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Chapter 481: Heavenly Dao Sworn Agreement

Chu Liuyue took a while to react. The legendary three-eyed eagle actually instinctively spoke up, and it wants to recognize me as its owner. Unbelievable! Even if it were an average fiend, it wouldn’t be willing to acknowledge a human as its master, let alone a distinguished legendary fiend like the legendary three-eyed eagle. Even if lunch drops from the sky, it doesn’t drop like that, right?

Chu Liuyue was dazed by this sudden sentence. “are you serious?”

“You’re dead if you say that you don’t want it!” said the legendary three-eyed eagle ferociously. Its voice was so cold that it could freeze 3,000 miles. If it wasn’t for recovering my physical body, how could I be willing to acknowledge a human as my master!?

In the entire legendary three-eyed eagle clan’s history of millions of years, this situation had almost never happened.

It was more unwilling and more reluctant than anyone else, but… this was the only way! It had burned in the Heavenly Square Cauldron for thousands of years, and the long days and nights tortured it to no end, making it suffer eternal pain.

Its mindset and willpower had long been destroyed countless times. If it weren’t for it relying on its last bit of resolution, it wouldn’t have made it this far. It would’ve just died amidst the intense fire.

After a long while, this had become its last support. Thus… it had to think of a way to recover its physical body and return to its previous peak.

Chu Liuyue coughed. “I think everyone will love to have it, right? But… I already have Tuan Zi. I’m afraid… this will be hard.”

As she spoke, she opened her eyes and had indeed seen Tuan Zi ferociously glaring at her… abdomen.

Tuan Zi’s entire body was filled with murderous intent. If Chu Liuyue agreed, it would probably launch into combat mode immediately.

The legendary three-eyed eagle chuckled with unconcealable pride. “I am part of a legendary clan, so I won’t be restricted by this rule.”

The so-called rule that stated that a human could only have one fiend at any point in time was only for average fiends. This didn’t pose a problem to legendary fiends.

Chu Liuyue widened her eyes. This is my first time hearing about this. So legendary fiends are really this incredible and unstoppable…

Tuan Zi bared its teeth, let out threatening howls, and clenched its two claws into fists. I’m going to go all-out with this guy!

Chu Liuyue was suddenly stuck in the middle. On the one hand, she didn’t want Tuan Zi to be unhappy. On the other hand, she really wanted to help the legendary three-eyed eagle to recover its physical body.

After hesitating for a moment, she asked, “There should be other ways, right?”

The legendary three-eyed eagle coldly said, “Of course. As long as you become a stage-eight warrior, the success rate will be much higher!”

Chu Liuyue was speechless. I’m just a stage-three warrior. It would take forever for me to break through and become a stage-eight warrior.

Chu Liuyue looked at Tuan Zi. “Tuan Zi, let me ask you seriously. What is your attitude on this? If you agree, nod. If you disagree, shake your head. Whatever you say will be the final decision, alright?”

Tuan Zi was suddenly taken aback and dazedly stared at her as it didn’t expect Chu Liuyue to let it make the decision. It indeed felt jealous and terrible once it thought that Chu Liuyue would no longer belong to it alone. I found her with much difficulty…

But when she asked Tuan Zi so sincerely and seriously, it suddenly didn’t know what to do.

In this world, one would be more than elated if they could have a legendary fiend. One wouldn’t even bat an eye even if they had to kill their previous fiend personally.

But to Chu Liuyue, its words were final.

In this world, there won’t be another person like her. Tuan Zi’s eyes turned red, and it hurriedly turned around, wiping its tears with its tail.

The legendary three-eyed eagle coldly said, “Let it come in. I’ll talk to it personally!”

Chu Liuyue was a little surprised. After I said that, the legendary three-eyed eagle was actually not angry… I originally thought that the always arrogant legendary three-eyed eagle would fly into a rage out of humiliation when it was compared to a third-grade fiend and let said fiend decide if the eagle could acknowledge a human as its master.

Tuan Zi wiped its tears dry, and it looked at Chu Liuyue with deep meaning before entering her dantian.

The two fiends stared at each other through the Heavenly Square Cauldron.

Chu Liuyue knew that the fiends had their own way of communication, and it was a pity that she didn’t know what they were talking about. Hence, she just waited quietly.

The legendary three-eyed eagle looked at Tuan Zi, and mockery flashed across its eyes as their thoughts turned into voices.

“An average fiend normally can’t withstand a legendary fiend’s suppression. Even if they could acknowledge the same master, an average fiend would quickly explode and die. But… you don’t have this consideration at all. What’s there to object?”

Tuan Zi widened its eyes and did not speak.

“You should know that the legendary fiend bloodline in my body is also useful to you. Do you really want to be a third-grade fiend for the rest of your life? Will you be willing?”

Tuan Zi clutched its claws tightly, and its entire body trembled slightly.

“Even if you’re willing, she will climb to the top of this mainland based on her potential. By then, what can you help her with?”

The legendary three-eyed eagle’s last sentence seemed as if it pulled out the last straw on the camel’s back.

It was as if stars dazzled in Tuan Zi’s crystal-like eyes, and it finally said, “Remember, thou am always first. Don’t think of fighting with me!”

“You’re finally willing to admit it?” The legendary three-eyed eagle seemed to laugh. In this world, people who can use this pronoun…

Tuan Zi ignored it, turned around, and quickly left. The next moment, it appeared in front of Chu Liuyue again.

“How did your talk go?” asked Chu Liuyue.

Tuan Zi’s gaze had already returned to normal as it knitted its brows and looked very pitiful.

“If you don’t like it, we can don’t—”

But Tuan Zi suddenly shook its head, squatted on her shoulders, and rubbed its cheeks against her face. Then, it lightly nodded.

Chu Liuyue was dazed. “…Tuan Zi, you’re… agreeing?”

Tuan Zi buried its head in its tail and did not move, but its meaning was very obvious.

It actually agreed?! Chu Liuyue’s heart was filled with doubts. According to my understanding of Tuan Zi, it shouldn’t be very willing. I wonder what the two of them talked about just now…

She was elated and felt her heart ache as she pinched Tuan Zi’s ears.

The legendary three-eyed eagle said, “Let’s begin!”

Chu Liuyue acknowledged its words.


The sound of wings vibrating suddenly sounded.

Chu Liuyue looked up.

A black legendary three-eyed eagle apparition appeared in front of her.

“I’ve already sealed this place up, and nobody will detect us.” The legendary three-eyed eagle didn’t open its mouth, but its voice clearly landed in Chu Liuyue’s ears.

Chu Liuyue nodded.

“Now, cut your palm and use the blood to make the oath.”

Chu Liuyue took her dagger and gently scratched it against her palm as fresh blood flowed out.


A silver, circular plate that slowly turned suddenly appeared in front of her.

She could feel a heavenly and mighty aura from it.

Her heart turned slightly cold. This seems to be… Heavenly Dao aura!

The legendary three-eyed eagle softly recited, “With the Heavenly Dao and the legendary three-eyed eagle clan’s bloodline, I solemnly swear to acknowledge Chu Liuyue as my master. From now on, I will be loyal and do my best for her, and I will never betray her!”

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