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Chapter 406: Entrance

I would never be mistaken. Mu Qinghe is indeed calling me! At that moment, Chu Liuyue felt very conflicted.

Shocked, comforted, suspicious, hopeful, nervous… She didn’t know how to describe her current feelings. This was because she had never expected Mu Qinghe to use this tone to call her.

It was like… when she brought back the poverty-stricken youngster, who didn’t know anything and could only beg her sorrowfully.

“Your Highness, what is this…”

Your Highness, why is that…”

“Your Highness, will I really not cause you trouble…”

“Your Highness…”

Chu Liuyue still remembered how Mu Qinghe looked when he said those words. At that time, she actually liked his bashful appearance a lot.

Those people in the palace were all very smart and cunning. When they talked to her, they would always put on their best behavior to suck up to her, but they were equally cold and nonchalant.

At that time, she thought that Mu Qinghe was different from the rest. She always thought that he genuinely and thoroughly trusted and depended on her.

Mu Qinghe had once said that he would always be loyal to her and that he would give her his all, not only his life. It was also because of this that Chu Liuyue treated him with extra patience and tolerance compared to others.

But in the end… Chu Liuyue clenched her fists and unwittingly bit down.

The sharp pain woke her up.

Chu Liuyue abruptly shook her head, wanting to erase those memories. The more she did so, the clearer the pictures in her mind.

Facing the sorrowful Mu Qinghe filled with tears, Chu Liuyue felt it ever so ironic, and her lips curved up into a mocking smile. Mu Qinghe, were you ever so sad before when you knew that Shangguan Yue died? Or perhaps you already knew everything that was going to happen?

Chu Liuyue closed her eyes.

When she opened them again, they had already regained their composure.

Mu Qinghe was probably like this because he had seen something and suffered a great setback, similar to her.

This made Chu Liuyue even more curious about his objective in coming here. He definitely didn’t come all the way here to be tortured and feel remorseful.

Chu Liuyue looked at the silver pyramid in front of her. Could it be… because of this?!

Chu Liuyue didn’t know that when she previously left the space and stood in the lake, one-quarter of the slow-moving circular plate at the top of Golden Inheritance Peak suddenly lit up.

When Emperor Jiawen—who tried very hard to go in but to no avail—saw this, his eyelids harshly twitched.

It was already humiliating enough to be rejected outside his own ancestor’s imperial mausoleum. Now, he even had to watch on as other people had gone in and cracked one of the challenges.

How could he take this lying down?

Besides, other people didn’t know, but he clearly knew the imperial mausoleum’s secret!

Once the circular plate completely lights up, the imperial mausoleum… Thinking of this, more wrinkles appeared on Emperor Jiawen’s forehead.

Detecting his aura, Elder Zhong Qi and the rest were all on their toes, and they didn’t dare to make any sounds.

Elder Ye stood at the side, and his gaze changed when he saw this scene. “Your Majesty, we can’t wait any longer. We must immediately find a way to go in! If not—”

“Of course, I know! But I’ve tried many times just now, and I just can’t go in!” Emperor Jiawen was filled with frustration, and he almost couldn’t control his tone in front of Elder Ye.

Elder Ye could understand the emperor’s current emotions, so he didn’t take it to heart. He knitted his brows and said, “If we can’t go in from here, then… what about somewhere else?”

Emperor Jiawen was dazed. Suddenly, a thought popped up in his mind. Right! There’s a second entrance to the imperial mausoleum!

The imperial mausoleum existed for thousands of years, and it normally wouldn’t be activated. But with the passage of time, it needed to be repaired occasionally. Hence, the imperial mausoleum had a small entrance specifically for these people to enter.

Even though it would be unbecoming for him to enter from there, he couldn’t care so much now.

Emperor Jiawen immediately said, “Elder Ye, follow me and let’s go!”

The imperial mausoleum had now been invaded, and they didn’t know how good the other party was. Thus, he would feel more at ease with Elder Ye around.

Elder Zhong Qi wanted to request to go along as well, but Emperor Jiawen quickly commanded, “The rest of you, guard this place! If anything strange happens, tell me immediately! If the two of them leave from here, you must catch them no matter what!”

Elder Zhong Qi and the rest could only agree hurriedly.

When Emperor Jiawen mounted the Black-necked Crane’s back again, it flew toward the middle of the mountain.

Elder Ye turned around and looked at the circular plate determinedly. For some reason, he felt slightly uneasy. Then, he turned around and followed Emperor Jiawen.

The duo’s figures quickly disappeared.

At the same time, Rong Jin had already quietly climbed to the middle of the mountain.

Emperor Jiawen and the rest were at the mountain peak, and he didn’t dare to use the stairs in fear of exposing his tracks. Hence, he chose to slowly feel his way up from the lush greenery.

Even though this was a lot slower and he would be cut by sharp rocks from time to time, it was safer overall. Besides, he didn’t dare to go to the mountain peak.

From what he knew, there was a small entrance in the middle of Golden Inheritance Peak. He was planning to enter from there!

His surroundings were quiet, and Rong Jin could even hear his own breathing and heartbeat.

The climb upward was very treacherous, and it exhausted quite a bit of his strength. But his heart was filled with excitement and hope, without any tinge of tiredness.

As long as I can obtain the treasure in the imperial mausoleum, I won’t be afraid of anything! Even Father can’t stop me! Based on this thought, Rong Jin actually climbed all the way up the mountain.

When he reached around half of the total steps, he finally stopped and started traveling horizontally to find the small entrance.

But after searching around the middle of the mountain for half a day, he still couldn’t find anything, not even a suspicious-looking place.

Other than rocks and trees, there was nothing else.

Rong Jin gradually became anxious. If I really can’t find—


Suddenly, he heard a distant cry!

Rong Jin’s heart hung in his throat as he looked up. The Black-necked Crane is flying toward here! Who else can be on its back other than Father?! Elder Ye is right behind him too!

Rong Jin was extremely anxious as he hurriedly found a gigantic rock and carefully hid his figure.

Then, Emperor Jiawen and Elder Ye landed on a small space not far away.

Emperor Jiawen breathed out. “It’s here!”

Elder Ye lightly nodded, but he suddenly noticed something and looked in Rong Jin’s direction.

At that moment, Rong Jin’s heart seemed to stop beating. He didn’t notice that there was a tiny movement covering him.

Emperor Jiawen saw that Elder Ye looked strange, so he couldn’t help asking, “Elder Ye, what’s wrong?”

Doubt flashed across Elder Ye’s eyes as he shook his head. “Nothing much. I think I saw wrongly.”

Emperor Jiawen nodded in understanding and didn’t take it to heart. After that, he looked solemn as he raised his hands.


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