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Chapter 476: Concede Defeat, or Continue

Is this woman’s leg made of iron?! Wu Zhao thought to himself briefly as his face turned pale!

The people who were watching sucked in a breath. That Chu Liuyue managed to break Wu Zhao’s bones! From the looks of it, he has at least three broken ribs!

When did stage-three warriors become this strong?!

It must be made known that stage-five cultivators didn’t have the right to collect money at Ping Liang Square.

Wu Zhao was an exception because he was extremely powerful! His muscles weren’t for show, but… he was easily taken down by that skinny girl!

Chu Liuyue looked down at Wu Zhao with a grin. “You’re not as hardy as I thought…”

Wu Zhao was frustrated and reached for Chu Liuyue’s ankles with his hands!

Chu Liuyue pressed down with her leg again!


The sound of bones breaking came through even clearer!

Overwhelming pain radiated from his chest, and cold sweat quickly appeared across Wu Zhao’s forehead.

He wanted to get up, but it felt like a mountain was on his body and prevented him from moving! Before this, he had never imagined losing to such a weak-looking girl!

It looks like I can’t win based purely on muscle! Wu Zhao changed his mind and decided to activate his martial art techniques!

Chu Liuyue raised her eyebrows after she felt the force around Wu Zhao spinning. If I don’t activate the water droplet in my dantian, there is no way I can hold my own against Wu Zhao with the force in my body alone. Therefore… I can never give him that chance!


A streak of force flew out from Wu Zhao’s palm!

Chu Liuyue stepped aside and backward simultaneously!

Wu Zhao was delighted as he pushed himself off the ground with his palm! But after he stood up, he realized that Chu Liuyue was nowhere to be found!

He was stunned.

A cold breeze came from behind him!

Without thinking, he lunged and rolled forward!


A paper-thin throwing knife directly pierced into where he had been standing! About one-third of the blade was embedded in the ground!

Wu Zhao looked back, and his eyelids twitched after he saw the knife that was still trembling.

The square grounds were forged from exceptionally strong stone. There was no way an ordinary Yuan instrument could leave any marks behind, but Chu Liuyue’s knife split it wide open easily!

He knew that this was something he could not accomplish!

It wasn’t hard to imagine what things would’ve been like if he had been a second slower!

Chills ran down Wu Zhao’s spine, and he felt a tinge of regret. Someone who is able to produce such a knife definitely came from a strong background! But I will be the butts of Xi Ling City’s jokes if I concede now!

At this thought, he drew the saber that hung by his waist!

The bigger the weapon, the stronger the weapon!

Wu Zhao refused to believe that he couldn’t beat a stage-three warrior!

Just as he was frantically inserting his force into his saber, Chu Liuyue threw another throwing knife out.

The urgency of the situation forced Wu Zhao to stop his actions and face it head-on with his saber!


The small throwing knife heavily scratched against the saber! There were sparks everywhere!

Alongside the shrill noise, Wu Zhao was stunned to see a clean crack appear across his saber!



The blade broke into two pieces!

The force in his body was affected and became entangled!

At this moment, Chu Liuyue stepped forward and rushed straight toward Wu Zhao! She raised her legs and kicked toward his chest!

Wu Zhao was stunned. He threw away the handle and clenched his fists, crossing them across his chest to brace himself for her attack!

Chu Liuyue’s foot landed accurately on his slightly injured wrist!


His wrist immediately presented itself in an eerie position.

Wu Zhao let out a muffled cry as he stepped back, his eyes burning with rage. “Despicable!”

But Chu Liuyue bounced off of him!

Wu Zhao was frustrated as he grabbed Chu Liuyue’s calf without regard for his injuries! She then fell heavily on the ground!


Chu Liuyue’s back landed heavily on the ground. Her body shook as she spat out a mouthful of blood!

Wu Zhao’s eyes were red as he dragged Chu Liuyue backward!

Chu Liuyue’s body left a bloody trail on the floor!

Just as she was figuring out how to get away, Wu Zhao suddenly stopped. He then picked Chu Liuyue up and threw her down heavily!

There was a cold glimmer on the floor!

It was the throwing knife that Chu Liuyue had thrown out earlier! If she landed on it, she would be dead!

“Die!” Wu Zhao cried out!

At this moment, a ball of red flew across!

Wu Zhao felt a sharp pain on his arm, and he instinctively loosened his grip!

Looking down, it was a third-grade blood ferret that had bitten a piece of his flesh off!

His arm was bloody!

Chu Liuyue took the chance to break free. She rolled aside, avoiding Wu Zhao’s attack!

The next instant, she moved her wrist, and a cold reflection flew from her hands!

Wu Zhao looked at it—it was a dagger!

He quickly avoided it!

But just as the dagger was about to fly past his ear, a throwing knife dislodged from the dagger!

Wu Zhao widened his eyes as he immediately tried to avoid it! However, he was still too late!

The throwing knife cut through his shoulder!

Chu Liuyue had managed to pull out the throwing knife when she got up from the ground earlier, and she had managed to reattach it to the dagger!

Wu Zhao pressed down on his shoulder, but blood still flowed freely from it!

Chu Liuyue rushed forward again!

Wu Zhao was anguished! He wanted to use his martial art techniques, but Chu Liuyue’s attacks were quick and urgent, leaving him no time to muster any force!

Every time he prepared to attack, Chu Liuyue would strike first! It was like she was fighting for her life, no holds barred! It was as if she wasn’t worried about the consequences if she slipped up!

He looked up at Chu Liuyue.

Her raven eyes were burning with fighting spirit! It was like she was ready to fight him to the death!

Her injuries weren’t any better than his. She was covered in blood, but her desire to fight only seemed to grow stronger!

Wu Zhao’s heart skipped a beat as fear grew in his heart. Even though he had been cultivating and battling for many years, he had never seen such willpower and fighting spirit.

It was like Chu Liuyue was putting her life on the line!

Ability was important in a battle, but one’s perseverance wasn’t to be trifled with!

Once one gave in, they would lose continuously!

That was the state Wu Zhao was in!

In the face of Chu Liuyue’s constant advances, he instinctively backed away!

Suddenly, an eerie sound came from behind him!

He turned and saw the blood ferret with a dagger in its mouth!

It shook its tail and flung the dagger out!

Chu Liuyue rushed forward and grabbed it.

By the time Wu Zhao realized what was happening, he felt a cold sensation coming from the back of his neck!

“Surrender? Or would you like to continue?”

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