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Chapter 483: Jian Fengchi the Hegemon of Xi Ling!

Since she’s rushing to die, I won’t turn her down.

“You’re most welcome.”

Zhao Yunzhi didn’t expect Chu Liuyue to agree this readily. She was upset since all the threats and sarcastic comments that she had prepared beforehand no longer had a place.

She muttered softly, “You can be as arrogant as you want! You’ll find out what the penalty for offending the Sky-Soaring Clan is later!”

There were dozens of clans in Xi Ling City, but the Sky-Soaring Clan was at the top of the pyramid. It was the undisputed first clan!

Chu Liuyue gave the people behind Zhao Yunzhi a once-over. From their clothes and the emblem on their left chest, it’s clear that they are young disciples of the Sky-Soaring Clan. However, I’m not really familiar with these people. Other than the Sky-Soaring Clan’s clan master and elders, I rarely saw the other disciples of the clan.

Sensing Chu Liuyue’s gaze, Zhao Yunzhi thought she was scared. She said haughtily, “No need to look. These are the Sky-Soaring Clan’s most outstanding young disciples. With your ability and birth, you’ll never be on their level. Without my persuasion, they would’ve stepped in on my behalf. By then, I don’t even think you’ll be able to leave this square walking.”

She inched closer and laughed coldly as she stared at Chu Liuyue. “No need to thank me. I’m just doing this so that I can take care of you myself!”

Chu Liuyue raised her eyebrows slightly. This Zhao Yunzhi looks harmless, but she’s vicious… It’s a pity that she has a couple of screws loose. In Bei Jiang, Chen Xiyuan was defeated by a single blow from Jian Fengchi. Even if they hadn’t recognized him, they should’ve investigated beforehand and confirmed his identity. Besides, Jian Fengchi’s looks are rather unique. It isn’t hard to find out if they checked, but it’s clear that they didn’t bother asking at all.

Do they really think that they are invincible just by depending on the Sky-Soaring Clan? The Sky-Soaring Clan isn’t bad, but there are plenty more that are stronger.

Chu Liuyue’s lips curved up slightly. “I’m looking forward to this.”

Seeing that Chu Liuyue was unaffected, Zhao Yunzhi was upset. She said angrily, “Then come and get placed in line with me! You can be my competitor in the first round!”

Chu Liuyue frowned. “Get placed in line?”

“Ha! You don’t even know about something this important?!” Zhao Yunzhi laughed, and she looked at Chu Liuyue in disdain. “I’m guessing nobody told you because of your lowly birth?”

Chu Liuyue looked around and saw that there were two white-robed elders in the middle of the square. There was also a giant black jade tablet floating in front of them.

Looking closer, it was filled with the names of people.

The names were organized in pairs.

There were many people standing in pairs in front of the tablet as if they were waiting for the elders to put their name on it.

“The first round of competition is done in pairs?” Chu Liuyue asked with narrowed eyes.

“Of course, and this is just the preliminaries! The official competition only begins after this round! The people eliminated in this round will be kicked out!”

Therefore, Zhao Yunzhi planned to get rid of Chu Liuyue from the start!

“What, you’re afraid?”

Chu Liuyue lightly laughed. “What’s there to be afraid of? I’ll go.”

She then headed toward the center as well.

Looking at Chu Liuyue’s nonchalant manner, Zhao Yunzhi muttered to herself inwardly: We’ll see how long you can keep up this act!

In the square, everyone seemed to be standing around, but they were all quietly observing the others.

Who knew which of these people would be their competitors? There was no harm in getting to know them.

Chu Liuyue and Zhao Yunzhi attracted a lot of attention as they headed to the center.

They were staring for one reason. It was because Chu Liuyue was the only stage-three warrior in the square!

It was impossible not to stand out!

Some of the people looked at Chu Liuyue strangely.

“You’re kidding, right? A stage-three warrior is taking part in this?”

“She’s got guts… Doesn’t she know how violent things get in this competition? Or… is she just here for fun?”

“Heh, this is Xi Ling! Who dares to say that they’re here for fun? I’m envious of the person next to her though. This is going to be a sure win for her… Why didn’t I notice it earlier?!”

Chu Liuyue pretended not to hear any of that and got in line quietly.

It was soon her and Zhao Yunzhi’s turn.

“Just place the pearls on your bracelets here.” One of the elders pointed at the crevice underneath the tablet.

“I’ll go first!” Zhao Yunzhi placed her pearl in the crevice first.

The bronze pearl had a faint glow.

A name appeared on the blank part of the tablet—Zhao Yunzhi!

A line of fine print appeared beneath her name and quickly disappeared.

Chu Liuyue saw it, and it read: Sky-Soaring Clan, Chen Xiyuan. This was an expression of identity.

The two elders looked at one another and nodded.

The elder on the left had a smile on his face. “I heard that you’re only seventeen this year and that you’re already stage-five. If you do well, the Sky-Soaring Clan will have another outstanding disciple!”

Zhao Yunzhi was flattered. “Thank you, Elder Qiuxi!”

Before she came, her cousin had already told her that Elder Qiuxi came from the Sky-Soaring Clan. Even though he later became a palace elder, he had taken good care of the Sky-Soaring Clan.

Elder Qiuxi was even more pleased to know that the young girl before him knew his name.

The corner of Chu Liuyue’s lips curled up. Chen Xiyuan and Zhao Yunzhi arrived in Xi Ling later than I did. Not only does Zhao Yunzhi know the procedures of the competition after one night, she even knows the identity of the judging elder. She has clearly put in the effort.

“Who are you in a group with?” Elder Qiuxi asked.

Zhao Yunzhi smiled sweetly and pointed at Chu Liuyue, who was behind her. “That’s her.”

Seeing that Chu Liuyue was just a stage-three warrior, the smile on Elder Qiuxi’s face faded a little. “Just follow what she did.”

Chu Liuyue wasn’t bothered by his attitude. She stepped forward and placed the pearl in the crevice.

A faint glow appeared, and her name finally appeared next to Zhao Yunzhi’s!

Chu Liuyue!

A line of fine print appeared beneath her name: Dragon Teeth Mountain, Jian Fengchi!

Chu Liuyue blinked. That’s not right; Mu Qinghe brought me here. How did Jian Fengchi—Liu Xingyi didn’t ask yesterday! He must’ve assumed that Jian Fengchi brought me!

But Zhao Yunzhi froze. Jian Fengchi… That rumored hegemon of Xi Ling City, the Young Master of Dragon Teeth Mountain… Jian Fengchi?!

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