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Chapter 544: Accompany You Everywhere

Here it comes! Chu Liuyue thought to herself. After my rebirth, this scene has played countless times during my dreams. Every time I think of it, I vaguely feel like the fire in the royal family’s ancestral hall is still burning in my heart as if it was going to destroy me completely.

The bright sunlight shone down lightly, and the wind gently blew as a familiar tinge of medical fragrance wafted through the air.

Everything is as clear as if it happened yesterday. I’m Shangguan Yue now and also Chu Liuyue! I painstakingly spent so much effort to come back. Now that I get to see these people from my past again, how will they react?

Everything in the surroundings seemed to blur, and only the two people in front of her were as clear as ever! It even made her eyes hurt slightly!

Chu Liuyue stepped forward. “Country Yao Chen’s Chu Liuyue greets the Third Princess.”

Shangguan Wan looked over curiously.

That young girl stood in the middle, and her red clothes were like fire. Her figure was petite, and her hair covered her face while she had her head slightly lowered. Due to this, one couldn’t see her entire face, but one could already tell that she was a rare beauty.

“Raise your head,” said Shangguan Wan.

Chu Liuyue’s eyes dazzled as she slowly raised her head.

The young girl had a face that resembled the shape of a goose egg. Under the sunlight’s glow, her white skin seemed to shine, and her brows were lightly brushed. It was as if they were a falling feather. Her nose was also high, and her cherry lips were on point.

Then came her pair of black gem-like eyes that sparkled as if they contained a whole galaxy of stars.

Breathtakingly beautiful was used to describe this type of person.

Shangguan Wan was dazed. The Tianling Dynasty has never lacked beauties. Besides, I, myself, am also quite pretty. But after this woman appeared, everything in the surroundings seemed to have lost its color as she naturally absorbed everyone’s gazes.

Shangguan Wan felt quite uncomfortable, but what made her feel weird was that this face was a little familiar for some reason.

Jiang Yucheng was sitting right beside Shangguan Wan, so he could clearly see Chu Liuyue’s appearance. Even though he had already seen her before, the impact seemed to be greater now that they were facing each other at such a close distance.

He slightly moved his fingers in his sleeves and didn’t say anything.

“I heard that you’re only 14 this year? Your capabilities and talent are indeed outstanding,” said Shangguan Wan with a smile as she suppressed her inner turmoil.

Even though it was a compliment, her tone sounded high and mighty. It was as though she was commenting on something from above.

Chu Liuyue didn’t care as she smiled. “Thank you for the praise, Third Princess.”

She smiled until her eyes curved up; it was like the first day of spring when snow melted—sweet and lively. Her face also had a tinge of elegance.

Even though she was facing the person in power in the Tianling Dynasty, she was still as calm and composed as ever.

Shangguan Wan’s heart suddenly skipped a beat, and she almost stood up from the chair. These eyes! This smile! S-she’s clearly…

Jiang Yucheng suddenly coughed.

Shangguan Wan immediately woke up, but her eyes were still glued to Chu Liuyue. At that moment, she almost wanted to rush over and tear open that face to see if there was another face hidden underneath.

The surrounding elders all noticed something amiss with Shangguan Wan as they looked over.

Shangguan Wan immediately adjusted her expression as she relaxed and leaned against the chair. But only she knew that her hands were clenched so tightly that her nails were digging deep into her palms.

“Since you’ve won over the rest, it proves that you are capable. In the Tianling Dynasty, the strong are respected. You deserve this praise.” Shangguan Wan forced a smile. “Besides… When I first saw you, it seemed like I’d seen you somewhere before. Your appearance… It’s rather similar to someone I knew before.”

This sentence kind of explained her previous loss of composure.

Only the heavens knew that she almost thought Shangguan Yue had become a harsh ghost and came back to take revenge on her at that moment.

Weichi Song and the rest were dazed, and they couldn’t help but look at Chu Liuyue again.

The next moment, some of their expressions changed. At the start, they didn’t think so. But after hearing what Shangguan Wan said, they could all tell.

Chu Liuyue’s expression is similar to the late Crown Princess’s appearance! It’s fine when she doesn’t move or smile, but once she does…

Chu Liuyue’s smile became even deeper. Look alike? Of course, I do. Inside this body is Shangguan Yue’s soul! Previously, I purposely tried to test the waters and almost scared Shangguan Wan until her soul flew away.

She could clearly see that Shangguan Wan’s entire face had become distorted at that moment.

“Lieutenant Mu and Young Master Jian have said this before as well.” Chu Liuyue pretended not to see the abnormality in Shangguan Wan as she retracted her expression and smiled.

This smile didn’t look similar to her now.

Shangguan Wan’s wildly beating heart finally calmed down. Hallucination… It should be a hallucination… There are many people who look alike in the world, so this should just be a coincidence.

But she still couldn’t help but glance at Jiang Yucheng.

Jiang Yucheng gave her a reassuring gaze as he converted his force for a voice transmission. “I’ve already sent someone to investigate. There’s nothing wrong with Chu Liuyue’s identity.”

Shangguan Wan then relaxed. Jiang Yucheng definitely thought that they looked alike, so he purposely sent someone to investigate. I’ve always trusted his capabilities. Since he said there’s no problem, there definitely isn’t a problem. After more thought, this is true. Shangguan Yue used her Tianjing Yuan meridian to burn herself back then, and she died in the most horrible way. How could she still return?

But her back still broke out into a cold sweat, and her entire body shuddered when the wind blew.

“Yes… Actually, it’s not that similar…” Shangguan Wan seemed exhausted, and she looked much paler.

Chu Liuyue raised her brows and lightly asked, “Third Princess, is there anything wrong?”

Shangguan Wan forced a smile, but her smile didn’t reach her eyes.

After a slight pause, she said, “Truth be told… you actually look quite similar to my elder sister that has already passed away. The moment I saw you, I thought of her and… I can’t help but feel sad.”

As she spoke, tears built up in Shangguan Wan’s eyes. It looked as if she was really devastated because of this.

Jiang Yucheng lightly patted her shoulders. “Wan’er, she always doted on you. If she saw you this sad, she wouldn’t be happy.”

Shangguan Wan wiped away her tears. “Thank you, Yucheng. I just… miss my elder sister too much…”

She took a deep breath in as if she was trying hard to suppress her emotions. “Sorry for embarrassing myself.”

The crowd expressed their understanding. “Is the Third Princess’s elder sister the legendary princess?”

“Who else can it be other than her? She was previously the most distinguished existence in the Tianling Dynasty!”

“That’s impossible… Isn’t there His Majesty above her? Could the Princess beat him?”

“Hah, you don’t know about this. When she was born, she had a Tianjing Yuan meridian and was destined to be the princess. Legend had it that she would be the person most likely to inherit the ancestor’s treasures, so even His Majesty would consult the Princess. It’s a pity that…”

Chu Liuyue pretended she couldn’t hear these discussions. She smiled and said, “Third Princess, if your elder sister’s soul was still around and she knew that you miss her so much, she will definitely be comforted and accompany you all the time to protect you.”

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