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Chapter 452: Stormy Situation

But Situ Xingchen just did not stop. Instead, she absorbed the surrounding power at an even higher speed.

Evidently, the greenish-red pillar did most of the work.

Looking at the tumultuous clouds in the sky and the lightning that kept flashing from time to time, Chu Liuyue knitted her brows. Normally speaking, this kind of weather phenomenon will only appear when a special treasure is appearing in the world. Similarly, for cultivators, one has to be a stage-five warrior at least to trigger such a big commotion.

One had to know that when Chu Ning recovered and broke through to become a stage-five warrior, it completely wasn’t like the current situation…

If this continues, Situ Xingchen might continue to break through.

The wooden box in the Cosmic Bag started moving even more.

Chu Liuyue almost couldn’t ignore it. She even felt that something was going to burst out of the wooden box.

At this point, Emperor Jiawen heard the commotion and turned around.

Chu Liuyue immediately hid behind the study table.

At this moment, Emperor Jiawen was already exhausted. He had also placed his last bit of rationality and attention on the light pillar that shot up to the sky outside, so he didn’t even notice Chu Liuyue.

He slowly walked to the window, but it was already locked from the outside, so he couldn’t open it and see what was going on outside.

He could only see the light shadow reflecting on the windows.

“W-why is this…” Emperor Jiawen was in dire straits as he muttered to himself. “Ru Yue… I still let you down in the end…”

Chu Liuyue was dazed. Ru Yue? Isn’t she Consort Wan, Rong Xiu’s birth mother? Why did Emperor Jiawen say this now? Besides… It sounds like he is very regretful and blames himself. Rumors say that Emperor Jiawen only doted on Consort Wan and that the thousands of concubines in the harem couldn’t be compared to her. But afterward… Not long after Consort Wan gave birth to Rong Xiu, she had a huge fight with Emperor Jiawen and directly moved out of the palace to Tian Lu Academy. After staying in the academy for two years, she passed on.

It’s normal for Emperor Jiawen to miss her very much, but why must he bring her up at this point?

Emperor Jiawen then took out something from around his neck.

As only his side was facing Chu Liuyue’s position, she could only see an outline of the object. She couldn’t see what it was clearly.

“You’re still blaming me… That’s true; I was wrong, so we ended up in this state…” muttered Emperor Jiawen as he looked at the item in his hands. It seemed as though he was laughing and crying.

Then, the item in his hand suddenly glowed. The glow was like a stream of water as it extended into Emperor Jiawen’s arm and his entire body.

Very quickly, Emperor Jiawen was enveloped within the weird light.

Chu Liuyue’s eyes shrunk.

This was because Emperor Jiawen’s aura seemed to be gradually increasing, and that strength clearly seemed to be flowing out of his body.

A strange pattern suddenly appeared above his head.

Chu Liuyue quickly glanced at it and realized that this pattern was exactly the same as the pattern on the greenish-red light pillar. Comparatively, the one above Emperor Jiawen’s head looked much more normal, not like the one outside that was filled with a sinister aura.


A crack suddenly appeared on that pattern.

As the crack expanded, Emperor Jiawen’s aura became even stronger.

Chu Liuyue finally realized something: There is a seal in Emperor Jiawen’s body, and it now seems like he plans to break it open. It’s obvious that Emperor Jiawen’s capabilities aren’t as normal as it seems on the surface.

Chu Liuyue suddenly thought of something, and her heart beat wildly. If the pattern above Emperor Jiawen’s head is a seal, then… What about the one outside?!

Hong long!

Lightning in the form of a silver snake bore through the thick, black clouds and finally struck the light pillar.


Following this ear-piercing sound, a crack appeared on the strange pattern above the light pillar.

But as the light on the pillar kept flashing and because that pattern was very much distorted, almost nobody noticed this change.

Now, most people’s attention was on Situ Xingchen, who was in the center of the light pillar.

Rong Jiu stared at her closely. Actually, he had long recognized that person to be Situ Xingchen.

It seems like she has been locked up in the palace all this while, but for some reason, she suddenly started to break through. The aura in the light pillar is similar to the bronze cauldron.

“Your Highness, what should we do?” The people behind exchanged glances. Should we just let this be? However, it seems like we can’t get close to it and stop it…

Rong Jiu yelled, “Lock the palace doors and prepare to activate the Deep Xuan formation at any time!”

Everyone was taken aback.

“Your Highness, activating the Deep Xuan formation requires a lot of manpower and effort. It seems too overboard to use it to handle a stage-four warrior…” A family head spoke up tentatively.

Rong Jiu turned around and sneered. “So it seems like Su Family Head is volunteering?”

That person’s expression changed, and he hurriedly shook his head. What a joke! The aura around the light pillar is very dangerous, and even a stage-five warrior like Wei Lin can’t break through it, let alone others.

“Since no one wants to go… Immediately prepare the Deep Xuan formation!” Rong Jiu yelled, and that person was taken aback. He didn’t dare to say much and hurriedly moved backward.

Very quickly, the people beside also followed him.

Rong Jiu looked at Situ Xingchen again before he suddenly thought of something. “Where’s Elder Ye?”

At this point, Elder Zong Ye and Elder Ye were battling again.

After the latter came out, he planned to stop Situ Xingchen, but he was blocked by Elder Zong Ye.

The two people had comparable abilities, and without any burden, Elder Zong Ye’s combat skills were much stronger than before.

Hence, after countless moves, they still tied.

Seeing that Situ Xingchen had already broken through to become a stage-four warrior but still planned to continue, Elder Ye became increasingly anxious.

“Zong Ye, do you know what your precious niece is doing?!”

Elder Zong Ye sneered. “Isn’t it obvious what she’s doing? It’s destiny. If you want to stop her, you must make it through me first!”

The light pillar had tremendous strength, and Situ Xingchen had already smoothly broken through to the fourth stage from the third stage.

Without long, she might even break through and become a stage-five warrior.

Situ Xingchen was extremely talented as a heavenly doctor, but her warrior skills were average. If she took this chance, she could definitely become a hundred times stronger than before.

Elder Ye was infuriated. This fool actually thinks that Situ Xingchen is lucky to have such a destiny, and he even wants her to break through continuously and become a top warrior. Nobody can help him!

“Since this is so, I won’t stop her. You just wait here and see if she will really become a top warrior in the end.”

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