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Chapter 506: Yin Yang Sky

“Everyone, line up according to the order. You’ll enter one by one,” commanded Elder Qiuxi, and people immediately went forward.

The first youngster walked to the front of the octagonal barrier and couldn’t contain his emotions as he reached out.

The moment he touched the barrier, a silver glow of light flashed across it and covered his entire body.

Very quickly, his figure disappeared before the crowd.

The second person quickly followed behind him.

Qiang Wanzhou suddenly said, “I can’t follow you anymore.”

Chu Liuyue glanced at him and slightly nodded. “I’m 53, and you’re 92, so there’s quite a gap between us. After we go in, there’s a high chance we won’t be together.”

Qiang Wanzhou pressed his lips against each other tightly. “I will find you.”

Chu Liuyue was slightly dazed, and her lips curved up. Just as she was about to say something, she heard him say, “Before I find you, our contract temporarily doesn’t count.”

Chu Liuyue then understood what he meant. He was saying: Whenever he couldn’t fulfill his duty as her servant, their agreement would be delayed for a day.

“Actually, this is nothing much. If we can meet, it’ll be great. But if we can’t—”

“I will definitely find you,” said Qiang Wanzhou stubbornly.

“Okay.” Chu Liuyue smiled. Sometimes, this child’s stubbornness is pretty interesting…

Very quickly, it was Chu Liuyue’s turn, and she walked over.

When she went near it, the pattern on the barrier became even clearer.

This was the Tianling Dynasty’s totem—a dragon’s head and a lion’s body. It contorted and looked high and mighty. Above its head was a sharp sword.

This pattern was also printed on the Black Guard’s flag. Rumors had it that the ancestor had personally drawn it back then, and many people had different interpretations of this totem.

The most well-known explanation was that the ancestor held a sharp knife back then and slashed a dragon’s head, so he became famous for that. Thus, he drew such a totem in the end.

However, nobody could confirm the truth.

Chu Liuyue had once flipped through all the historical records of the Tianling Dynasty, but the ancestor didn’t talk much about this totem.

Back then, she had once looked forward to entering the Tianling God Realm very much. As the second person with a Tianjing Yuan meridian after 1,000-plus years of the Tianling Dynasty’s history, not only everyone in the world, but she also had much confidence and hope for herself.

In the royal family, many people had entered the Tianling God Realm before and wanted to receive the ancestor’s heirloom, but they all failed in the end.

Chu Liuyue had once thought that she could do it, but she didn’t expect that she would use another identity when she truly entered the Tianling God Realm.

She took a deep breath in and stretched her hand toward the barrier.

A slightly cold feeling was felt, and the white light before her flashed as she was immediately pulled in by some strength.

After temporary dizziness, Chu Liuyue finally felt her feet land on concrete ground.

She focused on her front and was instantly stunned by the scene.

This was a gigantic, boundless space. The sky seemed to be split in the middle by something. One half of it was filled with purplish-orange clouds, and the sky was dark like the night. With a bright moon hanging in the air, the cold air blew lightly.

When she looked over, she saw transparent water vapor that covered everything in the sky and reflected it completely.

On the other end was a place without a cloud in sight for thousands of miles, and it was very bright. The sun exuded a harsh light, and it shone on the dry ground. One glance at it, and one could see that there were no flora and fauna.

Everything was wilted.

At this point, she was standing in the middle of the separation.

She looked down.

The water on her left flowed quietly, but it seemed as though an invisible barrier blocked it as it couldn’t cross over.

On her right was a desert-like floor as spiderweb-like cracks spread all over the ground. Together with the wind that had coarse bits of sand in it, it would always turn around when it hit the barrier.

It was as if everything on the two sides would never interact and were forever separated.

Seeing this, Chu Liuyue was shocked. I didn’t expect the Tianling God Realm to be like this…

She surveyed her surroundings, but she didn’t see the people who entered before her.

As expected, we’re separated… Chu Liuyue stood at her original spot for quite some time. It seems like I have to make a choice.

She turned around and walked to the left.

One foot stepped into the water, and a circular ripple was formed as the clear water passed through the bottom of her shoes.

She paused for a while. After ensuring that the water level didn’t slowly rise and that there were no other strange feelings, she continued walking forward.

But the moment she took a few steps, she noticed that the surrounding cold air was chilling to the bone and that her bodily force started spreading to the outside unwittingly.

Chu Liuyue hurriedly gathered her force, but she realized that she couldn’t stop this phenomenon.

Her body was like a container that had a crack as all the force contained within started flowing out slowly and continuously. However, she didn’t know what the problem was!

Chu Liuyue backed away without hesitation! She glanced at the boundless water with lingering fears.

She could even see the bright moon reflected in it, but she no longer had the mood to admire the scenery as she was scarred.

She stood in the middle once again. Then, she walked toward the right.

The moment she stepped on the dry ground, a sweltering heatwave attacked her.

Luckily, Chu Liuyue was a heavenly doctor, so she had a high tolerance for heat.

She felt slightly assured as she continued walking forward.

Not long later, her forehead was covered in sweat, and her throat was very dry.

While walking under the scorching sunlight, her entire body felt like it was being barbecued.

Chu Liuyue coughed, and she felt that her throat was about to start burning.

Just as she was wondering if she should summon her bodily fire to fight this scorching heat, she suddenly felt something slowly seep into her body through her skin.

She immediately knitted her brows and then realized that the thing that went in wasn’t anything else but thick and rich force.

The Heaven and Earth Force here wasn’t rich, but it seemed to be controlled by something as it kept entering her body.

“This is really the Tianling God Realm! It’s the best place for one to cultivate!” At this point, a cheer could be heard from afar.

Chu Liuyue looked up.

It was a young man who had appeared here at some point. His clothes were already drenched by his sweat, and his forehead was covered by beads of sweat as his cheeks flushed red. However, he didn’t care at all as he walked forward continuously.

He had obviously been here for a period of time.

His face was filled with excitement as if he had activated a precious treasure.

Chu Liuyue sensitively discovered that his bodily aura was rapidly increasing.

The Heaven and Earth Force entered his body at a much higher rate than hers.

Chu Liuyue felt uneasy. An average cultivator’s physical body has a limited tolerance. If one absorbs more Heaven and Earth Force than they can handle, then… It will only cause them harm and no good! In more serious cases, it might even cause permanent damage to one’s body. They might even explode and die.

Just as this thought popped up in her mind, Chu Liuyue saw that the young man suddenly staggered backward as his face flushed red, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

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