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Chapter 409: Suspect

But when Chu Liuyue was about to drop into the lake, a sudden force came over and lightly helped her body up.

Without thinking, Chu Liuyue used strength and jumped toward the wall. At the same time, the silver light in her hands flashed.


She harshly stabbed her dagger into the wall.

Her entire body was hanging in midair.

Chu Liuyue looked in the direction of the red dragon head—the force that mysteriously helped her had come from that direction.

“May I know your name? I have no way of repaying you for saving my life. Kindly step out so I can meet you!” said Chu Liuyue loudly as she stared at that place. However, she saw no movement at all.

It was as if she was alone in the entire space.

Chu Liuyue looked at the lake surface.

The previous black marble platform had frozen into a gigantic ice cube before it quickly shattered and silently landed in the lake.

The water below kept coming up, and the ice above kept falling down. The cycle continued on and on.

The silver light flashed in dazzling coldness.

If Chu Liuyue didn’t see it for herself, she wouldn’t dare to believe it.

Ice always floated on the water surface. She had never seen such a strange scene before.

There is clearly something wrong with the lake water! Detecting the shocking coldness that spread from it, Chu Liuyue was traumatized. If I really fell into it…

Undefeated, she raised her voice and asked again, “Since you’re already here, why must you hide?”

Then, she looked at the pyramid in her hands. One of the faces was still indeed black.

Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but be filled with doubts. We have already reached this point, and the other party has even willingly saved me. So why won’t they come out to meet me? They don’t even want me to know what’s going on in this space.

Finally, a lazy voice sounded. “Hand me the thing in your hands, and I’ll send you out.”

Chu Liuyue was dazed. The other party actually came for the silver pyramid?

She had never heard this voice before, but she could feel the distinguished aura of the superior person. This person has a special identity! He is clearly very capable as well! If not, he wouldn’t be able to willingly help others in this situation.

However, Chu Liuyue knitted her brows. I got this pyramid with much difficulty. If I hand it over now… I’ll be indignant. Besides, I feel that this pyramid is very important to me for some reason. It seems like… it originally belonged to me.

She knew that her feeling was too ridiculous, but since the item was already in her hands, how could she give it over?

“I can’t fulfill this request of yours. Please change to another one!” After all, the other party had saved her, so Chu Liuyue didn’t want to make the situation tense.

Moreover, she was very sensible. Even though she was already a stage-three warrior now, it didn’t mean that she was willing to go against such a strong warrior. In such a situation, she would just be digging a grave for herself.

“No.” That man seemed to expect that Chu Liuyue would reject him. He wasn’t frustrated and spoke calmly. “That’s something that my wife likes. I have to get it back.”

Chu Liuyue was dazed. Madam?! Why does this sound vaguely familiar?

She clutched the dagger tightly as an idea popped up in her mind. Hang on! I remember that there’s this one person…

The words escaped from her mouth. “May I know if you’re Zhen Bao Pavilion’s Master?”

When Chu Liuyue took the pyramid, the entire imperial mausoleum was severely affected.

The green vines around Mu Qinghe suddenly wilted, leaving behind a ground filled with broken twigs and wilted leaves.

The scene that kept replaying in front of his eyes finally disappeared.

Mu Qinghe’s body shook, and he finally woke up from the terrifying state.

He dazedly knelt down on the floor as the mist in front of him gradually faded away, and he could finally see what was going on.

Mu Qinghe looked at the broken leaves and twigs and raised his hands to wipe his face.

His hands were filled with tears.

His heart suddenly trembled.

Everything that had happened before started to replay in his head.

Mu Qinghe didn’t return to his senses for a long time.

After some time, he finally looked down and laughed bitterly. However, this laughter was even worse than a painful cry. I thought that I had buried everything, but I didn’t expect to remember all of it so clearly. Every single item, every single word, and even every single gaze… They are all deeply etched into my memories.

Mu Qinghe’s expression slowly faded away, and he recovered his original calmness. It was as if he put on his armor again and wore his mask, covering everything perfectly.

He picked up the fallen sword and started cutting at the vine that pierced through his wrist. Then, he expressionlessly pulled it out.

Blood spurted on his face, and the wound looked even gorier after being tugged at.

He took out some gauze and medicine as he familiarly attended to his wound.

This seemingly serious wound wouldn’t actually threaten his life. He had very high physical strength, and he could recover very quickly. As long as… he didn’t fall into that horrifying hallucination.

After tidying himself, Mu Qinghe walked forward.

But just as he was about to slash the wall in front of him, he stopped in his tracks. The situation here shouldn’t have changed for no reason. The only explanation is that someone has already gotten ahead of me!

A thin and petite figure appeared in his mind. Only Chu Liuyue came in with me! Could it be…

He looked tense, and the scar on his wound seemed to be more ferocious-looking. However, he suddenly recalled a scene the next moment. When I couldn’t withstand the torture and planned to end it once and for all, I seemingly heard someone call for me to stop. I always thought that it was a hallucination, but thinking about it now… It sounded very similar to Chu Liuyue’s voice…?

His heart started beating wildly.

Hong long!

Before Emperor Jiawen and Elder Ye could walk out of the passage, the rocks in front fell down and blocked the duo’s path.

Hearing the loud sounds coming from far away, Emperor Jiawen suddenly realized something and gasped. “The imperial mausoleum is collapsing!”

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