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Chapter 498: Receive with Guilt

The crowd gasped. How bold must she be to have the guts to say this? Is it worth it for a Jizo coral?

The answer was affirmative because the two parties weren’t simply fighting over a Jizo coral. They were fighting over… reputation!

The matter had been blown up, so whoever backed away at this point would be admitting defeat.

Jiang Yuzhi and Xiahou Tingan represented their family clans behind them. No matter if it were the Jiang family or the Xiahou family, they were all reputable aristocratic families here. It would be too humiliating if they lost to this unknown nobody at Hundred Herbs Building.

Xiahou Tingan couldn’t control his expression anymore as he looked at Duan Ziyu and sneered. “Are you purposely going against my Xiahou family?”

Chu Liuyue lightly chuckled and said, “Why do you say this, Second Young Master Xiahou? After all, I liked this Jizo coral first, yet you increased the price and bid for it. Why did it suddenly become us purposely going against you because we increased the bid amount?”

Xiahou Tingan could not retort and was embarrassed. Even if I can continue to increase the price, I will definitely be lectured when I go home. Besides, with the other party like this, they are obviously going to fight to the end. If I let this snowball, the incident will just become bigger!

“Tingan, why aren’t you talking?” Jiang Yuzhi knitted her intricately drawn brows. “You must help me buy it! Are you just going to watch on as I’m bullied by them?”

Xiahou Tingan became increasingly frustrated. Who is the one being bullied now? She just stood there and casually said a few sentences without doing anything, but I’m the one being humiliated! Even if we really buy it, she’ll only be scolded for being willful when she goes back, but what about me? I’m not the only young master in the Xiahou family! They will most likely make a mountain out of a molehill for this!

“Tingan, Tingan?” yelled Jiang Yuzhi in frustration.

Xiahou Tingan took a deep breath in before suppressing his anger. He tidied his shirt, coughed, and looked at Duan Ziyu. “You’re from the Black Guard? It looks like you’re a military officer. From what I know, the salary of Black Guard’s military officers isn’t high enough for you to be tossing money on the streets. I’m afraid your money is illegal, right?”

There were unclean people everywhere, even amongst the Black Guard.

This military officer is so arrogant, and he throws money even more freely than young masters. It’ll be a wonder if there’s nothing wrong with him!

Duan Ziyu straightened his back and stood like a standard gun. “I’m the Black Guard’s third military officer, Duan Ziyu. I have been in the military for 11 years and killed 1,589 enemies. I can use my life to guarantee you that I’ve never done anything against my conscience or taken illegal money!”

His voice was cold and hard, and every single word was as if lightning zapped the ground.

“What you said previously, Second Young Master Xiahou, isn’t just an insult to me, but an insult to the millions of Black Guards that protect the royal family. Please take back your words!”

The crowd was taken aback before they were solemn and respectful. With this kind of military accolades, it’s more than enough for him to be promoted to another rank.

As guards that protected the Tianling Dynasty’s borders, they poured their hearts and souls into their duty, and they battled without caring about their lives. Yet, they received an aristocratic child’s insult in the end.

This was humiliating!

Xiahou Tingan was also taken aback by Duan Ziyu’s aura. After all, he had been living a delicate life in Xi Ling City and was totally different from Duan Ziyu, who frequented the thin line between life and death.

The moment Duan Ziyu spoke up, he immediately felt guilty.

Even though the surrounding people didn’t say much, they scolded him with their eyes.

“I-I just casually asked you about it. If your money is legitimate, why don’t you dare to say it?” retorted Xiahou Tingan with thick skin.

Duan Ziyu sneered, “Second Young Master Xiahou, do we need to report to you how the Mu Residence gets our money?”

Mu Residence? Which Mu Residence? Xiahou Tingan was dazed for a while before reacting. There is only one Mu Residence in the entire Xi Ling City—Black Guard Lieutenant, Mu Qinghe’s residence!

