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Chapter 479: Meeting Again

“Stage-three warrior… Hah, Jian Fengchi, can’t you find stronger cultivators? You must know that before you came here, the warrior with the lowest cultivation level registered was peak stage-four. I think… You shouldn’t participate in this Wan Zheng Competition anymore,” said Liu Xingyi mockingly.

A tinge of hatred surfaced in Chu Liuyue’s heart. This Liu Xingyi is one of Shangguan Wan’s most trusted subordinates, and he is very scheming. Back then, I already disliked him, but Shangguan Wan always put in a good word for him because he saved her life in the past. Thus, I turned a blind eye to him.

He also has a bad relationship with Jian Fengchi. This was because Liu Xingyi once liked a woman a lot, but that woman was devoted to Jian Fengchi. And because she was rejected by him, she shaved her hair and became a nun in the end. Due to this, Liu Xingyi has a grudge against Jian Fengchi.

Actually, after thinking about it carefully, Jian Fengchi really had nothing to do with it. Even though he’s flirtish and frequently has all sorts of romances, all of them involve willing parties. He is also very gentlemanly about it.

He didn’t like that girl, so he directly rejected her. Who would’ve known things would come to that point? Liu Xingyi caused him small troubles repeatedly. At the start, Jian Fengchi didn’t calculate it against him, but he was annoyed when the troubles never ended.

The two of them completely fell apart. When the two enemies met, sparks would fly.

“How can you decide if we want to participate or not? I already brought her over. You should know clearly what you should do,” sneered Jian Fengchi.

Liu Xingyi was frustrated upon seeing his face, but there were many people watching in the dark. Thus, he naturally couldn’t do anything absurd in public.

“Background, name, age.” He flipped open a booklet and picked up a brush.

Chu Liuyue spoke. “Country Yao Chen, Chu Liuyue, 14.”

Liu Xingyi paused in his writing and looked up at her. She is quite young…

“Warrior cultivation level.”


Liu Xingyi laughed in mockery and disdain.

Chu Liuyue completely ignored him.

“Alright. Bring this and report to Xuan Ji Square tomorrow morning to join the Wan Zheng Competition.” As he spoke, Liu Xingyi handed over a red string with a bronze pearl the size of a dragon’s eye. “This represents your identity. If you lose it, it’ll automatically be considered as you giving up.”

Chu Liuyue took the bracelet. “Thank you, Lord Liu.”

Liu Xingyi’s gaze flashed, and he looked at Chu Liuyue determinedly as he laughed weirdly. “You are pretty sensible.”

Even though she followed Jian Fengchi over, she is indeed a beauty. Perhaps I can find a chance…

Chu Liuyue pretended not to see the intention in his eyes.

Jian Fengchi already pulled her elbow. “Go, go, go! This place is filled with nastiness. I can’t stay here for another minute.”

Chu Liuyue was pulled until she staggered backward, but she wasn’t dissatisfied with Jian Fengchi. Her lips curled up instead, and she softly said, “Thank you.”

Does this girl know what kind of person Liu Xingyi is?! Jian Fengchi looked at her in exasperation. “Be careful of this person next time!”

Chu Liuyue felt that Jian Fengchi was pleasing to the eye for once, and she smiled with deep meaning. “I know.”

Jian Fengchi felt a little guilty from her unknown smile. He let go of her arm and quickly walked forward.

Chu Liuyue walked behind slowly and said, “Young Master Jian, don’t walk so fast. You still have to send me there!”

Jian Fengchi suddenly stopped in his tracks. Did I owe Chu Liuyue and Mu Qinghe in my previous life?

“Walk quickly!”

The duo’s figures gradually went far away.

Liu Xingyi slowly retracted his expression and became much more respectful. “Everyone, what do you think of this… Chu Liuyue?”

The entire Xiao Fu Garden was quiet, and one could only hear the winds rustling.

In the next moment, a hoarse voice sounded. “Dijing Yuan meridian—intermediate!”

Liu Xingyi was taken aback. That Chu Liuyue—who is just a mere stage-three warrior—actually has such a good Yuan meridian? Since she’s this talented, how can she only become a stage-three warrior when she’s 14? This doesn’t make sense at all, but even if I’m given all the guts in the world, I don’t dare to doubt this judgment.

He flipped open the booklet and added a tiny ‘intermediate’ under Chu Liuyue’s name.

Chu Liuyue and Jian Fengchi arrived at the Mu Residence.

Looking at the familiar door, Chu Liuyue was dazed for a while.

As the lieutenant of the Black Guard, Mu Qinghe held a high position and was long given a residence.

He was always frugal and didn’t care much about these types of things. At the start, Chu Liuyue was the one who helped pick this place, and most of the interior design was done according to her likings.

She didn’t expect him to still stay here obediently after so long.

Chu Liuyue’s lips moved slightly. She originally wanted to laugh, but she could not.

This scene was too offensive.

Two guards wearing black armor stood outside the Mu Residence entrance. When they saw Jian Fengchi, one of them immediately went forward. “Greetings, Young Master Jian!”

Jian Fengchi asked, “Where’s your Master? I personally brought his person over. Why doesn’t he want to come out?”

That soldier respectfully said, “Young Master, Lieutenant isn’t in the residence. But before he left, he instructed that you can just go in directly if you brought someone over.”

“He’s not in? Where did he go?” asked Jian Fengchi casually.

The two soldiers glanced at each other and looked like they were in a difficult position. “I… don’t know either.”

Jian Fengchi lightly grunted. Even though Xi Ling City is big, Mu Qinghe only goes to a few places.

He waved the jade fan. “I still have something on, so I’ll go first. Your Lieutenant personally brought this Ms. Chu over, so you must take care of her. Do you understand?!”

The two of them glanced at Chu Liuyue, but they looked very composed. “Yes!”

Chu Liuyue thought to herself in a mocking manner: These are indeed the soldiers Mu Qinghe personally trained. Even after seeing my appearance and cultivation level, they didn’t show the same expression as others at all. They looked at me as if they were looking at a block of wood.

Mu Qinghe trained soldiers in a disciplined and strict manner. This was also why he could win every battle he fought.

Jian Fengchi turned around and winked at Chu Liuyue. “Go yourself.”

Chu Liuyue thanked him again and stepped into the house when Jian Fengchi left.

A soldier quickly walked up. “Ms. Chu, follow me.”

Mu Residence had no servants or pageboys. All the people serving here were Black Guards.

Chu Liuyue slightly nodded and followed him.

The moment she took two steps, a strange commotion sounded beside her.

As if sensing something, Chu Liuyue looked up.

A green figure quickly flew over—it was Hong Yao!

Chu Liuyue smiled. “Hong Yao, long time no—”

Before she could finish her sentence, her smile suddenly froze.

Hong Yao’s wings had bloodstains!

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