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Chapter 450: A Step Too Late

The clouds tumbled, and heaven and earth turned pitch black.

That light pillar directly shot into the sky and entered the clouds. From afar, it seemed like heaven and earth were connected.

Above it, the green and red lights intermingled, outlining a strange pattern that made one fearful.

Rong Jiu turned around and focused on it. “Wei Lin! Immediately send someone to check and see what’s going on!”


Everyone in the hall looked over and had strange expressions.

Taking advantage of this temporary opening, Emperor Jiawen suddenly rushed toward the back. I must hurry up!

But Rong Jiu quickly noticed this movement as he turned around and glanced at him coldly. “Why are you still standing around?”

The surrounding people immediately reacted, rushed up in unison, and stopped Emperor Jiawen.

This time, Emperor Jiawen’s hands were directly tied up, and he couldn’t move them at all.

“Rong Jiu! Rong Jiu? Emperor Jiawen looked despaired, and his face flushed red.

Rong Jiu waved his hands. “Quickly, bring Father in to rest.”

A few soldiers immediately walked over from the side and brought Emperor Jiawen away.

Eunuch Min and the rest of his associates were also brought away.

At the start, Emperor Jiawen was still scolding Rong Jiu. But when his figure disappeared behind the side door, his voice suddenly disappeared, leaving behind faint struggling sounds as if his mouth was stuffed.

The crowd exchanged looks among themselves. At this point, it was clear who would win or lose.

The previously high and mighty Emperor Jiawen was locked up in the blink of an eye.

Even though Rong Jiu didn’t directly kill Emperor Jiawen, he wouldn’t have good days from now on.

The entire hall was so quiet that it was suffocating.

Rong Jiu’s gaze swept across the crowd, and it landed on Si Ye.

Si Ye’s entire body tensed up. Even though the Si family was the head of the four biggest family clans, it was clearly an unwise decision to go against Rong Jiu now.

“Si Family Head, sorry to trouble you to accompany my father during this time.”

Rong Jiu is planning to ground me too?! Si Ye’s heart sank. “Third Prince—”

Before Si Ye could finish his sentence, Rong Jiu’s nonchalant gaze interrupted him. Then, he slowly said, “Don’t worry. As long as you take care of Father, I’ll naturally take care of the Si family.”

This was a pure threat!

Crazy anger rose up in Si Ye’s chest, but he finally suppressed it and gritted out every word. “Since this is so, sorry for troubling you, Third Prince!”

Then, he turned around and walked in the direction that Emperor Jiawen had left.

The few soldiers hurriedly followed him.

The crowd exchanged glances privately. It seems like Rong Jiu still hates the Empress, and since Si Ye was the one who dragged him to the execution grounds… The Si family’s situation will naturally not be any better.

Seeing that Emperor Jiawen and Si Ye were already dealt with, Chu Xiao was very regretful. If I knew this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have stepped up first just now! Great, Rong Jiu will definitely remember this now!

As expected, Rong Jiu’s gaze landed on him. “First Elder Chu.”

Chu Xiao shuddered as he looked at Rong Jiu gingerly. “T-third Prince—”

“You’re very loyal to Father. Why? Aren’t you going too?”

Chu Xiao’s legs went weak, and he immediately said, “Your Highness, you’ve misunderstood! actually, just now—”

Rong Jiu’s gaze was filled with unconcealable mockery.

Chu Xiao’s heart skipped a beat, and it seemed like something was stuck in his throat.

His face flushed white and red, and he wanted to defend himself. But under such a mocking gaze, everything would seem like a joke.

“First Elder Chu, please.” The soldier at the side already spoke up.

Noticing their terrifying murderous aura, Chu Xiao tightened his fist and let go again before leaving with them.

Then, the other people who were on Emperor Jiawen’s side earlier were also brought away.

After a temporary silence, someone braved himself and said, “Congratul—”

Hong long!

Before he could finish his flattering words, a loud sound was heard from above.

Rong Jiu took a deep breath, turned around, and focused on it.

Wei Lin had already come back.

Rong Jiu asked, “Where did the light pillar come from?”

Wei Lin looked solemn. “Your Highness, it seems to be coming from Tai Yuan Hall!”

Rong Jiu knitted his brows. “Hasn’t it long been vacant? Have you found out who there is causing all of these movements?”

Wei Lin paused and said, “Your Highness, we’re incapable! The exterior of Tai Yuan Hall has already been covered by a barrier, so outsiders can’t enter at all. We also can’t see the situation inside. We’ve tried to enter repeatedly, but we failed.”

Rong Jiu was slightly shocked. Wei Lin is a stage-five warrior and is very capable. If he can’t even break open that barrier…

“Bring me over!”

When the light pillar shot up into the sky, in a hidden jail on the other end of the palace.

Elder Zong Ye and Elder Ye—who were stuck in a stalemate—were also affected by this formidable ripple.

Hearing that loud boom, the duo was equally stunned. Not many people in Country Yao Chen can cause such a commotion! Besides, it sounds like it came from nearby in the palace.

The duo held their breaths in and felt the sinister ripple.

Suddenly, Elder Ye looked shocked. That movement… It seems to be coming from where Situ Xingchen is locked up. The key is that this aura—

A ridiculous guess formed in Elder Ye’s heart. Then, he quickly turned around to leave.

Elder Zong Ye was stunned. Ye Zhiting actually left? What emergency is it for him to give up on watching me?

Thinking of this, Elder Zong Ye hurriedly got out of the cage and followed after him.

Once Elder Ye came out, he was taken aback by the light pillar that connected heaven and earth.

He stood rooted to the ground and couldn’t recover his senses for some time. As expected… As expected, someone touched the bronze cauldron!

Elder Zong Ye—who had hurriedly rushed out and witnessed this scene—was also taken aback. However, he was more confused. Ye Zhiting has seen quite a lot of scenes, so what kind of thing can make him reveal such an expression?

But this question didn’t linger in his heart for long.

This was because the most crucial thing to him now was to find Situ Xingchen and bring her away.

Even though the bangle had been destroyed, it was lucky that he was very familiar with Situ Xingchen’s aura. As long as she was still in the palace, he could still find her quickly.

Thinking of this, Elder Zong Ye closed his eyes and searched carefully. After a while, he widened his eyes, and deep shock flashed across them. Situ Xingchen… seems to be in the light pillar area!

On the other side, when Rong Jiu brought the soldiers into the palace, Chu Liuyue and Jian Fengchi had also entered the palace.

It was lucky that everyone’s attention was on Rong Jiu and the rest, and the duo was good at hiding their figures, so their entire journey was smooth.

Until they saw the terrifying light pillar!

Jian Fengchi knitted his brows. “What’s that thing? Why is it so sinister?”

Chu Liuyue’s face didn’t show any expression at all. “I’m still too late…”

“What?” Jian Fengchi wanted to ask further when a figure suddenly rushed out of the light pillar.

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