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Chapter 505: Tianling God Realm

Xiahou Tingan shuddered and subconsciously moved backward.

Xiahou Rong angrily said, “What did I tell you for the past one year? Did you forget all of it? Jiang Yucheng only has this one sister, and if you make her happy, what can you not have? You’re about to be engaged to her, yet you want to give up at this point? You need to know that she’s more than worthy of you with her current status. If you don’t want to serve her, there will be tons of people fighting to do so!”

It wasn’t that Xiahou Tingan didn’t know this. If not, he wouldn’t have tolerated Jiang Yuzhi for so long. But as time passed by, he became increasingly resistant toward this issue.

From a young age, Jiang Yuzhi had always been arrogant. Ever since Jiang Yucheng climbed to his current position, she used this identity and became worse.

Today’s incident at Hundred Herbs Building was just a sneak peek into what she was like.

He really didn’t want to look at Jiang Yuzhi’s arrogant and willful face again.

Xiahou Tingan didn’t say anything, and Xiahou Rong was afraid that he might really escalate things to an unsalvageable state if he was harsh. Hence, Xiahou Rong used a softer tone and said in a nagging manner, “A true man knows when to give in and when to be firm. If you can stabilize Jiang Yuzhi, your success will be a matter of when. You should also know that I think most highly of you out of all your brothers. In the future, the family business will be left to you sooner or later. You mustn’t let me worry…”

This sentence finally tempted Xiahou Tingan. All his brothers had their own strengths.

Actually, he wasn’t the most outstanding one. His biggest trump card was the one behind Jiang Yuzhi, Jiang Yucheng.

Even though he hadn’t held his marriage with the Third Princess, everyone knew that Jiang Yucheng could cover the sky with one hand in the Tianling Dynasty.

“…I’ll go to the Jiang Residence and apologize tomorrow,” said Xiahou Tingan unhappily.

Xiahou Rong then heaved a sigh of relief as his wrinkles relaxed. He walked in front and patted Xiahou Tingan’s shoulders. “That’s right! I didn’t dote on you for nothing!”

Xiahou Tingan forced a smile.

The next morning, Chu Liuyue brought Qiang Wanzhou to Xuan Ji Square, and Duan Ziyu naturally accompanied them.

Compared to the previous day, even more people came, and the square was much livelier.

Elder Duanmu Chun and Elder Qiuxi were already waiting in the middle of the square. Other than the two of them, there were another six elders wearing the same white robe standing beside them.

The eight of them stood in pairs and at every direction of the square.

An empty place was left in the middle.

The competitors who had won the previous day all gathered together respectively and stood at the edge of the square.

Chu Liuyue rapidly scanned the surroundings and knitted her brows. What exactly is with the Wan Zheng Competition? This time, eight elders from the royal family actually came… It’s rare to see an event of such scale!

The appointed time quickly arrived.

Elder Qiuxi and the rest looked at each other and nodded. Then, the few of them acted at the same time.

The next moment, the eight bulky forces gathered together.

A ripple appeared in the empty space as the eight forces intertwined and formed a vortex. In the vortex’s depths, a transparent, octagonal barrier gradually appeared.

A strange pattern seemingly appeared in the middle of the barrier. The strong and holy suppression suddenly expanded from the barrier.

Chu Liuyue felt a pang in her heart. This suppression—

“As everyone can see, this is a barrier. However, it is also a special transportation formation!” Elder Qiuxi looked at the transparent, octagonal barrier, and his expression was of rare agitation. “This transportation formation’s destination is the Tianling God Realm!”

After a temporary silence, the entire square burst into commotion.

“Tianling God Realm? Is that where the Tianling Dynasty’s ancestor was cremated?”

“I heard that the ancestor had summoned the Heavenly Dao back then and wanted to break through and become a stage-nine warrior. But due to various reasons, he failed in the end. However, that Heavenly Dao was left behind, and the mystic realm was known as the Tianling God Realm ever since!”

“But I thought only the people in the royal family could enter that place? Why…”

Elder Qiuxi pressed his hands down, and after waiting for the sounds of discussion to soften, he spoke in a way that couldn’t conceal his own excitement. “It seems like everyone knows a bit about the Tianling God Realm. That’s right; in the past, only the people with the royal family’s bloodline could enter the Tianling God Realm. But after much consideration, the Third Princess decided to open up the Tianling God Realm to the public and let more cultivators have the chance to become strong warriors as it is a better choice! So this time, the Wan Zheng Competition will be held in the Tianling God Realm!”

Chu Liuyue’s face turned icy cold, and she tightly clenched her fists in her sleeves until her knuckles turned white. The Tianling God Realm was left behind by our ancestor, yet Shangguan Wan dared to use it selfishly. This is a great disrespect to him!

Even I haven’t entered that place before. I had originally planned to go after I became a stage-nine warrior, but before I could, I was already set up by Shangguan Wan and Jiang Yucheng. I never expected that Shangguan Wan was crazy to this extent.

The words that Elder Qiuxi previously said are all superficial reasons. The Tianling God Realm has many dangerous traps, and people with low cultivation levels will only die inside. Only Shangguan Wan would know what she wants to do herself. No, there is also Jiang Yucheng!

Chu Liuyue was enraged, but the other people clearly didn’t think the same way.

“Tianling God Realm! It’s actually the Tianling God Realm! If I can go in once, I won’t have any regrets for the rest of my life!”

“I heard that the ancestor had left quite a few treasures in there back then. Perhaps we might meet with some destiny inside!”

“The Third Princess is really generous to open up the Tianling God Realm to us. Such kind-heartedness can’t compare to anyone else…” The surrounding competitors were beyond excited.

All of them were talents with a Dijing Yuan meridian, so they had extreme confidence in themselves. This wasn’t an exception.

Besides, who didn’t want to become stronger? With this chance, they would naturally grab it and refuse to let go.

Elder Qiuxi continued, “There’s still no time limit for this competition. Whoever can stay inside for the longest can take first place!”

The crowd glanced at each other. This competition rule is a bit strange…

As if seeing the crowd’s doubts, Elder Qiuxi explained, “The Tianling God Realm’s Heavenly Dao suppression is very strong. Only the people with the best talent and capabilities can endure this power, so whoever can stay inside longer will definitely benefit more in terms of their cultivation.”

The crowd respectively nodded in understanding as all of their eyes lit up. They couldn’t wait to go inside right away.

Elder Qiuxi raised his hand and pointed at the black marble board in midair. “This has all your names down. For every person that comes out, your name will automatically disappear from it. The last name that is left behind will be the biggest winner!”

This sentence made people emotional.

Chu Liuyue watched coldly from the side. If I could, I want to halt this strange competition immediately. However, I know that I can’t. I can only continue with the competition now and personally witness what exactly they are planning to do.

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