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Chapter 425: Hand Signal

Chu Liuyue paused, but she found that the ripple came from the black pyramid!

A strong but nurturing force spread toward her limbs!

Chu Liuyue was shocked. For some reason, she found the aura within the force rather familiar!

She concentrated but found that the seal was unbroken. Then, she felt it thoroughly again and confirmed that the power didn’t come from the pyramid itself but from the black seal covering it.

Chu Liuyue was stunned. I’ve only seen seals being used to seal energy. I’ve never seen seals that give off energy! And a force this pure and strong… It’s extremely rare!

Even as someone who had the Tianjing Yuan meridian in her past life, she hadn’t been able to refine her force into such a pure form! However, such pure energy was seeping into her body now!

Chu Liuyue paused for a while before she returned to her senses. The seal on the pyramid is actually helping me heal and cultivate!

Having thought that through, even Chu Liuyue was stunned. Wh-what exactly is going on?! Didn’t that Master forcefully place a seal because he didn’t want me to touch the pyramid? However…. What is this power that’s flowing out?

A silhouette suddenly flashed across her mind—it was a man in a black robe! Even though his figure was hazy, he was tall and slender.

Chu Liuyue’s heart started beating rapidly. I have seen this man’s back before! It was in the imperial mausoleum—the man in the pavilion on the cliff that appeared in the illusion! But this time, he isn’t standing there. Instead… he is standing by a lake.

The scene flashed by really quickly and disappeared before Chu Liuyue could get a clear look.

Chu Liuyue thought through it again but disappointedly found that she didn’t remember anything. However, that sense of familiarity was growing stronger!

Chu Liuyue opened her eyes as her heart beat wildly.

She finally couldn’t hold it in any longer. She walked over to the window and pushed it open frustratedly.

The night breeze cleared her mind.

I’m beginning to suspect that it wasn’t an illusion. Otherwise, I never would’ve developed such a strange feeling… Could it be… that the black-robed man is the Master of Zhen Bao Pavilion?! Chu Liuyue knitted her brows tightly. If that is the case, then… Why do I have no recollection of this person’s existence?!

She pinned her hair behind her ears, and a sense of heaviness tinted her eyebrows. Something seems off…


Suddenly, a strange sound came from afar!

Chu Liuyue immediately looked up.

In the dark of the night, a dark figure appeared in the courtyard!

The figure was elongated by the moonlight, but she couldn’t see the person’s looks underneath all the shadows.

A terrifying aura enveloped the entire courtyard.

Chu Liuyue tensed up! This person is extremely dangerous!

The surrounding space seemed to freeze, and all sound seemed muted in the silence that sent chills down one’s spine.

Suddenly, that person stretched out their hands and beckoned with their index finger.

Chu Liuyue’s heart tingled.

That was a badly burnt hand. Even with only half a palm under the moonlight, Chu Liuyue could see the startling scars on it.

In the next instant, the person leaped up and headed for afar!

He wants me to follow? Chu Liuyue clenched her hands. She wasn’t sure if it was an invite or a taunt. No matter what, the other party knew who I was and came prepared!

Just as that person was about to disappear, Chu Liuyue saw him turn suddenly. This time, they stuck out their hand and made a sign.

Chu Liuyue’s eyes widened! That’s a sign known only by the Thirteen Yue Guard!

Blessing Palace.

This was Rong Jin’s residence in the palace. After being crowned, he moved into Crown Prince Mansion and rarely returned.

Because of that, Blessing Palace was a lot quieter than other places, and people rarely came here.

Hardly anyone knew that Rong Jin—the deposed Crown Prince—was imprisoned here.

Imprisoned along with him was Situ Xingchen.

It was nighttime, and Blessing Palace looked as quiet as it usually did in the dark. However, hidden auras hinted at the ripples beneath the surface.

A figure entered quietly. He entered the side palace, walked to a bookshelf, and turned the ink slab on it.


There was the sound of cogs moving.

A smooth and heavy slab of jade opened slowly, and a small entrance appeared!

From the moonlight, one could tell it was a staircase.

The person walked down without hesitation.

After the person disappeared, the jade slab closed up.

The room was silent again, like nothing had ever happened.

Chu Liuyue was stunned and emotional! The Thirteen Yue Guard was her personal guard team that she founded herself. She handpicked and trained each and every one of the 13!

Different from Mu Qinghe—who had control of the military—the Thirteen Yue Guard had no affiliations to any of the other forces in court. They were more like her hidden sword; they would strike and eliminate every obstacle wherever she pointed!

Most importantly, she was their only master! Any time, any place, and any situation—they only took orders from her!

Even her father had no right to interfere!

When she was in her desperate state, the Thirteen Yue Guard wasn’t by her side, and all her signals for help received no reply.

Until her death, she had never seen any of them.

After meeting Mu Qinghe, she had the same guesses: Did the Thirteen Yue Guard betray her too?!

She dared not think any deeper. Every time she thought of this, she would skip over it instinctively, like she was avoiding something.

Therefore, heaven knows how shocked she was when she saw the familiar sign.

Chu Liuyue was frozen stiff, and her blood churned as her heart pound wildly!



It was practically leaping out of her chest!

Countless thoughts flew across her mind!

“You…” Just as she opened her mouth to ask, the other person turned and left!

Chu Liuyue gritted her teeth as she flipped out of her window and followed after that person!

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