“Y-you work for Mu Qing—Lieutenant Mu?” Xiahou Tingan’s voice was shaky.

The room became especially quiet.

Duan Ziyu said carefully, “If you don’t believe me, Second Young Master Xiahou, you can follow me back to take a look.”

Xiahou Tingan immediately said, “No need!”

At Mu Qinghe’s residence, it was indeed all Black Guards.

I was still wondering why he looked so familiar! Mu Qinghe did bring him around before!

But Duan Ziyu was still an accompaniment after all, so Xiahou Tingan didn’t even notice him. This was why he didn’t recognize him after so long.

Looking at Chu Liuyue and Qiang Wanzhou standing beside him, he asked uneasily, “Then—”

“Ms. Chu is Mu Residence’s VIP,” said Duan Ziyu first.

Xiahou Tingan was stumped and couldn’t say anything for a long time. I-I offended Mu Qinghe!

Jiang Yuzhi was also frightened when she heard ‘Mu Residence,’ and she panicked in her heart. Mu Qinghe is not one to be trifled with… This woman is actually related to Mu Qinghe? If I knew this earlier, I wouldn’t have fought with them!

“Second Young Master Xiahou, may I know if you want to continue bidding?” asked Duan Ziyu.

Xiahou Tingan’s chest felt suffocated. Not to mention that I have no money now, it’s impossible for me to go against Mu Qinghe even if I did. Wouldn’t that be digging my own grave?

“N-no need. Since Ms. Chu is Mu Residence’s VIP, then I’ll let Ms. Chu have this Jizo coral as a gift for Lieutenant Mu—”

“Second Young Master Xiahou, you don’t have to be so polite.” Chu Liuyue suddenly spoke and looked at Xiahou Tingan and Jiang Yuzhi with a smiling face. “Since you want it, we’ll fight for it fairly. I’m just a woman with an ordinary background. Lieutenant Mu is very generous, but I’ll be receiving it with much guilt. I’m already embarrassed to have to trouble Lieutenant Mu for my room and board, so it won’t be good if I use his authority and need you two to let me have it. So, you really don’t have to give in to me!”

This sentence made Xiahou Tingan so embarrassed that he wanted to dig a hole and jump into it himself. I just wanted to find an out for myself, but why is this woman so persistent?

He kept silent for a while before clenching his teeth and said, “No need! At the end of the day, this Jizo coral is just a small toy! Ms. Chu, if you want it, just take it! How can we fight for what you like?”

Jiang Yuzhi anxiously said, “Tingan—”

“We still have something on, so we’ll leave first.” Xiahou Tingan spoke really quickly, and he turned around to leave once he was done.

Jiang Yuzhi looked at Xiahou Tingan—who rapidly left—with a whole stomach filled with anger. It’s fine that he didn’t buy my items, yet he still left me alone and left?!

She turned around to look at Chu Liuyue and angrily said, “It’s all your fault!”

Chu Liuyue wasn’t angry nor furious as she laughed and spoke with a sincere expression. “Fourth Missy Jiang, you should thank me!”

Jiang Yuzhi was dazed. “Thank you for what?”

Chu Liuyue sighed and said pitifully, “Even though my background isn’t as good as yours, I know the logic. Men who refuse to spend on women aren’t reliable! Second Young Master Xiahou’s family is so outstanding, so why did he refuse to spend such a small amount of money on you? Actually, I would’ve given myself an out and let you have the item if he continued increasing the price. It’s a pity…”

Jiang Yuzhi was enraged. Her expression changed, and she left in a hurry.

Chu Liuyue retracted her gaze, and she lightly knocked on the crystal cupboard. “I want this cupboard, that cupboard, and that wall over there. I want everything inside.”

There was dead silence in the room.

Qiang Wanzhou couldn’t help but ask, “Didn’t you say that you’re receiving that person’s money with guilt?”

Chu Liuyue chuckled and patted her own chest. “Yes, but since I’m already filled with guilt, let’s make it more intense!”

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