve, she smiled and turned around to leave the room.

It was only after Chu Liuyue left that Shui Liu’er came walking over.

“Don’t you think that Chu Liuyue looks like—What’s that thing doing out here?!” she shrieked as she pointed at the jade token on the couch.

Jian Fengchi looked back, only to realize that the jade token had fallen out of his sleeve without his knowledge. He immediately put it away, and the lackadaisical expression instantly vanished from his face.

With a frown, Shui Liu’er asked, “Do you think Chu Liuyue saw it just now?”

He pondered for a moment before answering in a deep voice, “It’s likely that she saw it, although she probably didn’t get a clear look at it.”

“How could you be so careless? Why didn’t you take good care of such an important item? If she finds out that—”

“Don’t worry. Very few people have ever seen this token. It’s unlikely that she knows what it is.” Jian Fengchi shook his head.

Shui Liu’er figured that his words made some sense since Chu Liuyue came from outside Heaven’s Canopy, so she probably wouldn’t think much of it even if she got a clear look at the token. Shui Liu’er rubbed her glabella as she said, “Be careful in the future.”

Knowing that he was at fault, Jian Fengchi offered no explanations and merely nodded his head solemnly. “I’ll send someone to keep an eye on Chu Liuyue. If there’s anything unusual about her… We’ll talk about it if that happens!”

To be honest, he didn’t want to drag Chu Liuyue into this matter, nor did he want to take action against her—not until the very last moment at least.

Shui Liu’er nodded, but it earned her a curious look from Jian Fengchi. “Given your personality, you definitely wouldn’t have let this matter slide just like that… What’s wrong with you this time?”

She shot him a glare. “Why are you so nosy? You always have something to say about my decisions. I’m just too lazy to be bothered about her. Got a problem with that?”

Jian Fengchi raised his hands in surrender.

Feeling incredibly annoyed, she took her pipa and plucked its strings, playing a song that was supposed to sound melodious with murderous energy instead.

Meanwhile, Chu Liuyue had already left Chun Feng Restaurant and was preparing to head back to her mansion.

The people on the streets would recognize her from time to time and look at her with varying expressions. Although she ignored them all and behaved as she normally did, her emotions were in turmoil because the scene she saw earlier kept replaying in her mind.

Each of the imperial heavenly doctor tokens is specially made, so it’s impossible that the token I saw earlier was a fake! There are several heavenly doctors working for the royal family though. Who does it belong to?

There’s no way that Jian Fengchi didn’t recognize that token. Him not returning it means that he obviously has the intention of keeping it, which is weird since he never wanted to work in the palace. Although he’s an extremely gifted heavenly doctor, he dislikes being restrained.

More importantly, his sleeves… were clearly stained with something. I only got a glimpse, so I can’t be certain… But if my guess is correct… What exactly does he want to do with that thing?

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