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Chapter 521: Shui Liu’er

Time passed slowly as dead silence lingered in the air.

Highly focused, Chu Liuyue was still studying the gigantic Xuan formation. While the two forces were engaged in a confrontation, she had silently begun to memorize the trajectory the Heavenly Dao had taken.

But due to the ninth-grade Xuan formation’s overwhelming pressure, it was taking a huge toll on her given her current cultivation level. Not only was she mentally tired, but she was also losing her force at a rapid speed. Thus, she could only constantly replenish her force as she studied the Xuan formation.

It was fortunate that the water droplet had a lot of force stored away in reserve. This was why her force could constantly flow out and spread throughout her body and to her limbs.

This process had been rather painful at the start, but after experiencing it a few more times, she had slowly gotten used to it. The continuous flowing of force allowed her flesh and bones to become stronger at speeds so high that even she didn’t realize that her aura was becoming stronger as well.

A complicated look flashed across the legendary three-eyed eagle’s eyes as it regarded Chu Liuyue. Such a cultivation method is very demanding on cultivators, and the average person wouldn’t be able to endure it. However, not only did she manage to endure it, but it also seems like it’s becoming easier for her. Her potential is far greater than what she previously displayed!

It then shifted its gaze to the Heavenly Square Cauldron that was floating in the air. I finally understand a little about why the Heavenly Square Cauldron chose her…

With her entire attention on the Xuan formation, Chu Liuyue completely forgot about time as a rough outline of the Xuan formation slowly formed in her mind.

Meanwhile, on the other end, the people outside the heavenly pit were still waiting arduously.

As time passed, more Heavenly Dao was summoned by the Long Yuan Sword. Its aura and pressure became greater as well.

They had already retreated ten miles from their original positions, and another two people were eliminated one after another. Only half of them were left standing here, yet the sword still hadn’t selected a new master.

They only had two more chances of being selected. Even though they didn’t show their emotions on their faces, they were secretly getting impatient.

“We can’t tell how much time has passed since there’s no day and night here,” Yang Qin’er mumbled to herself while the others remained silent.

Her words, however, reminded Qiang Wanzhou of something. His expression changed a little as he closed his eyes and examined his internal body condition.

But when he opened his eyes again, a trace of surprise surfaced in his beautiful eyes. The pill that I ate earlier seems to have fully taken effect. I wonder if it’s because of the environment here or if it’s already the time for it to take effect…

He then cast a glance in the direction of the heavenly pit. From his position, he could only see the enormous Long Yuan Sword and the raging golden flames.

Chu Liuyue remained nowhere in sight.

After thinking for a moment, he took out the jade bottle to take the second pill.

Xuan Ji Square.

Two days had passed, and only nine names remained on the black marble board. Given the current progress rate, the crowd had speculated that the competition would probably end in a few more days. Thus, they were rather surprised to know that nobody was eliminated on the third day.

The waiting audience gradually became impatient, and all sorts of guesses surfaced. “It’s already the third day, but why isn’t anyone coming out? Did something happen to them?”

“That’s the Tianling God Realm you’re talking about; how can anything happen there? The ones who were eliminated came out alive, didn’t they? Let’s not worry about it and just watch the fun!”

“That’s true. Ultimately, only the sects care most about the competition’s results. It has nothing to do with us! Speaking of which, weren’t there rumors saying that there might be a lot of rare and precious treasures hidden inside the Tianling God Realm? Those who were eliminated all came out injured though. It doesn’t look like there were any treasures involved. Say, is there a possibility that the Tianling God Realm is actually a dangerous place with no treasures at all?”

“That’s the place where the ancestor passed on! It’s rumored that he left behind a Heavenly Dao, so how can there be nothing? Besides, it all depends on destiny! Who knows? All the treasures might go to just one person!”

“I wonder which of those nine people will be lucky enough to receive that fortune… I’m quite surprised that Chu Liuyue could actually remain there this long…”

In a private room on the second floor of Chun Feng Restaurant, a lady in white was currently playing a pipa. She had a slender and delicate figure and was wearing a veil across her face, which revealed only a pair of gentle-looking eyes. Nevertheless, one could still tell that she was a great beauty.

Melodious music was formed as her fingers moved to pluck the instrument’s strings.

Behind the screen was a tall figure who lay diagonally.

All of a sudden, the white-clothed woman stopped playing the instrument.

The room instantly became quiet.

A moment later, the man behind the screen lazily asked, “Liu’er, why did you suddenly stop playing the pipa?”

She got up and curtsied at him. “No matter how much I play, the music won’t reach your ears if you’re distracted, Young Master Jian. Hence, I might as well stop playing.”

Although her voice was gentle and pleasant, it sounded murderous in Jian Fengchi’s ears. He let out an awkward cough. “You’re mistaken, Liu’er. I—”

“Jian Fengchi, I won’t play to a brick wall!” interrupted the lady in a curt manner.

She’s mad at me! Very wisely, Jian Fengchi said, “Go back and get some rest then. Don’t tire yourself out.”

Holding the pipa in her embrace, the lady bypassed the screen and walked over to him, sneering, “Jian Fengchi, I’ve been playing music for a long time now. Have you found anything regarding the matter I entrusted you with?”

Jian Fengchi was a well-known tyrant in Xi Ling City who had always been arrogant and unrestrained. But whenever he faced the lady before him, he would somehow feel that he was inferior to her.

He scrunched up his handsome face. “Yes, of course! I wouldn’t dare to step into Chun Feng Restaurant if I didn’t manage to find anything!”

Her eyes lit up. “That’s more like it. Tell me—”

Before she could finish her piece, she heard some hurried footsteps coming from outside.

“Fengchi! Fengchi!” cried a young man.

The two people in the room were stunned when they heard this.

“It’s Yuwen Jinghong,” stated Jian Fengchi.

“I know! What a timely arrival!” The lady gnashed her teeth before speedily retreating behind the screen.

The doors suddenly flung open, and Yuwen Jinghong barged into the room. “Fengchi! Do you know—”

His words trailed off when he noticed the lady in the room. “…Oh, I didn’t know you were here too, Miss Liu’er…”

“I’ll take my leave first.” Shui Liu’er bowed in the direction of the screen before retreating a few steps and paying a bow to Yuwen Jinghong as well.

Yuwen Jinghong’s ears went red as he said, “Take care, Miss Liu’er.”

“What are you doing here?” With his arms across his chest, Jian Fengchi walked out from behind the screen and shot the intruder an irritated look.

It was only then that Yuwen Jinghong recalled the purpose of his visit. He wore an excited look on his face as he told the other man, “Don’t you know? Chu Liuyue—the person you brought here—is among the top eight in the competition!”

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