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Chapter 500: The Wealthy Speaks Loudly

Since Mu Qinghe has already spoken, I naturally can’t let his goodwill down. In her previous life, she had helped Mu Qinghe a lot. Hence, she deserved to get some of it back in her current life.

After Qiang Wanzhou heard this, he nodded in understanding. He had no concept of money and very rarely interacted with others. What Duan Ziyu previously said should mean that Chu Liuyue can buy whatever she wants. Thus, there naturally won’t be a problem if she buys these.

“Oh, right. Go over there and take a look. You can just buy whatever you like,” said Chu Liuyue to Qiang Wanzhou as she smiled happily.

Qiang Wanzhou had no interest in these, but since he was already Chu Liuyue’s servant, he had to listen to her orders.

He acknowledged her words, and his gaze scanned across the crystal cabinets. However, he was still within three steps of Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue raised her chin. “You can go over there and see for yourself.”

But Qiang Wanzhou shook his head.

Chu Liuyue thought of how stubborn this kid was, and her lips curved up. “I’ll help you pick some then.”

Qiang Wanzhou silently nodded again. When he listened to her, he always looked especially cute and obedient.

Chu Liuyue restrained the urge to ruffle his hair as she continued walking forward.

Duan Ziyu dragged his body and followed her.

“Can you really not increase it? This is the best quality red heart jade. I spent a lot of effort on digging it out back then…” Weichi Song’s voice suddenly sounded.

Chu Liuyue looked up and saw Weichi Song talking to a pageboy. He was holding a small, black jade box in his hands, and his expression looked anxious and poverty-stricken.

It turned out that he wasn’t here to buy herbs but to sell herbs.

The pageboy looked to be in a difficult position. “Master Weichi, I’m really sorry, but this is the best price we can give.”

Weichi Song looked disappointed. He hesitated for a while before sighing deeply and pushing the jade box forward. “Forget it. Just this then.”

The cover to the jade box was open, and Chu Liuyue coincidentally saw the item inside.

It was a very intricate jade seal. From outside to inside, it gradually turned from transparent to red. The outside was crystal clear, and the middle was intense and rich without any impurities.

Chu Liuyue widened her eyes. This seal was Weichi Song’s favorite in the past! When I wanted to play with it last time, sI had to coax him for a long time, which showed how much he valued this seal. However, he actually wants to sell it now?!

The pageboy carefully closed the jade box.

Weichi Song looked very reluctant. He opened his mouth but did not say anything.

The pageboy gave him a card. “There are 10,000 white crystals here. Please keep it well.”

Weichi Song took that card and unwittingly hesitated before harshly retracting his gaze and turning around to walk away.

Chu Liuyue could clearly see the loneliness on his face.

When Weichi Song brushed past Chu Liuyue, she could even feel the deep loneliness exuding from his body.

She wanted to speak up, but she thought of her own identity and swallowed the words in her throat.

When Weichi Song left, she asked in a seemingly unintentional manner, “So Hundred Herbs Building receives herbs as well?”

The pageboy serving her at the side smiled and said, “Of course. We give the best prices in Xi Ling.”

It was indeed right for that red heart jade seal to be sold for 10,000 white crystals, but Chu Liuyue was curious as to why Weichi Song had to do this.

Seeing his face, he looked very reluctant.

Chong Xu Cabinet had quite a high status in Xi Ling. As its Master and a heavenly doctor, Weichi Song never lacked money. Why did he end up in this state?

She smiled and looked curious. “That elder juts now… If he could take out such a valuable item, his status mustn’t be ordinary, right?”

The pageboy didn’t suspect others and thought that Chu Liuyue was just casually asking, so he softly said, “That person is Chong Xu Cabinet’s Master Weichi.”

Chu Liuyue blinked. “Since he’s a master, why would he personally come…”

She didn’t say the remaining words, but her meaning was clear.

The pageboy sighed. “Sigh, you don’t know, but Chong Xu Cabinet used to be one of the top clans here in Xi Ling City. But now…”

He shook his head and had a sympathetic face.

Chu Liuyue asked, “What happened now?”

The pageboy lowered his voice. “This is all Chong Xu Cabinet’s matters, so I’ve only heard about some things and don’t know much. I only know that Chong Xu Cabinet had been robbed empty a year ago and that many of their members were injured or killed. Even Master Weichi was injured, and he hasn’t fully recovered yet. Additionally, Master Weichi’s only son met with an accident outside and passed on half a year ago, which dealt him a severe blow. So…”

Chu Liuyue was shocked. What kind of person can attack Chong Xu Cabinet like this? Besides, even Brother Weichi Lang is… dead?! It’s no wonder Weichi Song looked so frail.

“To this day… Chong Xu Cabinet has become a second-grade clan. It’s also hard for Master Weichi to bitterly support it…”

Chong Xu Cabinet always had a decent reputation in Xi Ling. Its disciples were all heavenly doctors as well, so they had a good relationship with Hundred Herbs Building.

Seeing them like this, Hundred Herbs Building’s people were also very emotional.

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows slightly. Chong Xu Cabinet is very strong. Even if they met with a catastrophe, it’s impossible for their status to drop so quickly in a mere year. There must be another reason! Most likely, people had purposely attacked them!

After all, I was on very good terms with Weichi Song back then. If Jiang Yucheng and Shangguan Wan intentionally wanted to take revenge, it’s not impossible… Perhaps I really implicated Chong Xu Cabinet… Chu Liuyue felt complicated emotions and didn’t speak for some time.

“Ms. Chu? Ms. Chu, are you okay?” Upon seeing her like this, the pageboy called her twice.

Chu Liuyue recovered her senses. Her expression had already returned to normal, and she slightly smiled. “Oh, nothing. I was just thinking that the seal looks decent.”

Duan Ziyu—who kept quiet the whole time—had his eyelids twitch.

As expected, Chu Liuyue then walked to the pageboy who had just received the seal and stood in front of the crystal cabinet.

The black jade box hadn’t even been put away yet.

Chu Liuyue spoke up. “Let me look at it.”

The two serving pageboys were elated as they hurriedly presented it to her respectfully.

Chu Liuyue looked at it for a while. “I want this.”

“Since Ms. Chu is so decisive, then we’ll sell this treasure to you at its original price.”

All the people who could be pageboys here were all smart and sensible.

This Ms. Chu was Mu Residence’s important guest, and she was very generous with her money. Thus, being on good terms with her was better than anything else.

Everyone knew that the Mu Residence was filled with men, but a woman suddenly appeared today, and she was even a beautiful young woman. Perhaps she might’ve shaken Lieutenant Mu’s heart of steel.

With this progress, she might even become the Mu Residence’s female owner.

Chu Liuyue naturally didn’t know what these people were thinking, and it was great that she could buy it at the original price.

She picked up that seal, examined it for a moment, and felt something stirring in her heart. “What else did that Master sell here previously?”

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