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Chapter 477: What do I have to be afraid of?

Admit defeat? There was no way Wu Zhao could ever utter those words.

Continue? The sharp knife is closing in on my throat! Wu Zhao knew without a doubt that Chu Liuyue could end him there and then if she wanted to!

Countless pairs of eyes looked over.

Wu Zhao felt so embarrassed that he wanted to crawl into a hole!

“Hm?” Chu Liuyue flicked her dagger, which made a clinking sound.

Wu Zhao shivered, and as if resigning himself to his fate, he said with closed eyes, “You win!”

There was pin-drop silence.

Wu Zhao actually… conceded defeat?! He, a stage-five warrior, actually lost to a stage-three warrior?! If the news spreads, it’s bound to make waves in Xi Ling City!

“Have I lost touch? When did stage-three warriors outside Heaven’s Canopy become this strong?!” mumbled someone in the crowd.

“Or maybe Wu Zhao’s ability as a stage-five warrior… is fake?”

Wu Zhao’s face turned red and white. His veins were popping, and he wanted to yell at them. My ability is faked?! They can come up and give me a try! This Chu Liuyue… She isn’t normal! It’s not like I’ve never fought with other stage-three warriors, but none of them were like her! First off, her strength and speed are at least on par with mine! Where did this freak come from!

“You admit defeat?” Chu Liuyue smiled with satisfaction. “Sure, I’ll take ten white crystals then.”

Wu Zhao was stunned. “What did you say?”

Chu Liuyue explained with a smile, “I said: Give me ten white crystals since you’ve admitted defeat, and we can call it a day.”

Wu Zhao was confused. “W-why should I give you so much money?! I’ve conceded! What else do you want?”

We didn’t bet any white crystals up for taking!

Chu Liuyue blinked. “Oh? So you’re not going to give them to me?”

“You’re dreaming!” Wu Zhao cried out angrily.

Having spent so many years in Xi Ling City, he had never seen anybody who not only refused to pay but even asked for money!

“Chu Liuyue, right? I’m warning you; this isn’t your lousy, puny country. You can’t do as you please here! You better rein it in, or else…”

Chu Liuyue flicked her dagger forward impatiently, and the sharp dagger immediately pierced Wu Zhao’s flesh!

Warm blood trickled down the dagger’s blade.

Wu Zhao’s voice came to a screeching halt!

“Admit defeat and give me ten white crystals, or continue,” stated Chu Liuyue again. “I’m asking you again: Which one are you choosing?”

Wu Zhao was so angry that he felt like steam was going to come out of his head! “You! You—how dare you!”

“It seems like you think that your life isn’t worth ten white crystals?” Chu Liuyue shook her head regretfully. “What a pity.”

With that, she moved her wrist, about to take action!

“I’ll pay! I’ll pay!” Wu Zhao shouted out anxiously. He had a feeling that Chu Liuyue really had the guts to kill him!

He stiffly took out ten white crystals from his Cosmic Bag and passed them to Chu Liuyue. “Here!”

Chu Liuyue eyed Tuan Zi.

Tuan Zi immediately went forward, grabbed the white crystals, and flew toward Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue only backed away after she took a glance and made sure it was ten white crystals.

Sensing that the dagger was finally away from him, Wu Zhao was relieved. However, he couldn’t help but turn back to look at Chu Liuyue with anger and resentment.

He pointed at her. “I’ll remember this! You’d better pray that you don’t run into me next time!”

Chu Liuyue smiled and shook the crystals in her hands. “You’re most welcome.”

Wu Zhao’s expression was stiff, but he turned and left!

Even after he left, the square was still silent. Given the disparity between their expectations and reality, it wasn’t hard to imagine their shock.

Chu Liuyue put the ten white crystals away. She then walked over to Jian Fengchi and patted her Cosmic Bag. “My first bucket of gold!”

Even though this wasn’t much money to her, it was better than nothing. With this money, her life in Xi Ling City would be a little better.

Jian Fengchi felt the corners of his mouth twitching. Fi-first bucket of gold?! How does this girl have the face to say this?! I felt that my skin was thick enough, but Chu Liuyue has proven me wrong! Taking money from the people guarding the transportation formations… She is probably the first! No matter what, Chu Liuyue’s name is bound to spread quickly in Xi Ling City after this battle!

“You… Would you really have killed that Wu Zhao?” Jian Fengchi asked. “No matter what, he is a clan’s disciple.”

Chu Liuyue looked at him and beamed. “I have your protection, don’t I?”

Jian Fengchi was stunned. “When did I say…”

Jian Fengchi was about to rebut her, but he instantly understood when he saw the teasing in Chu Liuyue’s expression. That’s right; I brought her here! This means that Chu Liuyue is with me! The Eight Direction Clan will never have the guts to go against me publicly. Even if Chu Liuyue killed Wu Zhao today, they would never dare to do anything. Besides, so many people saw that Chu Liuyue had won the battle herself!

Survival of the fittest! No wonder she was so confident… Jian Fengchi squinted his eyes. “You know to borrow influence, huh… We haven’t even entered Xi Ling, but you’ve offended two clans already. I’m not sure whether to say that you’ve got guts or…”

“I had nothing to do with the first one.”

“Don’t worry. They’ve included you in the grudge anyway.”

“So we’re even now.”

“…” Jian Fengchi suddenly felt that something was off. This girl really refuses to take any losses!

“Since the matter has been resolved, we should go too.” Jian Fengchi raised his chin.

Chu Liuyue agreed.

The pair left Ping Liang Square, leaving the peering crowd behind.

After walking a distance, Jian Fengchi turned and glanced at Chu Liuyue several times before he asked her curiously, “Even though you do have the ability, aren’t you afraid of offending so many people?”

“What is there to be afraid of?” Chu Liuyue looked at the heavy city gates before her and smiled. The people I’m going after are the most revered in Xi Ling City! What do these small fry count as? They are just appetizers! Since I’ve returned, I’m bent on turning the entire Xi Ling upside down!

Jian Fengchi paused when he saw the ripples in Chu Liuyue’s eyes. For some reason, he felt that something about Chu Liuyue’s aura was off… It seemed murderous!

Chu Liuyue smiled and headed for the city gates!

“Xi Ling is going to be exciting!”

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