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Chapter 453: Summon

Elder Zong Ye’s heart faltered. He was a stage-six warrior and could naturally feel the light pillar’s aura. Thus, he felt that something was amiss.

When he saw Elder Ye’s current look, he became even more worried. But since he had already spoken earlier, he couldn’t go back on his words.

Thinking that Situ Xingchen had always done things sensibly, he felt slightly assured and forcefully explained, “We don’t need outsiders like you to worry about this!”

Then, he looked at the light pillar.

At this point, Situ Xingchen’s aura had already broken through to a stage-four warrior’s, and it kept strengthening.

Elder Zong Ye was half-emotional and half-worried. However, he didn’t see that shock flashed across Elder Ye’s eyes when he saw a crack appear on the strange pattern above the light pillar.

Situ Xingchen’s breakthrough speed is much faster than I had expected. The energy in the bronze cauldron keeps on flowing out. If this continues, the situation will be unsalvageable. Right! There’s still Emperor Jiawen! Thinking of this, Elder Ye turned around and walked away.

Elder Zong Ye was very fast and blocked him again as he asked alertly, “Where are you going?”

Elder Ye’s eyes darkened. “Zong Ye, I’ve already said that I won’t stop Situ Xingchen! You’d better make way now!”

But Elder Zong Ye completely didn’t believe his words. Who knows what Ye Zhiting will think of to deal with Xingchen and me?

“No matter what, you must stay here! Before this ends, you are not going anywhere!” Elder Zong Ye sneered. “The both of us are similar in terms of skills. Even if I can’t defeat you, it won’t be easy if you want to leave.”

Elder Ye almost spurted out vulgarities, and he really wanted to smash open Zong Ye’s head to see if it stored water. “Zong Ye, don’t make things worse!”

Elder Zong Ye shrugged his shoulders, and it was clear that he wanted to go against Elder Ye.

Different from the chaotic palace, Prince Li Mansion was currently peaceful.

Standing in the yard, Rong Xiu had his hands behind his back as he glanced toward the palace in the distance.

When he saw that the pattern started to crack, he raised his brows slightly.

Yu Mo—who was standing behind—couldn’t help but say, “Master, it seems like Situ Xingchen’s aggression is even stronger than expected. She used such a short amount of time to reach this stage…”

“Her hands and legs have been made useless, and her force was sealed. In addition to the different kinds of humiliation she experienced in the past few days… Anybody would do this, let alone her.” Rong Xiu had a wry smile.

Yu Mo agreed in his heart.

Situ Xingchen wasn’t a kind person, and with the recent happenings, she was obviously someone that would resort to all sorts of methods when she couldn’t achieve her goals.

Not to mention that she didn’t know the other secret hidden behind the bronze cauldron. Even if she knew, she might harbor some hope to try it.

“What plans does Third Brother have?” asked Rong Xiu lightly.

Yu Mo immediately said, “The Third Prince is preparing to activate the Deep Xuan formation, but… For some reason, there are no movements yet.”

“The Third Prince knows the enemy and himself the best on the battlefield and has won many battles. Now that he doesn’t know what exactly Situ Xingchen is up to, he will simply plan to observe quietly and not make reckless moves.”

Besides, he has just taken down the Imperial City and is a step away from the throne. He naturally has to be meticulous and careful. A smile of understanding surfaced in Rong Xiu’s eyes.

Actually, from all aspects, Rong Jiu was very outstanding.

This thought alone didn’t pose a problem, but… He didn’t know that opportunities waited for no men. It might be way too late if he waited for everything to be prepared before taking action.

“Master, are you… not planning to intervene?” asked Yu Mo curiously.

Rong Xiu squinted his eyes slightly. “Why waste my effort?”

This way, it could save him quite some trouble.

Yu Mo acknowledged his words respectfully.

A ripple suddenly appeared in the empty air.

Yu Mo turned around and saw Yan Qing—who hadn’t been seen for some time—walk out. He seemed to be in a rush, and his hair was in a mess.

“Greetings, Master!” Yan Qing knelt down on one leg and presented a letter.

Rong Xiu looked at the letter determinedly.

“Master, the other side can’t hold it anymore. 36 Respected Elder Ming personally wrote a letter to urge you to go back.”

When Yu Mo heard ’36 Respected Elder Ming,’ his eyes twitched. That person actually made a move? However, the other side really isn’t in an optimistic situation. Actually, thinking back, Master hasn’t gone back in such a long time…

Rong Xiu picked up that letter.

The moment it touched his fingertips, the letter turned into a ray of light and flew to Rong Xiu. Then, the light formed a circular screen.

A blurred figure appeared above. “Your Highness, are you really not planning to come back?”

The low and warm voice sounded like the light wind strumming violin strings, rejuvenating one’s soul.

Yu Mo suddenly felt a chill run down his spine as he exchanged glances with Yan Qing and saw the horror in his eyes. This person is actually using such a tone to speak? It’s over!

Rong Xiu focused and still smiled nonchalantly. “Respected Elder, you’re mistaken. I’ll go back in a few days.”

“That’s great.” That voice was still gentle, and he was still smiling. “That’s great. Your Highness, you haven’t been back in a while, and everyone thinks that you have died outside.”

Rong Xiu’s eyelids harshly twitched.

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