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Chapter 431: Sudden Surrounding

Situ Xingchen immediately rushed to the hole and extended her hand to take the wooden box back.

At this time, Tuan Zi jumped out and directly knocked against the wooden box.

The wooden box instantly moved to the side, narrowly escaping Situ Xingchen’s hand.

Indignance flashed across Situ Xingchen’s eyes, but her actions showed no forms of hesitation as she continued to go forward. She planned to give her all through that broken hole.

The item inside the wooden box was important, but it couldn’t be compared to her life.

As long as I can escape from this place, everything can be discussed. When I go out, I will have chances to get the box back.

But just as her head stuck out of the hole, a cold wind suddenly came through.


Chu Liuyue’s foot came flying forward as it hit Situ Xingchen’s face.

Her figure suddenly flew backward and harshly slammed against the metal cage bars behind.

Taking the chance, Tuan Zi had already thrown the wooden box out.

Chu Liuyue easily took it and opened it.

A scroll of goat-skin paper lay in the box, and an indescribable suppression spread from the surface.

Chu Liuyue confirmed that this was it.


She closed the wooden box again and placed it within the Cosmic Bag. Her series of actions was very smooth.

Situ Xingchen finally recovered her senses as her brain whirred, and her face felt excruciating pain.

An intense, bloody taste came between her lips as she opened her mouth and spat out blood. However, she discovered that it contained half her tooth.

Chu Liuyue used all her strength in that kick, and Situ Xingchen didn’t even have the chance to escape as she got hit straight in the face.

Half her tooth was kicked away.

Situ Xingchen’s hands trembled as she touched her face.

Her face had sticky bloodstains, and it quickly swelled up.

Without looking at a mirror, she knew how unkempt she looked at this moment.

Situ Xingchen’s lungs were about to explode. Not only did Chu Liuyue snatch the wooden box, but she has even ruined my appearance.

This completely broke her last strand of rationality.

“I’ll fight you to death!” Situ Xingchen hurled toward Chu Liuyue with all her might.

A silver light flashed, and a dagger appeared in Chu Liuyue’s hands. Then, she raised her wrist.


A thin blade flew out of the dagger and went for Situ Xingchen’s head.

Upon feeling the sharp murderous intent, Situ Xingchen’s heart sank as she immediately dodged it, but her force was sealed. Together with the torture she experienced in the past few days, she was exhausted.

In this manner, her footsteps were much slower than before.

Chu Liuyue’s flying blade was very fast.

The sound of a sharp blade scraping past one’s skin was heard.

That flying blade actually went right through Situ Xingchen’s left shoulder. A bloody hole appeared, and blood spurted everywhere.

“Ah!” Situ Xingchen yelled out bitterly as she collapsed in defeat.

She anxiously looked at her shoulders that were still bleeding. The fresh, red blood quickly stained her entire shirt.

The bloody smell filled the air, and it was coupled with some awful scent that made one want to vomit.

Situ Xingchen was about to stand up when a second flying blade flew out of Chu Liuyue’s dagger. This time, it was aimed at her left ankle.

A few crushed bones flew out.

Situ Xingchen’s face turned white from the pain, and she couldn’t even say anything as she curled into a ball.

Only her pair of eyes was glaring at Chu Liuyue in vengeance as if she wanted to tear her apart.

Chu Liuyue ignored her gaze.


A loud sound came from outside again.

It’s time to leave! Chu Liuyue turned around and ran outside.

Situ Xingchen struggled to stand up, but she still fell down defeatedly. She could only watch Chu Liuyue’s figure disappear into the night.

Her chest vibrated, and she vomited blood again. Chu Liuyue… If there’s the chance, I’ll make sure you suffer a hundred-fold of whatever I did today!

Situ Xingchen took a deep breath in, bit her finger, and sent out a blood pearl. Then, she rubbed the blood onto the jade bracelet on her wrist.

It shone lightly, and the blood pearl was rapidly absorbed by the jade bracelet before disappearing without a trace.

However, the overlapping lights gradually became blood red.

Chu Liuyue went up the stairs, and the moment she jumped out, she felt the terrifying side-effects.

She looked over and shockingly discovered that the previously sturdy Xuan formation had actually cracked and was about to fall.

In front, the elder in gray had already been surrounded by countless imperial guards.

One look at it, and one would see three rows inside and three out. Even the frontmost position had a pile of corpses.

They were all clearly killed by the elder in gray.

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows slightly. This elder is even stronger than I thought…

Precisely because of this, the two parties entered a stalemate.

Suddenly, the elder in gray lowered his head and seemed to have seen something. His back was facing Chu Liuyue, so she couldn’t see what he was doing.

But the next moment, the elder’s aura started to spread.

“Whoever blocks me shall die!” His thick voice contained shocking strength.

With him as the center, an invisible force started spreading in all directions. Then, he turned around and rushed toward Blessing Palace.

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat. He’s coming straight in my direction.


The defensive Xuan formation completely broke down.

As long as he enters the palace, he will immediately feel my presence. Chu Liuyue scanned her surroundings but discovered that she would attract attention when she escaped in any direction.

Just as she felt very conflicted, a white fire suddenly started burning from the side door of Blessing Palace.

When Emperor Jiawen rushed over, he saw this: The gigantic, silver Xuan formation had already broken down, and an elder in gray had rushed to the front of Blessing Palace.

The green-white fire started rising and surrounded the entire Blessing Palace.

Emperor Jiawen’s temples throbbed as all the blood in his body seemed to freeze. “Stop him! Stop him!”

Situ Xingchen is still inside! This man clearly wants to use the fire as a diversion to bring Situ Xingchen out! Absolutely no way is that going to happen! Actually, Emperor Jiawen didn’t know that the elder in gray was also stuck in the fire.

The fire came very suddenly, and it was burning wildly.

Even though he was a stage-six warrior, it was rather troublesome to deal with the fire.

At the same time, Chu Liuyue—who saw the burning fire in the palace—rushed out of the nearby window without hesitation.

When she jumped into the fire, her body was wrapped by a red fire.

A figure suddenly appeared in front of her and blocked her way.

It was that mysterious person!

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