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Chapter 457: Fight!

Situ Xingchen was stunned by Chu Liuyue’s gaze, and she unwittingly felt fear. But the next moment, she suddenly woke up. Fear? Chu Liuyue is definitely not my opponent now. She should be the one that’s afraid.

Situ Xingchen suppressed her emotions, and her eyes narrowed when her gaze landed on the white lion. That’s clearly Rong Xiu’s fiend! Rong Xiu has never summoned it in front of others before, so very few people know about this. I had only found out about this accidentally. Now, it actually appeared here and saved Chu Liuyue?! Is he determined to help Chu Liuyue to the end?

She clenched her teeth and suddenly sneered. “What, are you going to fight with me?”

Chu Liuyue circulated her force. The rich force kept flowing out of her dantian and headed toward her right index finger. “You tried to kill me first. What, you don’t allow me to retaliate?”

Situ Xingchen seemed not to care about Chu Liuyue’s movements and acted as if she heard a joke. She chuckled. “Just based on you, a mere stage-three warrior?”

Her words overflowed with unconcealable mockery and contempt.

“Based on me alone.” Chu Liuyue smiled with deeper meaning. I’m indeed a stage-three warrior now, but… I didn’t say that I can only execute powers limited to a stage-three warrior.

Situ Xingchen almost thought that Chu Liuyue was crazy. “Okay! I want to see how long you can be arrogant for!”

The moment she finished her sentence, she raised the bloody whip and harshly lashed it out.


This time, she used even greater strength than before. When the bloody whip cut through the air and easily tore through space, it left black cracks.

In the blink of an eye, that bloody whip went straight for Chu Liuyue’s head with tremendous powder.

Xue Xue hurriedly avoided it; it was very fast.

One look at it, and it would seem like a bolt of lightning.

The bloody whip landed on nothing.

Situ Xingchen’s expression turned ugly. With that high-level fiend’s help, it will be very difficult to even hurt Chu Liuyue, let alone killing her.

She raised her wrists, and the bloody whip hurriedly followed Chu Liuyue.


Xue Xue moved its body and easily avoided it again.

Situ Xingchen didn’t believe it and took action again.

A faint layer of greenish-red light gathered above the bloody whip. The strength within it was much greater than the previous two times.

When the bloody whip flew out, Situ Xingchen angrily hollered, “If you have the guts, don’t run!”

Before Chu Liuyue could even reply, Xue Xue had already turned around, raised its claw, and harshly slashed forward.


The bloody whip was directly cut into two by Xue Xue’s claw.

Situ Xingchen gasped. This fiend is even stronger than I thought.

Xue Xue glanced at Situ Xingchen, and its icy-blue eyes were cold and nonchalant. It seemed as though it was looking at an ant.

Chu Liuyue gently patted Xue Xue’s head. “You did great!”

Xue Xue turned around, and the ice in its eyes melted away, revealing unconcealable pride and delight.

That big, furry head sweetly rubbed against Chu Liuyue’s palm, and Xue Xue looked very different from its previous cold and solemn appearance.

Situ Xingchen was so angry that she almost exploded.

She was also implicated in the previous retaliation, and her organs were all huddled together. Originally, I wanted to take this chance to take revenge on Chu Liuyue and settle her once and for all. But it now seems like it’s going to be difficult unless I can increase my cultivation level again…

Right! I can only kill Chu Liuyue by continuing to cultivate and becoming a stronger warrior. Thinking of this, Situ Xingchen took a deep breath in and strengthened her surrounding barrier. Then, she closed her eyes and started to absorb the surrounding force.

Actually, the force from the greenish-red light from the bronze cauldron kept flowing toward her body continuously. As long as she focused at the critical moment and tried to break through, she would succeed.

When Chu Liuyue saw that Situ Xingchen suddenly stopped, something popped up in her mind, and she understood the latter’s intentions.

She will fight when she wants to and suddenly stop to break through when she wants to. How can there be such a good deal in this world? Once Chu Liuyue thought of this, a red figure flashed before her eyes.

Tuan Zi directly flew toward Situ Xingchen. If Chu Liuyue was in front of it, she would see how angry Tuan Zi looked with its puffed-up cheeks.

Damn it! My spotlight has been snatched! Once it thought about how it previously tried to pull Chu Liuyue back but failed and was even chased away by the force, Tuan Zi felt ashamed.

Compared to the white lion’s performance, it had no face at all.

Seeing Tuan Zi coming toward her, Situ Xingchen smiled coldly. This barrier’s defense is very strong. Even that seventh-grade red-tailed flood dragon can’t break through it, let alone this third-grade blood ferret. It’s capable, but—


Tuan Zi directly pounced on the barrier, opened its mouth, and harshly bit down.


A large hole instantly appeared.

Situ Xingchen’s smile instantly froze, and intense disbelief filled her eyes. How is that even possible?

As if it were releasing its anger, Tuan Zi kept biting the barrier’s sides.

Kacha kacha!

A similar scene to that of the Qing Jiao Competition appeared once again.

Even Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but be stunned. Why do Tuan Zi’s teeth seem to be even better than before…?

Even though Situ Xingchen’s surrounding barrier was tough, it couldn’t withstand Tuan Zi’s attack.

Initially, she wanted to ignore it and hurriedly break through. But when she saw Tuan Zi bite a hole out, completely squeeze itself in, and come toward her, she finally couldn’t take it any longer and was forced to stop. “Chu Liuyue! If you’re capable, go against me one-on-one. Why must you rely on these fiends?”

Chu Liuyue blinked and smiled. “Isn’t it precisely my ability to be able to summon these fiends to help me? I never said that you couldn’t do it. Since you hate me, you can just show all the tricks you have up your sleeves!”

Something seemed to be stuck in Situ Xingchen’s chest as her face flashed white and red. How can a normal fiend be these two fiends’ opponents?

Chu Liuyue suddenly cleared her throat. “Xue Xue!”

Xue Xue seemed to have telepathy with her as it leaped into the air and instantly charged toward Situ Xingchen.

Upon seeing this, everyone was taken aback. “Chu Liuyue is actually planning to take Situ Xingchen head-on?”

“That white lion is a high-level fiend. Didn’t you see how easily it avoided Situ Xingchen’s attack? With its help, Chu Liuyue might not lose!”

“But Situ Xingchen is a few levels higher than her… If they directly fight, Chu Liuyue would definitely be at a disadvantage—”

Green and red rays of light gathered in Situ Xingchen’s hands. Then, her hands harshly clapped together.

The two lights slammed against one another.

“Double Extreme Palm!”

Chu Liuyue raised her hand, and a dazzling light appeared above her right index finger.

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