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Chapter 508: Long Yuan Sword

“I’m not related to Young Master Jian,” said Chu Liuyue frankly.

However, Ning Jiaojiao didn’t quite believe her as she smiled and said, “Oh? Didn’t Young Master Jian bring you to join the Wan Zheng Competition?”

Chu Liuyue looked at her.

It turns out that Ning Jiaojiao had long checked my information and that she is purposely questioning me. But it’s very obvious that her checks weren’t so good since the one that’s truly a little related to me is Mu Qinghe.

However, she didn’t deny nor admit to it. “So…”

“Young Master Jian has always been carefree, and I rarely see him do such a thing… So it shows that he really admires you, Ms. Chu.” Ning Jiaojiao’s expression didn’t change as she talked, but her tone was sour.

Chu Liuyue then realized something and was caught between laughter and tears. Is Ning Jiaojiao jealous? What exactly is she thinking? How did she become jealous because of this? Jian Fengchi has been a playboy for so many years and has had many romances. If she is jealous of every woman he has had, she would’ve long died from sourness.

“Ms. Ning, don’t misunderstand. There’s really nothing between Young Master Jian and me. He was just in charge of bringing me to Xi Ling, and that’s it. I still have something on, so I’ll leave first.” Then, Chu Liuyue didn’t say much and turned around to leave.

“Hey…” yelled Ning Jiaojiao, but Chu Liuyue didn’t stop in her tracks as she quickly walked far away.

While glancing at the petite figure, Ning Jiaojiao’s smile gradually disappeared. No relation? Only a ghost would believe you! I previously asked Father, and the people sent out for this Wan Zheng Competition didn’t have Jian Fengchi at first! Yet, he brought Chu Liuyue back and even let her join the Wan Zheng Competition! Isn’t he clearly giving that Chu Liuyue a chance?

Who doesn’t want to come in from outside Heaven’s Canopy? Who doesn’t want to have a place in Xi Ling? This Chu Liuyue must’ve used some method to convince Jian Fengchi to help her! This time, I must show Chu Liuyue who’s boss!

Chu Liuyue continued walking inward. Her hair, face, and body kept sweating, but before the sweat could drop, it had already evaporated.

After walking a distance, she finally summoned her body’s fire.

A red fire instantly enveloped her.

Chu Liuyue had just been relieved of the terrifyingly high temperature. However, she suddenly discovered an even scarier thing before she could heave a sigh of relief—the surrounding force abruptly increased its speed of entering her body!

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat, and she then discovered that her body’s fire was willingly absorbing the strength.

She looked at her dantian as if she felt something, and as expected, the water droplet already started to turn slowly.

The strength that entered her body was already being absorbed by it rapidly. But what made Chu Liuyue feel lucky was that the force entering the water droplet was like water dropping into an ocean—silently and calmly.

The swallowed force only flowed past the Yuan meridian in her body before gathering in the water droplet.

Chu Liuyue blinked in shock. If this is the case, I can cultivate my Yuan meridian and need not worry about being unable to withstand all this force and ending up in the same situation as the previous man.

Chu Liuyue put away her surrounding fire.

The speed of the Heaven and Earth Force entering her body decreased. Perhaps it was because she was gradually going deeper, but its speed became increasingly greater.

Chu Liuyue had confidence and continued going forward while withstanding the heat.

As she walked, she suddenly felt a strange movement from the side.

Chu Liuyue looked over and saw a gigantic black sword where heaven and earth connected.

This black sword seemed to drop from heaven and harshly pierce into the ground as immense, holy suppression spread from above it.

Chu Liuyue suddenly felt a strange familiarity with it. This aura… I have experienced it before! In the royal family’s ancestral hall, I once saw the relics my ancestor left behind. Those items had this aura!

She quickened her pace, and after some time, she finally saw the black sword clearly.

The completely black sword body was as dark as the night—deep and boundless.

A silver lightning bolt suddenly appeared like a shocking snake swimming away, causing ice-blue ripples to spread everywhere.

At that moment, a large ripple was stirred up in her heart. This is the ancestor’s sword! Rumors had it that the ancestor, Shangguan Jing, had once borrowed nine-nine—81 bolts of lightning to produce the Long Yuan Sword back then. It could summon the Heavenly Dao and slay legendary fiends. It was indestructible.

In the end, the ancestor failed to become a stage-nine warrior and had since passed on in the Tianling God Realm. The Long Yuan Sword that he had carried around was also left in some place in the Tianling God Realm.

After thousands of years, the people in the Tianling Dynasty’s royal family have thought of all sorts of ways to bring the Long Yuan Sword back. However, it was to no avail.

All along, I thought that the Long Yuan Sword had been hidden in a very secluded area, which caused nobody to be able to find it. But it now seems like… The Long Yuan Sword is on this ground, and it can be seen very easily! Why did all the secret imperial scrolls say that nobody has seen the Long Yuan Sword before? Chu Liuyue felt that she had set foot into a gigantic mystery.

Everything in front was a blur, and she couldn’t see anything.

She took a deep breath in and focused on the gigantic Long Yuan Sword. Even though she was some distance away from it, she could still feel its insurmountable suppression.

As though she was attracted by something, she continued to walk forward.

Suddenly, she stepped on something.

Chu Liuyue looked down, and her eyes shrunk. That’s a white bone! From its shape, it looks like a person’s arm. Besides, it looks like it has been here for some time.

Chu Liuyue looked down and discovered another white skeleton in front. This is in the direction of the Long Yuan Sword!

Chu Liuyue vaguely guessed something as she walked toward the Long Yuan Sword step by step.

The closer she got to it, the higher and scarier the temperature was. As this happened, the Heaven and Earth Force entered her body at even greater speeds.

Luckily, Chu Liuyue had an intermediate Yuan meridian. Hence, she didn’t need to worry that she couldn’t endure the force entering her body.

The water droplet was like a bottomless pit as it kept absorbing the force.

Every distance she walked, she would see skeletons scattered everywhere.

In the end, her heart harshly skipped a beat when she saw a skull chopped down from the middle.

If I didn’t guess wrongly, someone must’ve wanted to retrieve the Long Yuan Sword. However, they were hurt by something, and their body kept getting cut. That person finally stopped when their skull split into two.

This… How much determination must they have? Chu Liuyue stood beside the skull and looked at the Long Yuan Sword.

There was an empty space between heaven and earth. Only this Long Yuan Sword stood still, high and mighty.

Chu Liuyue recalled the signs of the white skull being broken previously. That is clearly… It was clearly directly slashed by something sharp!

In all directions, it was empty, quiet, and without wind.

A harsh air suddenly rose from the bottom of Chu Liuyue’s feet.

Only one thing can stir such power—the Long Yuan Sword! Once she thought of this, the sound of a sword whirring reverberated throughout the air suddenly.

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