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Chapter 437: Testify

Hearing this, Elder Ye knew that something was wrong. Didn’t His Majesty also want to take something from Situ Xingchen? With Zong Ye’s words, he might suspect Chu Liuyue.

As expected, he turned around and saw Emperor Jiawen furrowing his brows suspiciously.

Elder Ye immediately said, “Zong Ye, since it’s so, why don’t you say what Liuyue took from Situ Xingchen?”

Emperor Jiawen held his breath.

Zong Ye was stumped. Situ Xingchen didn’t even have the time to tell me this… But I can confirm that it’s something that Emperor Jiawen wanted to take from Situ Xingchen, which was why he locked her up!

His gaze flashed, and he looked at Emperor Jiawen. “Emperor Jiawen, won’t you know the best about what she stole?”

Elder Ye sneered. Given Zong Ye’s behavior, he clearly doesn’t know! He might even be fabricating it!

Emperor Jiawen stayed silent for a while as he glanced at the unconscious Situ Xingchen. “I’ll talk to her personally when she wakes up.”

Elder Zong Ye immediately became alert. “What does this mean?!”

“This means that before we find out the truth of the matter, you and Situ Xingchen will have to suffer here for a while, Elder Zong Ye. Oh right, Rong Jin and Situ Xingchen are currently in the midst of preparing for their wedding. Elder Zong Ye, as Situ Xingchen’s elder, it’s best if you attend the wedding as well.”

Then, Emperor Jiawen lifted his leg and planned to leave.

“Rong Xiao! How dare you?” Elder Zong Ye was shocked by his words and directly called out Emperor Jiawen’s full name when he panicked. “How can Rong Jin be Xingchen’s match?! If you’re really going to do this, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

Emperor Jiawen stood still and sneered. “I give Mingyue Tianshan face, so I call you Elder Zong Ye. However, this doesn’t mean that I’m afraid of you. You’re not the only strong one in Mingyue Tianshan.”

Elder Zong Ye felt suffocated. “You!”

“Such a big commotion happened tonight, and it would definitely attract a lot of people’s attention. Elder Zong Ye, you’re smart. If you’re willing to cooperate properly, I’ll take it as if nothing has happened today. But if you don’t… Don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Situ Yan couldn’t succeed, so why did they think that another Zong Ye could accomplish matters?

Elder Ye stroked his beard. “I recall that I haven’t been to Mingyue Tianshan for a while. It seems like I should take some time out to visit them…”

Elder Zong Ye’s face flushed red. I never expected to be threatened by Emperor Jiawen and Ye Zhiting, but this is my Achilles’ heel! I can’t withstand Mingyue Tianshan’s punishment… If I were to barge out forcefully, I could leave this place. But if so, Situ Xingchen would be left here alone. I wouldn’t be at ease.

Hence, after several changes in facial expression, Elder Zong Ye finally clenched his teeth and accepted his fate.

He glared at Elder Ye with hatred. “Ye Zhiting, don’t be too delighted! From what I see, your precious disciple is very scheming! Perhaps she might even deceive you in the future without you even knowing!”

Elder Ye smiled and said, “Zong Ye, an outsider like you need not worry about the things between my disciple and me. If you have the time, you should care more about Situ Xingchen. If treatment for this injury drags on for too long, there will be aftereffects—”


“Oh, right. After not seeing each other for so many years, your capabilities haven’t seemed to have improved. Take this chance and carefully reflect on yourself!” Then, Elder Ye snapped his fingers.

Countless white feathers immediately churned out intense power, forcefully separating the duo and instantly capturing them.

“It’ll be hard on you for the next few days, Elder Ye,” said Emperor Jiawen.

Situ Xingchen was okay, but Elder Zong Ye… Only Elder Ye could restrain him.

Elder Ye waved his hands. “I’ve disliked him since a long time ago, so I can take the chance to take my revenge on him. But… what do you think about the things he said earlier on, Your Majesty?”

Emperor Jiawen hesitated and finally decided to say honestly, “I think that… there might be such a possibility.”

Elder Ye knitted his brows. “So, does it mean that you really suspect Liuyue, Your Majesty?”

Emperor Jiawen smiled bitterly and shook his head. “I have no choice… That thing is important. Others might not know, but you know the best, Elder Ye. I’m not doing this for myself, but… the entire Yao Chen.”

Elder Ye thought for a while. “Why don’t I directly ask her?”

Emperor Jiawen thought for a while and instantly felt that this was the best option.

He liked Chu Liuyue rather much. On the one hand, she was currently Rong Xiu’s fiancé. If he touched her, Rong Xiu would be upset. On the other hand, there was Mu Qinghe…

“Thank you, Elder Ye.”

The fire in the palace burned for an entire night.

It was finally extinguished the next morning before daybreak.

The entire Blessing Palace was ruined, and the neighboring palaces became debris.

Quite a few palace servants had also lost their lives.

Rumors had it that Blessing Palace hadn’t been repaired in many years, so it was accidentally lit on fire.

Actually, any knowledgeable person would know that the greenish-white fire wasn’t ordinary fire and that it was most likely started by phosphorus powder.

An average person couldn’t get this. One just had to think to know that this implicated much more.

But since the palace had already given an explanation, nobody would be insensible enough to investigate.

However, Rong Jin used to stay at Blessing Palace. Now that he was just removed from his position and a huge fire was started, this made people think more.

It was clear that he had no chances of coming back this time.

Prince Li Mansion.

Early in the morning, Eunuch Min personally came over and said that His Majesty wanted to invite Rong Xiu into the palace.

The people at Prince Li Mansion were surprised.

His Majesty took special care of Rong Xiu and rarely invited him into the palace as he took the prince’s health into consideration.

This summoning was rather sudden, but Rong Xiu didn’t seem to think much about it as he briefly packed his things, brought his black cloak, and followed Eunuch Min into the palace.

Emperor Jiawen was waiting in the imperial study.


Upon seeing Rong Xiu enter and that he was about to bow, Emperor Jiawen immediately said, “There’s no need for such greetings. I called you here because I wanted to ask you about a few things.”

Rong Xiu’s intricate face looked as gentle as usual. “I will tell you everything that I know.”

Emperor Jiawen opened his mouth but started to hesitate.

Rong Xiu was his most beloved son. He always felt guilty that he couldn’t accompany Rong Xiu all these years. So after Rong Xiu came back, he kept finding ways to make it up to him.

It seemed rather inappropriate to ask such a question now.

Rong Xiu stood there quietly as if he completely didn’t see Emperor Jiawen’s conflict.

After much time, Emperor Jiawen finally clenched his teeth and said determinedly, “Rong Xiu, we lost something when the palace was ablaze yesterday, and someone testified that Liuyue did it. What do you think?”

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