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Chapter 495: Hundred Herbs Building

Why is this Black Guard so respectful toward Chu Liuyue?

“S-Sir…” stammered Yu Minhan with unease. “Are you mistaken about something…?”

Didn’t Chu Liuyue come from outside? Don’t tell me she has someone powerful backing her up?!

With a faint smile, Chu Liuyue said, “No need to blame yourself, Officer Duan. This matter arose because of me after all.”

Duan Ziyu shook his head. “I’m responsible for your safety, so naturally, everything has to be done right!”

He had been waiting at the audience stand at first, but he didn’t expect to see Yu Minhan and the other members of his sect go and find trouble with Chu Liuyue. They must be tired of living!

Chu Liuyue swept her eyes across the stricken Yu Minhan to the others. “It’s no big deal, but your arrival is timely. I have some other matters to attend to, so I’ll be leaving first.”

Duan Ziyu made way for her. “Understood. Please go ahead.”

Yu Minhan and the others instantly exhaled in relief. The fact that Chu Liuyue can employ a Black Guard officer as her bodyguard is enough proof that she is no simple character.

Yu Minhan couldn’t help but secretly regret his earlier actions. I should’ve checked her background first!

Chu Liuyue stepped forward to leave with Qiang Wanzhou in tow. But when passing by Yu Minhan, her footsteps halted. “You’re welcome to snatch Qiang Wanzhou back at any time.”

A chill ran down Yu Minhan’s spine. “No, I wouldn’t dare to do so! P-please go ahead, Ms. Chu!”

Chu Liuyue—who was used to seeing such behavior—left without a care.

It was only after the two of them walked past him that Yu Minhan cast a reluctant look at Qiang Wanzhou. Such a good seedling… actually got stolen by Chu Liuyue just like that!

“Azure Dragon Sect?” questioned Duan Ziyu as he made his way over.

Only then did Yu Minhan recall that a big shot—who he couldn’t afford to offend—was standing right next to him. He hurriedly said, “I know I was wrong! I know I was wrong!’

People from the top sects might not even be on par with the Black Guard, much less small fry like them—who dared not offend them in the slightest. He didn’t want to implicate the entire Azure Dragon Sect just because of his own affairs.

“I was blind to entertain angels unawares, sir. I… I didn’t know that you were Ms. Chu’s backer. Please don’t take the offense to heart!” Yu Minhan offered his deepest apologies and even almost went down on his knees.

However, a grin spread across Duan Ziyu’s face when he heard the apology. “You got it wrong. I’m not qualified to be her backer.”

“W-what?!” The reply shocked Yu Minhan into momentary silence, and his heart became heavier when he saw the smile on the Black Guard’s face.

Duan Ziyu then bumped Yu Minhan’s shoulder with the hilt of his sword. “Next time, go make inquiries first to see if that person is someone you can afford to offend.”

After saying his piece, he swiftly left to catch up with Chu Liuyue, leaving Yu Minhan and the other Azure Dragon Sect members to exchange uneasy looks.

Someone then came forward to ask, “Fourth Brother, w-will we be in trouble for this?”

With a darkened expression, Yu Minhan gave that person a tight slap across the face. “Can’t you tell at all?! That person is a Black Guard officer for goodness’ sake!”

They hardly met anyone of that rank, yet they had now offended the person whom the military officer was supposed to protect. Most importantly, it was obvious that he was tasked by someone more powerful and influential than him to do this. The person who wanted to protect Chu Liuyue was of a much higher rank, which could only mean that that person was one of the top-ranking people in Xi Ling!

“T-then… are we letting them take Qiang Wanzhou away just like that? He has a Dijing Yuan meridian—” asked someone thoughtlessly, only to receive a kick from Yu Minhan.

Who cares about that at this point?! The entire Azure Dragon Sect has gotten into trouble now!

“Go back and find the sect leader this instant!”

Duan Ziyu caught up with Chu Liuyue in no time as she led Qiang Wanzhou out of Xuan Ji Square.

After walking for a while, the crowd around them visibly lessened. It was then that Duan Ziyu finally asked, “Ms. Chu, are you taking Young Master Qiang back with you?”

Chu Liuyue gave him a thoughtful look. “I do have this intention, but I don’t know if Lieutenant will be agreeable to this.”

Duan Ziyu was really curious as to why she was doing this, but he knew that he was in no position to ask such questions. As such, he only said, “We have strict rules in place that prohibit outsiders from even getting near the residence. However, those rules naturally won’t apply to you if that’s your request.”

Chu Liuyue smiled. To be honest, it doesn’t make a difference whether I have Mu Qinghe’s permission or not since I can always just find an inn for Qiang Wanzhou to stay in.

“By the way, I’d like to go buy some medicinal herbs. May I trouble you to take me there, Officer Duan?”

Chu Liuyue’s request surprised Duan Ziyu at first, but upon recalling that he had seen the former converting her force into fire during the competition earlier, he surmised that she had to be a decent heavenly doctor. Hence, there was nothing weird about her wanting to buy herbs.

“Please follow me.”

After walking through several streets, Duan Ziyu led Chu Liuyue and Qiang Wanzhou into a rather large herb shop.

When Chu Liuyue looked up, she saw the words ‘Hundred Herbs Building’ painted in gold glitter on a massive signboard.

“Ms. Chu, this is the largest medicinal herb shop in Xi Ling City. You can find any herbs you want here,” said Duan Ziyu.

Chu Liuyue stroked her nose. I’m not worried about this shop not having the herbs I want. Instead… I’m more worried about whether I can afford to buy the herbs at all. Being the top herb store in Xi Ling, Hundred Herbs Building naturally has all sorts of herbs. Not only are they of top quality, but their prices are equally high as well. While my ten white crystals might seem a lot to average folks, they are considered… a stretch here.

Although she had heard a lot about Hundred Herbs Building, she had never actually been here before. The Tianling Dynasty’s royal family had a lot of precious medicinal herbs stored away, and she tended to Xin Li Garden on her own. There was never a time where she had ever experienced a shortage of herbs, so she naturally didn’t need to visit such a place.

Chu Liuyue—who initially wanted Duan Ziyu to bring her to a random herb shop—hadn’t expected him to pick the most expensive store out there.

Since they were already right in front of the shop, she felt bad about turning around to leave. As such, she took in a deep breath and took the lead to walk inside.

As soon as she stepped into the store, a pageboy immediately welcomed her with much enthusiasm. “Are you looking for something, Miss?”

Chu Liuyue scanned her surroundings, which was a unique, spacious, and rectangular exhibition hall. All sorts of herbs—along with signs displaying their names, properties, and prices—could be found inside the neat rows of transparent crystal cabinets.

Her eyelids twitched when she took a cursory glance at the stated prices. A 100-year-old blood lingzhi actually costs three white crystals? Isn’t that as good as daylight robbery?!

“I… will take a look around first,” she told the pageboy while looking as calm and dignified as before.

The pageboy respectfully answered, “I’ll come back to serve you once you’re done looking around.”

With that, he tactfully retreated to the side.

There were about 100 people selecting herbs in the exhibition hall at this moment. Likewise, there were also many other pageboys scattered everywhere. Like the one serving her before, they all gave excellent service.

Chu Liuyue started walking along a row of crystal cabinets, but she stopped after a few steps.

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