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Chapter 510: Invite

It was quite difficult to move with the crystal barrier. After some hesitation, Chu Liuyue still kept it.

She held the dagger with her right hand and the crystal barrier with her left, allowing her to feel much more secure.

She had to admit that the things Rong Xiu gave her were all of good quality.

Chu Liuyue just walked a distance when she heard a distant commotion.

She looked up and saw three people walking from another direction.

The two men looked like they were 25 or 26, and that woman was slightly younger. She didn’t look like she was above 20.

Chu Liuyue vaguely remembered that these three people came in before her. However, it seemed like they didn’t drop in the same place as her.

“Luckily, Senior Uncle had prepared the Simultaneous Drug so that we could gather in the fastest time possible. If not, we might’ve already been kicked out before we gathered together since this Tianling God Realm is so large!” said the skinny man in purple thankfully.

“Yeah! Previously, I still didn’t care much for it, but I didn’t expect… The Tianling God Realm is indeed a marvelous space!” Another chubbier man with a mustache agreed.

The young woman in the middle had a melon face, and her skin was very white. She was pretty and cute, and her eyes were filled with natural coyness. “I really must thank you for your help previously, Senior Brothers. If not, I would’ve long been eliminated!”

As she spoke, she wiped off the crystal-clear beads of sweat, and her cheeks flushed red. She looked very cute and charming.

The two men looked at her with overflowing admiration in their eyes. “Qin’er, what are you saying? After this Wan Zheng Competition ends, you’ll be our Purple Xiao Sword Sect’s disciple. As your senior brothers, we’re doing what we should do.”

“That’s right! Master and the rest think very highly of you!”

Upon hearing this, that woman smiled shyly. “The Purple Xiao Sword Sect is one of the best clans in Xi Ling. It’s not easy to get in at all. If my rank isn’t good enough, I won’t have the cheek to enter.”

“Qin’er, you’re being too humble. You’re just 19 this year, and you’re already a peak stage-five warrior. Out of all the competitors in this Wan Zheng Competition, you’re one of the best! Besides, your Yuan meridian…” The skinny man hadn’t finished his sentence, but envy flashed across his eyes.

This woman’s Yuan meridian level was obviously even higher than his.

The man with the mustache nodded and sighed. “After you enter the Purple Xiao Sword Sect and officially start to cultivate, you will most likely overtake the two of us in three years.”

“Senior Brothers, stop teasing me.” That woman hurriedly waved her hands and looked very shy, but she smiled even more brightly.

Chu Liuyue noticed that even though the three of them were blushing, their surrounding auras were normal. Upon closer inspection, she realized that they all had a pouch tied to their waists.

The majority of the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force was swallowed by it.

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes. Absorbing Yuan Pouch—this thing looks similar to other average pouches, but it’s actually made from special Absorbing Yuan Silk, which can automatically absorb Heaven and Earth Force in great amounts. Only when the owner opens it will the force flow out.

A portion of cultivators like to bring it around so that they can absorb rich Heaven and Earth Force at any point in time and increase their cultivation speed. But as it’s expensive, not many people can afford it. But to be fair, this is indeed the best solution for this current situation. It’s no wonder they could safely arrive here.

Chu Liuyue retracted her gaze and planned to continue walking forward when the few people coincidentally saw her.

“Isn’t that Chu Liuyue? She actually arrived here?”

“Being able to win against stage-five warriors, she indeed has skills to survive until now…” said the two men softly.

The woman’s eyes turned. “Senior Brothers, why don’t we ask her to follow us?”

The two men were dazed, and they put on difficult expressions. “Qin’er, we don’t really know her. That’s not… very good, right?”

This Wan Zheng Competition was still in progress!

They were still competitors after all, so how could they go together just like that?

As if not expecting their reaction, that woman said sadly, “I just felt that she looked pitiful alone… But if Senior Brothers think it’s inappropriate, forget it then.”

The two men exchanged glances, and the skinny man sighed. He smiled and said, “Qin’er, you’re indeed kind-hearted. Since you’ve asked for it, there’s no reason why we should reject it. As long as she doesn’t cause any trouble, she can follow us.”

That woman’s eyes brightened up, and her face was filled with gratitude. “Thank you, Senior Brother!”

The man with a mustache yelled to Chu Liuyue, “Ms. Chu, please wait! Ms. Chu, this place is perilous, and it’s dangerous for you to be alone. Why don’t we go together, so we can take care of each other?”

Actually, Chu Liuyue had heard their conversation very clearly. Compared to the two men, she was the most confused one.

She had a bit of an impression of that woman. She was called Yang Qin’er, and she had won against another peak stage-five warrior in three moves during the preliminaries, which caused quite an uproar.

With such talent and strength at such a young age, she had already attracted quite a bit of attention, not to mention that she was pretty.

However, Chu Liuyue didn’t know her and didn’t know what she was planning.

One less matter is better than an additional matter. Besides, I’m going to retrieve the legendary fiend’s skeleton below the Long Yuan Sword, so it’s not convenient for me to go with them. Chu Liuyue shook her head and politely said, “Thank you for your kind intentions, but my friend and I have agreed to meet. Therefore, I won’t trouble you.”

The few people were shocked as they didn’t expect Chu Liuyue to reject their suggestion.

Is there something wrong with her brain? Any smart person can tell that her going with us would be much safer than her going alone. We were willing to help purely because of Qin’er, but she didn’t even appreciate our efforts.

Even though Chu Liuyue rejected them curtly and politely, other people felt that she had an arrogant attitude.

The skinny man slightly knitted his brows and said to Yang Qin’er, “Qin’er, you’ve also seen that she doesn’t want to be with us. She wasted your efforts.”

Yang Qin’er bit her lips.

The man with the mustache lightly grunted, stroked his beard, and spoke with deep meaning. “She’s doing this because she clearly doesn’t trust us. If this is so, why should we stick our passionate selves to her cold butt? Since she’s so confident, let her go on her own! We’ll see how long she can last in this place!”

The Purple Xiao Sword Sect had a very high status in Xi Ling, and they were known as the top sword sect. Thus, all of the disciples had their own pride.

Yang Qin’er fell silent, but she still walked forward and gently told Chu Liuyue, “Ms. Chu, don’t misunderstand; we’re all good people. I just saw that there are quite a few broken skeletons here, so it’s quite dangerous. Isn’t it safer if we go together?”

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