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Chapter 448: Traitors

This speed was even faster than what Chu Liuyue had expected.

Without long, Rong Jiu would lead his people and rush to the palace.

An idea popped up in Chu Liuyue’s head as she looked at Jian Fengchi and asked, “Where did that person go?”

Jian Fengchi pointed in a direction.

Suddenly, the bell in his hands made a cracking sound.

Jian Fengchi reflectively threw the bell out, and that item quickly broke into a million pieces in midair before landing on the ground.

It actually broke on its own!

Jian Fengchi slowly curled his fingers as he could still feel a faint numbing feeling on his fingertips. However, his mind was completely blank at this moment. “T-This… It’s…”

Chu Liuyue looked at him in understanding. “Young Master Jian, it seems like your tracking skills are so-so?”

He was clearly long discovered by the other party!

Jian Fengchi’s usual smile had long disappeared, and he looked especially cold and solemn. He was clearly taken aback.

Chu Liuyue rarely saw such an expression on Jian Fengchi’s face. If this was a leisurely time, she would definitely admire it in detail, but she didn’t have such a mood now.

It seemed like the other party was targeting Jian Fengchi, but she knew that that person’s real goal was to attract her over.

Every single one of his previous movements was all done on purpose.

Jian Fengchi harshly shut his eyes. This is a humongous insult toward me! I’ve lived for so many years, but I’ve never been cheated like this!

“He does run fast. If I know who he is, I definitely won’t let him off!”

Chu Liuyue was also very curious about that person’s identity, but the other party was better in terms of skills, so she couldn’t do anything about it.

Since the other party has spent so much effort to attract me over… Won’t it be a pity if I don’t go in and take a look? Thinking of this, she turned around and left.

Jian Fengchi was shocked. “Hey? Hey, you’re going back?! Didn’t you want to go in just now?”

Chu Liuyue nodded. “I do want to go in.”


“It’ll be easy to attract trouble if I go in now, so I’ll wait for the chance.” Then, Chu Liuyue’s figure disappeared in front of him.

Jian Fengchi felt that she made sense as he looked at the blue bell shards on the floor with heartache and hatred before following Chu Liuyue.

At the same time, everyone in the Imperial City had seen the military flag in the sky and noticed that the city gates had been broken through.

In the palace, Emperor Jiawen and the few family heads of aristocratic families—including a few people who held high positions in court—were all gathered in Cheng Long Hall.

Originally, they were discussing how to handle the Northwest Army’s attack, but the loud noise outside finally disturbed the hall’s peace.

Everyone seemed to predict something as their expressions froze.

As expected, someone came to report. “Your Highness, the city gates have been broken through! The Third Prince has already brought countless traitors and entered the Imperial City.”

The Imperial City was surrounded by mountains, and it was hard to attack but easy to defend since only the city gates could be broken through.

But now, Rong Jiu actually spent such a short amount of time to bring the others in.

Firstly, he broke through the city gates. Next, he was going to break through the palace gates real soon.

Everyone in the palace looked at Emperor Jiawen, and the surroundings fell silent.

Emperor Jiawen was enraged. “Useless! The number of imperial guards is nearly twice that of the traitors. How can things end up this way?!”

The person who came to report could only say in a shaky voice, “Your Majesty, they seem to be very familiar with the military deployment in the Imperial City, so Officer Zhao and the rest could not—”

The crowd exchanged looks among themselves. The military deployment in the Imperial City is highly confidential, and very few people know about it. How did Rong Jiu get that information?!

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