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Chapter 445: Search

“Problem?” Mu Qinghe asked coldly with a frown. The other side has been pressing me to return, and I can’t drag it on any longer. Also, the injuries that I sustained in the imperial mausoleum are recovering. Now is the best time to return.

“Not really, but…” Chu Liuyue pondered for a moment. “But the situation in Imperial City is a little unique now… Won’t it seem a little strange if we leave now?”

Rong Jiu and the Northwest Army are battling the imperial guards! It would be hard to explain if we left at this moment! Besides… I already know that all of this is part of Rong Xiu’s plan. How can I leave without seeing the outcome?

Mu Qinghe replied calmly, “What does their conflict have to do with us leaving? It’s just child’s play.”

Country Yao Chen isn’t even as big as a state under my control.

Chu Liuyue suddenly felt her head throb. Child’s play… The life and death of thousands of people and the political control of a country are child’s play in Mu Qinghe’s eyes… However, that seems fairly reasonable for someone his status? Mu Qinghe has been through tougher and more precarious situations.

“No… Lieutenant Mu, I think you’ve misunderstood my intention.” Chu Liuyue said calculatedly, “I’m the fiancee of Prince Li, and I’m considered half a member of the royal family. How can I leave after something like this has happened?”

At the very least, I should wait until everything is settled!

Mu Qinghe’s eyes grew colder. “We have limited time. Leave with me or stay behind; your choice.”

Chu Liuyue was stuck. I’m definitely going to the Tianling Dynasty! This is a one-in-million chance! Not only does returning with Mu Qinghe give me a legitimate reason for being there, but it also provides me with a good cover! I will also have high chances of coming into contact with Jiang Yucheng and the others!

Without that tie to Mu Qinghe, my situation might not be better even if I broke through the seventh stage and entered Heaven’s Canopy to return to the Tianling Dynasty. But if I leave now… What about Rong Xiu? What about my father?

I’m not worried about their ability to protect themselves, but I haven’t tied all the loose ends. If I leave with Mu Qinghe just like this, a lot of troubles will be left behind. Who knows when I will be able to return after I leave? Or… perhaps I will never come back!

Chu Liuyue pursed her lips, not speaking for a while.

“Mu Qinghe, how are you so cold-hearted after so many years?” A teasing voice cut in.

Chu Liuyue looked up.

Jian Fengchi had walked in at some point.

He smiled as he walked over. “Prince Li and Ms. Chu have just gotten engaged. They haven’t even had their wedding yet! Aren’t you breaking the couple up if you ask her to leave with you now? It’s thousands of miles away; it’ll be really difficult for them to meet in the future!”

Mu Qinghe turned and looked at him expressionlessly.

Jian Fengchi shrugged. Not only did he not stop, but he even walked over to Mu Qinghe’s side and rested his arm on the latter’s shoulder as he smiled. “The final deadline has passed anyway. The others who should’ve returned have gone back already! Even if you leave now, you’re still going to be late. What’s another day or two? I think you should just do her a favor. Hey, we’re just talking! Why are you using force!”

Jian Fengchi broke away from Mu Qinghe’s grip and rubbed his wrists as he backed away. “Fine fine fine! It’s all your problem anyway! Nobody else can do anything about it, can they? I’ll stop talking.”

Chu Liuyue: “…”

Jian Fengchi is a whole head taller than Mu Qinghe, and he looks stronger, but… Why is he so afraid… As a bystander, this is a little strange…

But her thoughts quickly shifted toward certain keywords. Final deadline? Did Mu Qinghe’s trip out here have a time limit? Also… Why are there others? It sounds like a lot of people left at the same time for a mission… Is it all for cultivators who have a Dijing Yuan meridian?

Chu Liuyue felt that something was off, but given Mu Qinghe’s reaction, he would never give her any information.

Mu Qinghe’s gaze was cold. “I must return today.”

Jian Fengchi’s eyes changed, but his back was facing Chu Liuyue, so she didn’t see the shift in his emotions.

However, Jian Fengchi quickly calmed himself down and hugged his arms as he rubbed his chin and asked testingly, “Why don’t you… go back first? I’ll send her back when things have settled down here.”

Mu Qinghe immediately responded. “No!”

“Why not? Isn’t this a good suggestion?” Jian Fengchi paused and looked at Mu Qinghe with a knowing look. “You have matters to attend to, and staying here is purely a waste of time. I have time! What’s wrong with helping you watch over things for a few days? With me around, she’ll never be late.”

Chu Liuyue paused again. Late? Is Mu Qinghe rushing back with me to attend to something?

“Since Ms. Chu doesn’t want to leave yet, isn’t it a little heartless of you to take her with you forcefully?” Jian Fengchi returned to his usual relaxed tone. He was clearly serious about this suggestion.

Mu Qinghe pondered for a moment.

After hesitating for a while, he finally spoke. “Three days maximum.”

“No problem!” Jian Fengchi agreed straight away before he recalled something. Then, he turned and glanced at Chu Liuyue. “Three days should be enough, right?”

Chu Liuyue nodded. “Thank you, Lieutenant Mu, Young Master Jian.”

She had a feeling that the battle would have a winner within three days. She also had to make use of these three days to make arrangements for everything.

Mu Qinghe looked at Chu Liuyue before he waved his wrist, and something flew out from his sleeve.

Chu Liuyue immediately caught it and looked at it.

“This is my token. With this, someone will bring you to me then.” With that, Mu Qinghe focused himself.

A longsword flew out and floated before him!

Mu Qinghe leaped up and onto the sword! His speed was extremely fast, and he disappeared from sight in the blink of an eye!

Chu Liuyue frowned. “Young Master Jian, Lieutenant Mu… has left?”

Jian Fengchi retracted his gaze as emotions disappeared from his eyes, to be replaced by his usual nonchalant smile. “He has things to attend to, don’t worry. As for you, just let me know after you have everything prepared.”

Chu Liuyue curved her lips slightly. “Thank you, Young Master Jian.”

Jian Fengchi’s smile deepened. “Oh right, I heard that Emperor Jiawen was looking for some… bronze cauldron?”

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