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Chapter 499: Buy to Look at It

Duan Ziyu’s mouth harshly twitched. For some reason, he felt a strong sense of uneasiness.

As expected, Chu Liuyue then looked at the pageboy. “Oh, right. Do you have three stories in your building in total?”

That pageboy hurriedly said respectfully, “Yes. The herbs on the second floor are more expensive, and the ones on the third floor are only for important guests. If you wish to go up, we’ll immediately send people to introduce to you.”

Chu Liuyue wanted the expensive ones! “There’s no need to find other people; you can just follow me up.”

That pageboy was shocked and surprised.

One had to know that every level of Hundred Herbs Building had specific people to serve the customers. Without permission, the pageboys on the lower floors weren’t allowed to enter the higher floors.

Seeing Chu Liuyue’s behavior, she was clearly going to buy a lot of things. Just based on the ones she just picked, they were already much more than what he sold in a normal month.

If he served Chu Liuyue in a satisfying manner, his promotion would happen in minutes.

“Ms. Chu, different floors will pack and settle the bill individually.” The pageboy hurriedly produced a card and gave it to her with both hands. “Your previous spending has already exceeded 1,000 white crystals, so we’ll give you a free Hundred Herbs Building gold card. With it, you can enjoy a 10% discount.”

Chu Liuyue took the card, and her eyes brightened up, but she looked at Duan Ziyu hesitantly afterward. “Officer Duan, will this be too overboard?”

Even if Duan Ziyu really felt that her actions were inappropriate, he would not say it. He coughed and said, “Don’t worry, Ms. Chu. The Mu Residence can still produce this money.”

The items on the second floor are slightly more expensive, but it shouldn’t be much to let Chu Liuyue casually pick a few items.

Chu Liuyue then relaxed and smiled. “That’s good. I’ll thank Lieutenant Mu personally when I return later.”

She then let the pageboy lead her to the second floor.

There were clearly fewer people on the second floor than on the first floor.

Chu Liuyue generally scanned the surroundings and realized that the actual number of customers here were only three, including her.

She even recognized one of them; it was Chong Xu Cabinet’s Master, Weichi Song.

He was also a heavenly doctor and had given her quite a few pieces of advice in the past, so he could be considered half her teacher.

She didn’t expect to bump into him here. But compared to the past, Weichi Song’s hair was much whiter than before, and he looked much older.

“Ms. Chu, please head here.” The pageboy walking in front made way and let Chu Liuyue enter.

Chu Liuyue hurriedly retracted her gaze and followed the pageboy to walk forward.

The same crystal cabinets were used for exhibition, but each crystal cabinet had an extra defensive Xuan formation.

Just based on this structure alone, it was much more expensive than the ones downstairs.

Chu Liuyue looked at the herbs placed inside.

They were indeed all valuable and rare items, but what was different from the first floor was that the labels here only had the herbs’ names. They didn’t show their uses or prices.

These were obviously provided for the people who knew how to use them and had money.

Chu Liuyue walked a few steps and pointed at a green fist-sized fruit. “Take it out, and let me see.”

Duan Ziyu glanced at the side. Green Spiritual Snake Fruit; it doesn’t look like anything special.

But the pageboy’s face changed. As if in shock and also as if in surprise and excitement, he hurriedly wore gloves and took it out.

He took it out, but the Green Spiritual Snake Fruit had another crystal barrier Xuan formation layer around it.

The defense was very tight.

Chu Liuyue looked at it carefully. “This should be around 500 years old, right?”

“You really have good eyesight! This Green Spiritual Snake Fruit is found from a thousand-year-old Green Spiritual Snake Tree! The entire tree only had a total of three Green Spiritual Snake Fruits, so they are very valuable.”

The pageboy’s impression of Chu Liuyue changed greatly. This Ms. Chu can actually determine this Green Spiritual Snake Fruit’s age. It seems like she’s not from an ordinary family. Commoners don’t have this kind of eyesight!

Chu Liuyue nodded in satisfaction. “I want this then.”

The pageboy suppressed his inner excitement and said, “This Green Spiritual Snake Fruit costs 5,000 white crystals. Are you sure you want it?”

Duan Ziyu suddenly raised his head. This green fruit actually costs 5,000 white crystals?!

As if detecting his abnormality, Chu Liuyue turned around and asked concernedly, “Officer Duan, what’s wrong?”

Duan Ziyu forced a smile and said, “N-nothing much…”

As if she suddenly understood something, Chu Liuyue softly asked, “Ah, was the item I picked too expensive?”

Duan Ziyu was speechless. Is there a need to say such obvious things? Although Master said to take good care of Ms. Chu, if this carries on… Master will definitely spend a lot of money! But how can I go back on the words I said?

Duan Ziyu forced a smile and said, “No, please don’t overthink. I’m just a boor, and I don’t really recognize these herbs, so I didn’t think it would be so expensive and was shocked temporarily.”

Chu Liuyue heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s good. I was still worried that I was doing something wrong.”

Duan Ziyu had difficulties but couldn’t voice them out. He looked calm, but in actual fact, his mind was already crazily thinking of all sorts of reasons to explain this matter to Master.

Chu Liuyue continued walking forward.

This hall was very big, and there were many herbs.

Chu Liuyue fancied many things.

She walked past many things and had only walked through one-third of the place, but she had picked quite a few items.

The pageboy followed her from behind and secretly thought that this person really had good eyesight as she picked all the most expensive ones. “Ms. Chu, according to what you’ve previously fancied, you’ve already exceeded 10,000 white crystals. Your gold card has automatically upgraded to become a platinum card. Other than those on the third floor, you get to enjoy a 15% discount for everything else in Hundred Herbs Building.”

Chu Liuyue heard this and suddenly stood still in front of an eight-colored ice crystal. “Add this too.”

The pageboy was already used to Chu Liuyue’s generosity as he directly smiled and said, “This eight-colored ice crystal is taken from the deep seas, and it’s very cold, so it’s worth 7,000 white crystals.”

Duan Ziyu’s steps became shaky.

Qiang Wanzhou stood beside Chu Liuyue, slightly knitted his brows, and softly asked, “The harsh, sinister air inside my body… shouldn’t need this, right?”

“Who said that this is for you?” Chu Liuyue glanced at him. “I just saw that it looked nice, so I want to buy and look at it.”

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