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Chapter 514: Rumors Abound

There were ravines scattered within the pit. Countless rays of the black sword aura collided in the area, leaving marks on the cold soil and rocks.

It was startling to look at from above.

Chu Liuyue sucked in her breath. The Long Yuan Sword has been here for thousands of years. Perhaps the heavenly pit is a result of the sword aura accumulating for centuries! Even from the side, I can feel the towering sword aura!

More importantly, it was only until she got here that Chu Liuyue discovered that the Long Yuan Sword she saw from afar was only a small portion of the sword body!

Even the exposed portion in the heavenly pit seemed to be less than half of the entire sword! It was majestic and incomparable!

Thousands of years of rain and shine hadn’t left any marks on the sword’s black body.

Upon closer inspection, it was razor-sharp like a brand-new sword!

The pressure came from the top!

Chu Liuyue scrutinized this legendary sword. The sword that created the Tianling Dynasty… The founder’s sword!

Complicated emotions welled up in her—admiration, respect, marvel…

Even though she was standing here as an outsider, she knew… This was her ancestor! At this thought, blood seemed to course through her body faster as her heart beat wildly.

“The legendary fiend’s skeleton is beneath the Long Yuan Sword!” The legendary three-eyed eagle’s voice suddenly sounded.

Chu Liuyue instantly came to her senses and looked down.

There was nothing else in the heavenly pit other than the remaining half of the Long Yuan Sword that was embedded in the ground.

Chu Liuyue asked with a frown, “You said ‘beneath the Long Yuan Sword…’ It can’t be underground, right?”

The legendary three-eyed eagle asked. “You only know now?”

“…How am I supposed to get down?! I can’t create a tunnel on the ground, not to mention the sword aura that I can’t get past!” Chu Liuyue said.

She was serious. With all the rays of sword aura, she would be filled with holes the instant she tried to go down!

Even with the crystal barrier, she couldn’t guarantee that she would be able to hold up against the attacks of thousands of sword aura rays!

The legendary three-eyed eagle said, “I’ll protect you.”

Chu Liuyue paused. “…So you mean that you were just watching this whole time? Even though you could deal with the sword aura?”

“Since contracting with me, weren’t you afraid that your foundation wouldn’t be firm given your rapid advancement and wanted a chance to test it out?” The legendary three-eyed eagle said matter-of-factly, “This is quite the rare opportunity, no?”

Chu Liuyue was speechless, and she felt her head throb. Why didn’t anyone tell me that legendary fiends can be psychos too?

“What, you don’t like it?” asked the legendary three-eyed eagle.

Chu Liuyue clenched her teeth. “I love it! I love it beyond words!”

The legendary three-eyed eagle nodded contentedly before it continued speaking somberly. “Prepare yourself.”

Chu Liuyue immediately focused and raised her alertness! Since I’ve promised the legendary three-eyed eagle that I would reconstruct its body, I have to make this trip!

The next instant, a black illusory figure appeared before Chu Liuyue! Its wings were wrapped around one another, and the illusory figure had its eyes closed with an imposing aura!

It was the legendary three-eyed eagle!


It spread its massive wings, and Chu Liuyue felt the sky before her dim!

She stared closely at the illusory figure. It’s clearly more substantial than it previously was! I can even see the feathers on it!

She felt a familiar aura from the illusory figure, and she muttered, “This is… The energy of the Heavenly Dao?”

The legendary three-eyed eagle suddenly opened its eyes! Its eyes were blood red, but the bloodthirsty aura had subsided almost entirely.

There was a noble aura coming from it now!

Chu Liuyue felt that this was the aura that truly belonged to a legendary three-eyed eagle!

“That’s right.” The two of them had a telepathic connection, so they could understand one another without speaking. “After contracting with you, my soul has been nourished by the Heavenly Dao. I’ve recovered greatly.”

Chu Liuyue marveled. “If that’s the case, it’s not entirely a bad thing for legendary fiends to contract with humans!”

The legendary three-eyed eagle looked at her with uncertainty.

At this point, Chu Liuyue didn’t know that not everyone could contract with a legendary fiend. Many would die from the sheer pressure of the legendary fiend’s Heavenly Dao. Even if they managed to contract with one successfully, only an insignificant amount of energy would be left after the Heavenly Dao and contract had been completed…

Being able to contract with a legendary fiend and summon the Heavenly Dao and absorb its energy… Chu Liuyue was the only one!

At least in the legendary three-eyed eagle’s mind, this had never happened before. However, it didn’t intend to let Chu Liuyue know at this moment.

“Come on up.” The legendary three-eyed eagle lowered its wings.

Chu Liuyue hopped on!

“My illusory figure is primarily made up of a combination of my soul and the Heaven and Earth Force. Thus, there’s a time limit to it. Hang on tight.”

Chu Liuyue nodded somberly.

The legendary three-eyed eagle flapped its wings and swooped down!

Just as Chu Liuyue dashed into the heavenly pit, Yang Qin’er and the others were well-rested and ready to continue their journey.

The skinny man said somberly, “If we run into Chu Liuyue again, we’ll never give her the chance to run away again!”

But after they had traveled a distance, a girl’s voice sounded. “Can I ask if all of you are the disciples of the Purple Xiao Sword Sect?”

They turned and saw a young lady. “You are…”

She smiled. “I’m Ning Jiaojiao from Xuan Feng Hall.”

The others looked at one another. Xuan Feng Hall and the Purple Xiao Sword Sect have always stayed in each others’ land. Ning Jiaojiao seems to be Xuan Feng Hall’s Big Missy?

“It’s Ms. Ning.”

Ning Jiaojiao was not bothered by their wary expressions, and she asked testingly, “I seem to have heard the three of you mention… Chu Liuyue?”

Yang Qin’er looked away briefly. “Ms. Ning must’ve misheard.”

Ning Jiaojiao scanned them as she smiled. “I must’ve been mistaken. I thought that Chu Liuyue left the wounds on you all. But if it were her… You all should’ve been evicted from the Tianling God Realm…”

The trio eyed one another. “Ms. Ning, what do you mean?”

Ning Jiaojiao paused. She covered her mouth as if realizing that she had misspoken. “Nothing, nothing…”

But after hesitating for a moment, she seemed to have made up her mind. “Sigh, it’s nothing much. It’s just… Chu Liuyue… For some reason, she has been killing off the other contestants. She has already forced a number of people out of the Tianling God Realm. It’s rather scary.”

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