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Chapter 494: I Apologize for the Commotion

Given the way he scolded Qiang Wanzhou, others would surely think the two of them were related in some way if they didn’t know better. Chu Liuyue, however, had an idea of this person’s identity. “Are you Yu Minhan?”

“Yes, I am!” The man shot her an irritated look before sneering at Qiang Wanzhou. “You told her about me? What else did you say, huh?”

He made a move to grab Qiang Wanzhou but was blocked by Chu Liuyue, whose eyes turned cold as she stepped in front of Qiang Wanzhou. With a polite smile, she told the man, “I’m sorry, but Qiang Wanzhou isn’t going back with you.”

Yu Minhan’s expression soured as he gave her the once-over. “What do you mean by that? He belongs to the Azure Dragon Sect! It’s clearly stated on the marble board!”

Chu Liuyue instantly understood the situation at hand. I see. So he’s from another third-rate sect.

She had heard about the Azure Dragon Sect. Like the Eight Direction Clan, the Azure Dragon Sect was one of the many sects in Xi Ling City and had always been ranked at the bottom. They usually kept to themselves though. The reason this man was behaving so arrogantly was likely due to the fact that she came from outside Heaven’s Canopy.

“Qiang Wanzhou has told me all about it. He’s just here in Xi Ling to look for someone, yet you used this as an excuse to trick him into joining the Wan Zheng Competition. If I’m not wrong, the better the results he gets, the better the rewards you—his referee—will receive. Isn’t that right?”

Although Chu Liuyue knew nothing much about the Wan Zheng Competition previously, she had pretty much gained a rough idea over the past two days.

As expected, Yu Minhan’s expression changed at once. “Enough of your nonsense!”

Chu Liuyue laughed, for his denial only further affirmed her suspicion. The rewards must be pretty good, although everyone is being quite evasive about it…

“You know it better than I do whether it’s nonsense or not. Then again, there’s no need to blow this matter up. I’m taking Qiang Wanzhou with me today no matter what. From now onward, he’ll have nothing to do with you and the rest of the Azure Dragon Sect.”

“I dare you to!” Yu Minhan became anxious. “How dare you try to steal our people?!”

With that, he made a move to slap Chu Liuyue in the face.

Before Chu Liuyue could do anything about it, a cool breeze grazed her ear as a punch landed right in the middle of Yu Minhan’s chest, which sent him flying backward and crashing heavily onto the ground.

This attack caught Yu Minhan totally unprepared.

A murderous aura enveloped Qiang Wanzhou as he moved forward once more.

Chu Liuyue hurriedly pulled him back. “Alright, that’s enough.”

It was obvious that Qiang Wanzhou wanted to kill Yu Minhan. Chu Liuyue wanted to avoid unnecessary trouble and not waste any time and energy on such matters, so she merely gave him a verbal warning.

Standing still, Qiang Wanzhou looked down at the hands that were grabbing his wrist. Although he looked as if he wanted to break free of her hold, he obediently stood to the side in the end.

Chu Liuyue’s heart softened, and her lips curled up at the sight. Given that he quietly did as told despite his reluctance, it seems that in his mind, being a servant means that one has to be obedient all the time.

She released his hand and said with a laugh, “Thank you.”

Surprised to hear that, Qiang Wanzhou looked up, only to turn his head away in embarrassment when he saw the sincerity twinkling in her eyes. “It’s what I ought to do.”

Chu Liuyue said nothing more after that. It looks like there are a lot of things he needs to learn.

“You! What do you think you’re doing?! This is Xi Ling! Are you guys going to kill me?!” Yu Minhan shouted in anger when he realized that he had sustained some serious internal injuries from Qiang Wanzhou’s punch after climbing to his feet with much difficulty.

“Killing you isn’t a difficult task, but I don’t want his hands to be dirtied with your blood now that he’s my subordinate.” Chu Liuyue took a step forward.

Despite the smile on her visage, the cold and unnerving aura she radiated frightened Yu Minhan so much that he unconsciously retreated a step.

She said lightly, “I’ll let this matter pass just like that if you choose to cooperate with me. Otherwise… I’m rather curious to see what sort of reaction the members of your sect will have if they find out that you sought a random person to take part in the competition.”

Yu Minhan’s face turned ashen in an instant. With seemingly great determination, he then sternly retorted, “I don’t care what you have to say! You’ve clearly overestimated yourself if you think someone like you can raise a complaint to the Azure Dragon Sect. In any case, Qiang Wanzhou isn’t going anywhere with you today!”

After that, he took out a whistle and blew hard on it.

Several figures suddenly appeared behind him a moment later and had Chu Liuyue and Qiang Wanzhou surrounded. It was obvious that these people were Azure Dragon Sect members.

Smirking, Chu Liuyue swept a glance at the people around them before she turned to Qiang Wanzhou and joked, “I couldn’t tell at all. They’ve really put in quite a bit of effort for your sake.”

Qiang Wanzhou frowned. “I’ll deal with them.”

His reply only made her put a hand on her forehead. “A kiddo like you shouldn’t be fighting and killing others all day long.”

His frown deepened at her words. “I’m not a child.”

Chu Liuyue shot him a reassuring look in response.

Yu Minhan was fed up with the way the two of them talked as if no one else was around, for it was clear that they had no respect for the Azure Dragon Sect at all. The Azure Dragon Sect didn’t have a high status in Xi Ling, so Qiang Wanzhou’s appearance was a chance for them to experience a meteoric rise.

Previously, he was tasked to find a cultivator with a Dijing Yuan meridian, but he got delayed by certain matters and thus planned to accept his due punishment when he returned. He didn’t expect to meet Qiang Wanzhou right at that timely moment though.

Being at the end of his wits, he could only trick Qiang Wanzhou into joining the competition in order to make up for the numbers and avoid punishment. However, Qiang Wanzhou’s capabilities far exceeded his expectations. From the preliminary round earlier, it seemed like Qiang Wanzhou had a chance to come in the first few places of the competition.

It was only then that Yu Minhan realized that he had found himself a treasure. Hence, how could he possibly let him leave at this critical juncture?

“Attack!” He waved his hand, motioning the others to attack the duo.

But right at that moment, he heard someone sternly shouting from the side. “Xuan Ji Square is not a place for you to cause trouble!”

The Azure Dragon Sect members broke out into a cold sweat when they turned and saw a Black Guard—who was seemingly at the officer rank—approaching them.

“You’re mistaken, sir! We’re not causing trouble; there’s just a slight misunderstanding here. Chu Liuyue wants to take one of our members away! You mustn’t let her get away with this!”

When that Black Guard walked toward Chu Liuyue, Yu Minhan and the others were secretly rejoicing because they were sure that Chu Liuyue would surely end up suffering from having offended a Black Guard.

Alas, they saw the guard cup his fist and bow respectfully to Chu Liuyue the next moment. “Ms. Chu, I apologize for the delay and commotion.”

The Azure Dragon Sect members wore similar shocked expressions on their faces.

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